Multi-Prompt Challenge

Hi all!

You may have noticed me around the forums this past month, but if not, then hello!

So I decided that I wanted to hold a challenge, but I had no idea what I would want people to make, so I decided to wait on it. However, I came to the realization that I could just have multiple prompts. So welcome!

Disclaimer: This isn't a contest, as I am a terrible judge (I even have a hard time picking what I want to eat when ordering food out). BUT, I will try my best to favorite everyone's cards that are put in.

I have four prompts, and you can make as many or as few as you would like, but please try not to make so many that you steal everyone else's ideas.

Prompt 1: Choose a hobby you have outside of Magic. It can be playing an instrument, a sport, or anything in between (Just not magic or card related) and make a card about it. Here's an example I made a while back since I play the viola (I know the art is actually a harp, but the point was that it has a music theme to it):

Prompt 2: Pick a character from a movie or tv show/anime, and make a card that you feel accurately represents them. I'd rather not have meme cards here, but something that accurately represents what their powers are, like something that has to do with super speed for The Flash, etc. Here's an example:

Prompt 3: Make a card using my Empyrean mechanic. Here's how it works: At the start of the game, you may designate any number of cards with empyrean outside of the game as such. They are similar to companions in a way, but instead of a specific deckbuilding restriction for each, you can only have cards with converted mana costs equal to or lower than the highest converted mana cost among empyreans you own (Most have converted mana costs between 3-5, but there is only one special case). They can only be put into play by the effect of a card named Gateway of Legends (Unless stated otherwise). You may have more than one empyrean, but you can only have one copy of each designated as an empyrean. Here are some examples:

One card I made has Zenith Empyrean, which means that while it is an empyrean, you can't have other empyreans, and you can't have other copies of it in your deck.

If you are interested, Here's all of the ones I have made:

Sorry if you hate Empyreans for possibly being more broken than companions. I think the idea is solid, but I have no idea if the mechanic is actually broken.

Prompt 4: Make a card using my Weapon mechanic. Yes, it's similar to hearthstone's weapons, but I was actually inspired to make it from the card Form of the Dinosaur. It's an artifact subtype that allows you to attack either a creature or an opponent. All weapons enter the battlefield with durability counters equal to their "durability" (where toughness is displayed), and have the effect "({t}: [Weapon name] deals damage to an opponent or a creature equal to the weapon's power. If a creature is damaged this way, it deals damage to you equal to its power. After using this ability, remove one durability from this weapon, and send it to the graveyard if it has none left)", You don't have to use this reminder text because it's an ability that all weapons would already have, but you're welcome to anyways. Here are my examples (Note the wording in the reminder ability is off):

Remember that this is a fun challenge to come up with neat ideas, rather than a competition. This probably only applies for the first two, but I'd like to have newer cards only, as I'd like to see you guys think in some new and exciting ways. Remember, you don't have to do all of them, and you can do more than one for a specific prompt. Just remember to have fun!


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