Some Topics That Need Mentioning

Lots of interesting stuff has been happening in Magic recently that I think needs mentioning, if only briefly.

For instance, Coward is a creature type given to creatures by some cards, and some cards interact with Cowards without making things Cowards, but WotC has never printed a creature card with the type Coward.

And, if you look at the new Vorinclex card from Kaldheim, Phyrexian is now a creature type. However, no other cards with the phyrexian watermark have been modified to have the Phyrexian creature type. There is also a new showcase frame that looks like germanic runes, and apparently phyrexians are getting their own separate showcase frame (Again, as displayed by Vorinclex). 

And now we have snow instants and sorceries, and snow cards have their own card frame (I’ve been waiting for that for a while).

And Treasure tribal is finally a thing.

So, if you have anything interesting about Magic to note, please post it here. I’m bored.


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