The Self-Serve Ice Cream/Creature Challenge Buffet



  • Hey Korand, I'll roll it for you if that helps?

    On the Challenges list I rolled-
    5. Mint-Chocolate Chip - Roll on list B and list C. Make a creature card using both creature types.

    Then I rolled 91 and 24 for B and C, which gets you Wurm and Soldier.

    Your challenge is to make a Wurm Soldier creature card. Simple enough, but the challenge of Mint-Chocolate Chip is that the list of creature types on B typically do not have class types in Magic, which is list C. So you have to be a little more creative than just another Human Soldier or Elf Druid. What does a Wurm Soldier look like?
  • Tried to work on it, but had to switch computers and m image I found was saved onto the other.
  • 21 and 10. Mercenary with a unique mechanic. Will get around to it sometime soon.
  • Time for another crazy challenge.

    First, I rolled-

    18. Now It's a Milkshake - Roll on list A and B. Create a two-sided card with transform, that is type A on one side and type B on the other.

    On list A, I rolled-


    On list B, I threw the dice and-


    So, that is a transform card with a Wall on one side and an Orc on the other. Easy enough, and it came to this.

     Unstable BarrierOrc of the Barricade
    (Wall is the front and the orc is the back)

    For some reason, I'm really enjoying this. Really creative mix of random challenges and fun.

    Nice job, my friend in creating this,

    -The Duke

    (Lol I'm probably gonna end like that every time)

  • Mmm, Orc and broken brick and mortar milkshake. Tasty :smile:

    We have our first community pitched in challenge thanks to TheDukeOfPork, the menu now goes to 22!
  • I don't know how I didn't find this until now this looks sweet! have some extra art lying around, ill try to get some entries in. In all seriousness though, this is very unique and very cool!
  • edited April 2021
    I just found this, and I LOVE IT!  This will keep me busy for months!

    Here's the one I got: 21. Broken Soft Serve Machine (aka We Need a Mechanic In Here) - Noble

  • Hi, it's me again, sorry to post again with another one so soon, but I really like the "ROLL DICE FOR IDEAS" concept.  This time I got 2. Neapolitan, Group B, Jellyfish / BLUE.

  • Okay weirdest thing ever was chosen for me to make, and honestly it wasn't easy to do, but I got 20 on the first roll and than 90 on the B roll, giving me an Elder Wombat.

    Hakki the Elder Wombat

    On the site it said this picture was a Parrot Wombat, so that is why the creature type says that.
  • 7. Half Baked - Roll on list C. Create a card with the rolled type, with no other creature types.  List C - WIZARD.

  • I know @TheRacingTurtle isn't active, but....

    I'm hungry.

    So, I rolled the dice, and took the order.

    4. Strawberry Fields - Roll on list A or B. If you rolled on list A, also roll on list C. Create a land card that uses the rolled creature types in it's rules text.

    I decide to roll on list B. 

    List B  Roll 51 - Monkey

    Making the final result:

    Create a land card that mentions 'monkey' in the rules text. 

    Here's the product:
    Forest Wellspring
    I didn't want this to be only focused on monkeys, since it would be pretty hard to design around that. I put all of these creature types in so it had a 'communal' feel. I based it on animals in the desert all being attracted to one wellspring for refreshment. I twisted it so it's in a forest instead. These were all the specific forest creatures I could think of.

    Once again, lovely challenge!

    - The Duke

  • Waiter, Waiter, I've got an order!

    On the menu, first roll, number 15:

    Two Scoops - Roll on list A, then roll on list C twice (roll again if you get the same result). Create a modular-dual faced card with your rolled A on both sides, with one side each having your different C options.

    Rolling on list A, I got 

    47 - Nightmare

    The first result I got is on List C is:

    26 - Warlcok

    Then I rolled again and the result was:

    8 - Bat

    So, finally, my order is:

    A MDFC card with both sides as a Nightmare creature, one side as a Warlock creature, and the other a Bat creature.

    Phew. Let's go:
    Blind TerroriserLurking Treebat
    Always entertaining, this challenge!

    I like the concept a lot. It might be a bit too OP for a common, but I wasn't able to change it's setting to rare for some reason.
  • This challenge was so fun I just had to do it again. 

    13. Peanut Allergy - "Roll on list A or B. Create a card depicting the chosen creature type either during or after the process of becoming a Phyrexian."

    List B: Lizard

    Here's what I conjured:

  • 4. Strawberry Fields - Roll on list A or B. If you rolled on list A, also roll on list C. Create a land card that uses the rolled creature types in it's rules text.
    6  Bird: Aven (Birdfolk)
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