Good morning, Marit!

Okay guys, so you are probably all familiar with the very famous card Dark Depths and the stupidly large token it creates
Then recently, we've had another card in the Mechanics Mast- I mean Modern Horizons set, that features the... character (I guess) of Marit Lage.

And then recently @spookoops here on cardsmith created a card called Summoner of Dark Depths, which you can see here:

And all that lead me to an idea. In what ways will we be able to bring a 20/20 fyling indestructible monstrosity to the table while still making it at least a tiny bit balanced?

So that is your challange. Create a card, that has something to do with Marit Lage - most probably it should bring in the token at some point. You can submit up to two entries, one of them can be older. Un-set cards aren't ideal unless you have a really hilarious idea.

I will probably judge this some time after Christmas, award the first three places with 5, 4 and 3 faves respectively and maybe some honorable mentions.

Have fun!


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