Usaername Presents: An interesting new challenge?

What's good yall? It's me Usaername, back with another challenge! Sorta. This isn't a challenge yet. Rather it's a gauge of interest about a possible contest I might run.

The idea is that each contestant writes a short story of no more than 10,000 words and submits it for review. If it passes review, you're entered into the contest. Once the admissions process closes, people will be selected at random to exchange stories and make cards of the main character and or event of the other's story.

Stories should:
  • Be long enough to get to know the main character.
  • Be no more than 10,000 words. You shouldn't need more than 3,000, but some people really like to write.
  • Contain enough detail to get an idea of the main character's personality and abilities
  • Be rated PG-13 (or close to it). Minimal swearing is fine, I should think, as long as it doesn't appear on the forums themselves. Violence is expected, but it should not be exceedingly graphic. (Again, all of your stories will be passed by me)
  • Be legible. Your stories do not have to be perfectly written, but they should be written well enough to be understood. If you want, I am open to acting as an editor to some extent
  • Be submitted as either a link to a google doc or as a text file. You should not be simply pasting your stories into the forums
Those who read this and would like to participate: Feel free to start writing your stories now, but remember: This is simply a gauge of interest. I would not be surprised if this didn't happen at all.

If you have questions that would affect whether or not you'd be interested in such a challenge, feel free to ask here in this thread, but if you're already planning on entering and you have questions, please shoot me a DM.

Here, I will provide an example of a good story and a bad story (with relation to the contest):

In the meantime before the challenge starts (if it does start), This thread is also going to be a mini warmup challenge, which is:

Make a card of a character from a piece of media of your choice, be it book, show, movie, etc. Everyone who submits a card to the warmup challenge gets one favorite of their choice (please link it with your entry). Here's an example I did:
Spike Spiegel Space Cowboy

Anyways, that's all for now. Again, if you have any questions, I'd be happy to answer them, and hopefully you're interested in participating!


  • @Usaername, this looks amazing! I love writing, so I'd be interested in joining.
  • this looks interesting, I might do it sometime
  • I'm definitely going to do something for this.
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    This is an old one I made of Shin Godzilla a month or two ago (I call this version of Godzilla "Shin Godzilla" to prevent any confusion). While yes, one of the Godzilla cards from Ikoria was Shin Godzilla, but they just named it Godzilla so unless you're a Godzilla fan, there isn't really any noticeable difference. So I decided to make this to emphasize the difference between Shin Godzilla and the normal Godzilla.

    Ikoria Shin Godzilla:

    My Shin Godzilla:

    Basically, in the Shin Godzilla movie, humanity has never seen a Kaiju before, so we can tell that the story is basically an alternate timeline thing, so the Godzilla in this movie isn't the normal Godzilla. Throughout the movie, there are plenty of scenes where Shin Godzilla is attacked by the military, and each time he is attacked by something new (guns, tanks, bombs), you can see that he actually takes damage from them at first, but immediately his body adapts, gaining immunity from these attacks, which is where I got the idea for the ability and why I felt like the Ikoria version didn't do him justice.

    Honestly, if you like giant monsters going on rampages, or just like seeing the world burn, I'd suggest you guys check the movie out. (Also, I think that it was the second-highest-grossing movie in Japan in 2016 when it came out, so that must be some sign that it's good.)

    Also if I decide to join this, I may not be able to write a story for a while, I'm pretty busy with homework.
  • @feralitator nice card you got there! It's alright if you don't have a lot of time. It's going to take a bit for the challenge to really get going, so you could probably just write for 10 minutes a day and have something workable by the time it starts. and even when it does start, there'll still be time for people to finish their stories.
  • I'm definitely interested in this! The only real reason I wouldn't be able to is free time to write.
  • @Red_Tower again, just writing for a little each day could be enough to get by. but im glad you're excited!
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    I am interested.
    (Also, I might be biased as an australian person, but I can't beleive there are people who haven't heard of bunips.)
  • Do the stories have to be in a fantasy era, like most M:tG stories, or can it take place in any time?
  • Reading the requirements closer however, it seems as I might have problems, as I do not have any idea how to make a google docs or an online text file.
  • @KorandAngels Google Docs is easy. Just go to Google Drive and hit the "New" button on the left.
  • @SpellPiper2213 nope! not at all! in some cases, you might even be able to get away without having a fight scene, and instead find some other way to demonstrate their abilities. Like Sherlock Holmes' in-depth explanations of his detective process
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    I don't know what Google Drive is. (Actually,I think I remember it being on my first phone, and that it didn't do anything, and me trying and failing to delete it to get more room for audiobooks and then I put it in a folder named "Idiot stupid rubbish dumb destroy" or something, along with a bunch of other stuff that didn't do anything.) ((My first phone, and all of them since it, where just intended for me to put my audiobooks on. My parents still won't let me connect it to the internet permenantly.))
  • seems like there's a bit of interest thus far, bumping the thread to see if we can get a couple more people who might be interested
  • This story writing contest certainly has my attention. I'll certainly be thinking on some ideas. (this post will be edited to include the card for the mini warmup challenge, I simply wished to announce my interest in participating first.)
  • @Lujikul glad to see you here! I'm excited to see what you've got
  • @KorandAngels Google Drive would be linked to a Gmail account, you may have a different email type.
  • I could be able to do this, but I don't think the limit on being PG-13 is very fair. Certainly sounds interesting.
  • @TheDukeOfPork what would you plan to write that's not pg-13?
  • @Usaername I mean, I don't want to always want to write things that are, like, not kid-friendly, sometimes it's nice to make less sweary violent stories. I mean, I would make it suitable for teens to read as well, just not....
  • @KorandAngels you could also just upload a text doc onto something like dropbox. There are tons of sharable cloud storage options available. Or I think you have the option to just DM the story to Usaername and they would be able to work with it from there.
  • @TheDukeOfPork I must say im suitably confused
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    @Usaername What do you mean?
  • @TheDukeOfPork I mean im not exactly sure what your intent is. You can write whatever you want, but know that I might reject it or ask for it to be changed.
  • I thought what you were saying about "Make it PG-13" was a rule.
  • It is. There are kids on this site.
  • PG-13 is meaning parental guidance, guiding the parents to only show the kids if they're 13+
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