Art of the Cards (Challenge, you could be the next judge)



  • @jicklemania2 sorry! I was away for fall break. I will post my entry in a little bit.
  • Sure, why not. Here's an entry!

    Hope ya enjoy it!
  • Alright, judging time!

    The winner is...
    @IronCrusherWatch the Woods

    A well designed limited playable! No critiques from me.
    Some feedback:

    @SNAPcreator7, Bond of Togetherness

    I am sorry to say that this card entirely unplayable. Even if it were one mana, and were a common, it would still be unplayable. It is either a 2 mana 0/1 that gains you a life, a 2 mana 0/1 that lets you tap a creature and untap another, or 2-mana to gain a life and tap a creature and untap another. None of the modes are worth a one mana common slot, even if they are all on the same card, let a lone a 2 mana rare. 

    @Obidiah, Claimed by the Forest

    I'm not sure if you were aware, but this is just a functional reprint of Song of the Dryads, except it costs one more mana. So, it is slightly underpowered, and is not actually a new card...

    @jaceberlin, A Love Forbidden

    Once again, a very creative design and use of art... and once again, I'm afraid, the execution needs a bit of work. 

    First, let's start with the mechanic, link. I'm curious as to why you have to attach the card to the first target, as they are treated the same by the card. I'm also not entirely sure what the wording of the reminder text should be, but I think it should be something like this:
    Target two creatures instead of one as you play A Love Forbidden. It enters the battlefield attached to both.
    (Anyone please correct me if I'm wrong about that)

    Then, about the actual card itself. What the card does is definitely much more blue than it is green, though the artwork is obviously green. Gaining control of creatures is not something that green does at all, really. Additionally, though I understand the flavor reasons of making the cards not able to block each other, gain hexproof from each other, and then giving you control of both of them, it sends confusing messages about how the card is meant to be used. Are you meant to attach it to two of your opponent's creatures, so you can gain control of them both? Are you meant to attach it to your 9/9 trample and your opponent's 0/13 wall so that it can't block your thing? This may be an area that you can adjust the link mechanic slightly. Here's an idea:

    Link (Target a creature you control and a creature an opponent controls instead of one creature as you play A Love Forbidden. It enters the battlefield attached to both.

    Enchanted creature an opponent controls can not block enchanted creature you control.

    Enchanted creature you control gains hexproof from enchanted creature an opponent controls.

    When A Love Forbidden leaves the battlefield, gain control of enchanted creature an opponent controls.
    While this doesn't work quite as flavorfully, I think it would make a cleaner card overall.

    Finally, the balance. This card seems quite overpowered, especially since it can be abused disgustingly by flickering effects. 

    Wow that ended up being much longer than I planned...

    @ChoyBoi, Adventuring Princess

    Very nice use of adventure! The reason why this didn't win is because of balance. Since you used the Throne of Eldraine set symbol, I assume you meant it for the Throne of Eldraine limited environment (and even if you didn't, that limited environment is the only one so far that uses adventure, so it's the only thing I have to go by when judging balance.) It is a very powerful adventure payoff that has a lot of value packed into it, and is just a bit too powerful, in my opinion. 

    @Ironcrusher, you get to chose the next art. 
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    Well, I was certainly not expecting to win, but a welcome surprise it is. Picking between things I like always takes up too much time lol. So, through great peril and without further ado, here's the next artwork: 
    Made by Xavier Collette, found on ArtStation;

    Hope ya'll can do something fun with this!

    Entries are due by the end of the 28th, and I intend to have them judged the 29th.

    Good luck and, of course, have fun!
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    Here's my entry:
    Witch of the Ghostlight
    I'm pretty sure it is a bit overpowered, but I didn't have room to make it less powerful.
    Hope you like it!

    Okay, I just have to say, this whole art thing is really cool. Lot's of different things you can do with just one picture. Really fun.
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    Here's mine:
    Weaver of Illusion
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    My Entry

    Leandra of Duskwood
  • Am I allowed to post a different one?
  • @Obidiah sure! You're only allowed one entry per artwork, but you're allowed to change what card you want your entry to be (as long as it's before the deadline). So you do need to make clear which entry is your actual entry for this week.
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    Thanks, @IronCrusher.

    This is the entry I'll be using:
    Kairos the Cold
  • I edited my entry btw.
  • Changed it again.
  • @IronCrusher isn't it judging time? 
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    @jaceberlin I thought this was a weekly contest, so I assumed it would be judged after a week.

    Regardless, I also said this
    Entries are due by the end of the 28th, and I intend to have them judged the 29th.

    So that's when I intend to judge the contest, if that's incorrect in some manner, my apologies.

  • @IronCrusher Oh, sorry, i just thought it had been a while. 
  • Alright, thank ya'll for participating this week, time to judge!

    I will preface that I have never judged any form of contest on here before, but I shall do my best to judge these to the best of my abilities!

    I find this quite difficult to do, because a lot of these entries are great!

    The winning card for this week is Leandra of Duskwood by @Corwinnn this feels to me like an all around well build design, good balance, formatting and character. Awesome job!

    So @Corwinnn gets to choose the next artwork.

    I originally also wanted to leave any feedback I have on the cards in this post, but I ended up not having enough time today because I am quite slow and had some things to do, so I apologize about that. This would've helped me explain my decision a bit better, because I'm quite fond of a lot of these entries, but alas. I wanted to get my result out today. I will leave feedback on the cards that I have feedback for when I have the time.

    Either way, congratulations to this week's winner, I hope you enjoyed this week's cards and artwork and continue to enjoy the next ones!
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    Sweet! Thank you @IronCrusher... This week's art is...

    Ghosts of the forest

    Ghosts of the Forest by Dusan Markovic

    There are a lot of options to choose from here!
    Judging on Nov 4th or 5th
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    And here we go:

    Cemetery Interloper
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    My entry:
    Souls of the Damned
  • Here's my entry:
    Ilsilia the Peacebringer
  • Using "Petrify" by WitchDoctor133

    Soprano of the Dark Woods
  • When will this be judged @Corwinnn?
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