Hello all, MTG_Sappy here, and its nice to meet you,

Art by Luis Melo

First of all, I want to say a thank you to @Arceus8523, who when I was about to give up on this set and make a Conspiracy set, told me to do this.

This is the planesculptors page. It has a list of all the current cards in the set and might be outdated from time to time.

Following what @ningyounk did, I have made a Set skeleton and am doing a 249 card set. I started with making the archetypes and making a signpost uncommon for each one. Think of 
For the BlueBlack reanimator Archetype in M21. It gives the meaning of the archetype, and cleanly explains what it is.

I will go and list what these archetypes are along with their signpost uncommon before moving on to lore, etc.

For the BlueWhite archetype, we have Toughness, with their own mechanic, Bulwark. Basically, 

"If creatures your team controls have total toughness N or greater, EFFECT"

An example of this can be seen in the signpost itself
(Many of these do not have art as I am currently making cards themselves, art will be found at a later stage.)

For the RedGreen archetype, it is pure aggro. Someone told me that sets sometimes need generic archetypes so I can focus more on some of the other ones. 
 A very basic, generic card, in comparison to the RedBlack one, Slaughter Priest of Mogic, which was very Sacrifice Centric

SImilarly BlueBlack, is Tempo. Though it can have many meanings, here it means that it plays efficient threats and deals with the opponents board.

In itself, its a 2 mana 1/2 with Evasion, that can get you to other cheap threats or removal. Many other decks might want to splash colors to run this card, which is one of the reasons this archetype is generic and not very specific.

This one, however, is more specific. Leading us onto another Mechanic, Crew, or in this case team crew. Red White is vehicles (again). An example of team crew can be found in the cycle of Vehicle gods.

The Signpost uncommon is a cheap, efficient threat in 

Team Pilot
On itself, it's a 2/2 with first strike and lifelink, though it can give your Teammates beastly monsters those keywords or help activate a Vehicle. 

For simic, I decided to do Draw 2 tribal. Think of the Izzet in Eldraine. 

A very simple theme, though an effective and narrow one. 

RedBlack is also aggro, though its more of a Sacrifice themed aggro, rather than straight smash face aggro. For the signpost we have

Arena bot

Now we move onto another new mechanic

Symmetry [Cost] (If you cast this spell for its symmetry cost, another target player creates a token that's a copy of it as it enters the battlefield.)

An example is the signpost uncommon itself. 

This is worded in a way to work with a returning mechanic 

However, before I move unto the remaining Archetypes, White Black, Blue Red and Black Green, I must mention one more mechanic.

Overheat N (Whenever you cast a spell, put an overheat counter this artifact. When the Nth is placed sacrifice it.)

And one more thing, a new artifact token (mechanic?)

POPULATE, scratch that POLLUTE

Polluting means making Smog tokens
which have, well you can read it above or I can just show you a Smog token.
I like this since it fits with the Steampunk theme, however that is neither here nor there.

ok, so for the last 3
WB is Nobel tribal (think of the Eldraine people)
UR is Artificer tribal/Artifacts
BG is tokens.

As a rundown for the other ones, 

WG is symmetry/assist
GU is Draw two
BR is Artifact aggro/sacrifice
UB is Tempo
RG is Aggro
UW is Toughness
RW is Vehicles

Wooh, that was a lot to get through, I know what you're thinking; How can I help?

How can you help?

Well, there multiple ways, you can give me card ideas, with reasons, or extra lore ideas. I'll make a separate post later regarding the lore on this set.


  • @SteampunkDragon
    You might like steampunk?
  • So anyne thoughts?
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    This seems like a really neat idea. I think it would be cool to have a cycle of r/b cards that instead of aggro, focus on loss for gain. For example:

    Stadium Pyromancer {1}{r}{b}

    Creature - Human Wizard 

    {2},{t}, Sacrifice a creature or artifact: Target creature takes X damage, where X is that permanents converted mana cost. 


    And another idea to add overwhelming control as a b/g/u cycle.

    Somji, Stadium Archivist {2}{b}{g}{u}

    Creature - Vishino Wizard

    At the beginning of your upkeep, choose a creature you control and a creature you don't control. Both of those creatures lose all abilities and become 1/1 Frogs.

    Frogs you control get +1/+1.

    {5}, Sacrifice a Frog: Gain control of target creature an opponent controls. Put a +1/+1 counter on that creature.


    Give me some feedback as I normally don't help with sets that much, so this might not be that great :) I do have some more ideas though, so if you are interested, message me back!
  • I don't think Somji needs to buff frogs, it detracts from the point of the card. I like what you're doing with it though.
  • @SNAPcreator7
    Those are some interesting designs. I especially like the pyromancer and might have to change my signpost uncommon to that.

    As for the other one. Since this isn't a tricolor set I'm only going to have a few cards that are tricolor in rare and mythic rare. Sadly, I am definitely not going to have two sultai legends in a two color set. Do you understand what I'm saying?
  • Totally @MTG_Sappy. Just ideas and glad that you liked them :) I have some more ideas ill probably post later today.
  • K, I just want to mention that WhiteBlack has been changed to Midrange Vehicles and BlueRed has been changed to "artifacts"
    Your card has also been changed to rare
  • @MTG_Sappy if your set isn't tricolor-themed, it generally has NO tricolor rares/mythics. This is because they aren't supported in limited. You could do something like Eldraine, where there were commander cards released as part of the set, but generally this doesn't happen. I would try to make the color scheme mimic that of Battlebond.
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    @MTG_Sappy I just made a card based on an idea I've been sitting on for a while that may fit in your B/R theme. It was designed Phyrexian, but feel free to mold it to fit:
  • Ok, Part 2:

    Metallic Archon {4}

    Artifact creature - Archon

    You may pay {u/r}{u/r} while casting Metallic Archon. If you do, search your graveyard for an instant or sorcery and return it to your hand.


    When Metallic Archon dies, create a 1/1 Servo.


    Curious Stage Artist {2}{r}{b}

    Creature - Human Rouge

    Whenever you cast an Instant or Sorcery, Curious Stage Artist deals 1 damage to any target.

    When an opponent would be dealt non combat damage, scry 1, then reveal the top card of your library. If it's a creature, draw a card.


    Stage's Art {x}{r}{r}{b}{b}


    Create 4 1/1 Puppet creature tokens. Then if you control 6 or more creatures, Stage's Art deals twice X damage to any target.

    Grei, of No Regrets {3}{u}{b}

    Legendary creature - Human Wizard

    Zombie's you control get +1/+0 and have Flash.

    {3},{t}: Create a 2/2 Zombie creature token. Then if you control 5 or more Zombies, draw a card.

  • @SteampunkDragon
    I understand what you're saying, however, it does not affect limited play environment and therefore does not change draft.

    That's interesting and I like it however none of those mechanics are in the set :(

    From the top down.
    Metallic Archon
    I'm not sure where this would fall in draft however it would be interesting to have a cycle of uncommon that say "as you cast this spell you may pay Hybrid Hybrid. If you do Effect" I'll have to think about that.

    As for the next two, I don't believe they have a home. This is a battlebond-ee place and there are no puppets or stage artists. When making uncommons, I have to make sure they have a home and make sense. If you want to make cards it would be nice for you to explain its purpose in the draft environment for me to visualize why they are good.

    For Grei, I am also going to have to say no to this. In the world, I'm not sure I can fit him in lore-wise. The Zombies having flash is also fairly useless since this set is not zombie focused and will have 0 zombies. It is sadly a card that people will not want to draft in draft.

  • @MTG_Sappy what do you mean by that? Do you mean it won't be part of the limited environment, or do you mean you're doing this set just for fun and aren't focusing on limited or other details actual sets get into. Both of those make sense and are totally fine, but I just don't understand what you're saying. If a card is in a limited environment, it affects that environment no matter what. It's important for cohesion to make sure all cards are castable without difficulty and to have 3-color cards be restricted to sets that can support them. Not trying to nitpick or annoy you, I just don't really know what you mean.
  • @SteampunkDragon
    If you want I can give a few examples.

    Nicol Bolas in practically every set.
    Muldrotha and Darigaaz in Dominaria
    Queen Marchesa in Conspiracy: Take the Crown
    Tamiyo in Eldritch Moon
    Sarkhan Unbroken in Dragons of Tarkir (Dragons being a starkly two-color set in contrast to Khans block)
    Usually it's one or two cards at a high rarity

    All of these were in limited envirenmonts.
  • Bolas in Legends kinda fit because the color pie at that point was still all over the place and limited wasn't really a concrete thing, and his first popup as a walker was still actually in a three-color set. (Conflux, I think? It was something in Alara block)
  • @MTG_Sappy I agree with you in this case, I just wasn't sure what you meant by your wording, and assumed that because you had a 3-color card so early in the process that you wanted to make more. But if it's going to be one of these cases, it's obviously totally fine. Sorry for the misunderstanding!
  • Here's an Idea for a cycle of {2}{hybrid} ship captains that affect Vehicles.

    Captain of the Fallen {2}{w/b}

    Creature - Human Artificer

    Crewing costs reduce by 1.

    Whenever a Vehicle attacks, you gain 1 life.


    Captain of the Lost {2}{u/b}

    Creature - Human Artificer

    Crewing costs reduce by 1.

    Whenever a Vehicle attacks, Scry 1.


    Captain of the Spark {2}{u/r}

    Creature - Human Artificer

    Crewing costs reduce by 1.

    Whenever a Vehicle attacks, target spell in your hand gains flash until your next turn.

  • @SNAPcreator7
    Well, only WhiteBlack and RedWhite are vehicles
    WhiteBlack being Midrange vehicles and RedWhite being Aggro Vehicles
  • Also, @SNAPcreator7
    Only 1 gold(2 color) uncommon for each color combo
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