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    c is for conscience
    o is for onscience
    n is for nscience
    s is for science
    c is for cience
    i is for ience
    e is for ence
    n is for nce
    c is for ce
    e is for e
  • I mean I should throw Kaigan's hat in the ring, but then what if it rains?  He'd be hatless!
  • k is for kaigan is cool
    a is for awesome
    i is for "is very wholesome"
    g is for great personality
    a is for awesome
    n is for nice
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    Awww Thanks

  • I - Ice cold veins
    S - Stripped of her potential
    E - Effectively nothing more than a fertilizer
    A - All hopes and dreams gone.
    B - Brother will never be saved
    E - Eternally tortured by her failures. 
    L - Lifeless and without her brother
  • That was sad
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    C is for cool gadgets n' stuff
    Y is for yeet your enemies away
    P is for power sometimes
    H is for "hey, I'm only supposed to live a few years"
    E is for "eh.. I probably won't die in this tournament"
    R is for red is not a color I am wearing
    O is for omniscient? not at all
    U is for unlucky, I died
    S is for see ya later
  • I am especially fond of "E"
  • Creative
    Omnipresent (on cardsmith, at least)
    Winner (duh!)

    Sorry, no "e's" for you @Corwinnn
  • C for confident
    O for oppurtunistic
    N for nitpicky
    S is for scheming
    C is for cold-hearted
    I is for intelligent
    E is for excellent 
    N is for "no thank you"
    C is for "capable of killing you"
    E is for exquisite 

  • shadow123 Not sad enough. 
  • T is for terse
    H is for hard luck me, you didn't make it into the tournament
    E is for erratic

    D is for damn, I can't decide who to root for
    U is for 'Uh, what should I put here?'
    K is for knowledgeable
    E is for edgy

    T-H-E  D-U-K-E


    @theirintheattic with Sturgar! 
  • Oh wow thanks! Is it just cuz his boss is a duke? He's not even nobility people just call him that because he's uber rich.
  • sturgar is cool
  • Thanks! I just feel like I haven't done a great job developing his character like I wanted. His sanity is supposed to be slowly deteriorating because he's a nugget and also convinced of his own ineptitude while hiding it to seem stronger, but I don't' think it really shows.

  • because he's a nugget

  • He's got no limbs and the bottom third of his torso. Like a McNugget with a head.
  • welp let me finish my card then its time to post
  • how is conscience 2.0 gonna be
  • oh epic demon power
  • She's gonna strait up just eat your heart from your chest.

  • 1. already dead
    2. don't have a heart

    @theirintheattic you should make an acronym for sturgar
  • K lemme try this

    S-stupidly strong (medieval terminator)
    T-too many robotic arms
    U-unnaturally shiny
    R-really heavy (but not fat)
    G-great at removing blood and organs from people's bodies
    A-angry when people try to kill his boss, which is a lot
    R-really wants to have skin again
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    He's cool because he's got more limbs than me.

    I like his character. And yes, I'm his boss in disguise. Plus, I love nuggets!
  • sturgar is a dino nugget
  • Dino nugget meets Terminator meets General Grievous (is that how you spell it?)
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