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    alright, finished my cards for the second challenge
    Soros Relentless Predator
    Before he became a planeswalking tar dragon mutant, Soros was just a normal dragon living in a swamp. He usually ignored humans and humanlike peoples, although many still tried to hunt and kill him anyway.
    Because of the black mana suffusing Soros's swamp home, he could often rise from death if his body was intact enough. Many hunters tried to kill him, but because of this they always failed.
    Even though the humans hated him so much, he still mostly ignored them unless they were attacking or provoking him directly.
    Enter, Lixir Umbralash.
    Lixir Umbralash
    I've already said Soros's backstory in my first post, but I'll put it up here in case you forgot.
    Long ago, a necromancer and a dragon were doing battle above a swamp.
    In the end, the necromancer was victorious, and the dead dragon's body fell into the tar below.
    After some time, the necromantic energy that had killed him rebuilt the body of the dragon using the tar from the swamp.
    And thus, Soros was created.
    This strange turn of events also cause Soros's spark to ignite, although he did not know it at the time.
    Soros traveled around his homeplane, and almost always he was met with fear and hate for his monstrous form, even though his personality was pretty much that of a normal human.
    These reactions persisted for years, and thus Soros developed a bitter hatred for humans and humanlike species.
    While Soros was living his life, Nicol Bolas was looking for members for his Hornguard, and he had noticed Soros and was monitoring him.
    Once, Soros was resting in a swamp, and Bolas appeared to him. Bolas told Soros that there were worlds beyond his own, and that Soros had the power to travel to them. Bolas offered Soros membership in Hornguard, telling him that he could get revenge for all the times he had been hated and shunned. Soros accepted.

    Lixir Umbralash was the name of the necromancer. Once, Soros met Lixir and recognized him as the necromancer that had killed him and brought about his rebirth and spark ignition. Lixir and Soros became... friends, sort of, and Lixir offered Soros shelter and company when nobody else would.
    And, speaking of that rebirth and spark ignition...

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    I finished my cards, what's my ranking?
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  • @WarriorCatInAhat Your point total currently became 37, which puts you to second place! A bit of feedback now:
    Soros as a creature is great and flavorful. There are just some tiny wording problems, the second ability should probably be something like "You may cast Soros, Relentless Predator from your graveyard by paying 2 in addition to its mana cost" or "You may cast Soros, Relentless Predator from your graveyard. If you do, it costs 2 more to cast." Other than that I like the design as well as the flavor and the flavortext is definitely a quote from one of your opponents when playing this card. Lixir Umbralash could do with some slightly better formating and I feel its a bit too powerful - putting 6/7 worth of stats on the table for just five mana. So, yeah, just a necromancer, neat. Soros's Rebirth nicely shows the tar mutant's rise in steps. I just don't feel it's very jund, it feels more golgari mechanics-wise. The second ability can be a bit underwhelming, but the third one is pretty worth it.

    The current leaderboard:
    1. Malfegor
    2. Soros
    3. Kogi
    4. Nystax
    5. Nefti
    - Lu-Tze
  • @Yonkers11 I'm glad you like the idea, I was thinking about some other digital rewards appart from just basic faves, so this is it.
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  • In case this helps your creative "spark" (no pun intended), here's some signature spells of the planeswalkers (I may have missed a few) : 

    Ajani's Pridemate, Angrath's Rampage, Arlinn's Wolf, Ashiok's Skulker, Bolas's Citadel, Chandra's Pyrohelix, Davriel's Shadowfugue, Domri's Ambush, Dovin's Veto, Gideon's Battle Cry, Huatli's Raptor, Jace's Projection, Jaya's Greeting, Karn's Bastion, Kasmina's Transmutation, Kaya's Ghostform, Kiora's Dambreaker, Liliana's Triumph, Nahiri's Stoneblades, Narset's Reversal, Nissa's Triumph, Ob Nixilis's Cruelty, Ral's Outburst, Saheeli's Silverwing, Samut's Sprint, Sarkhan's Catharsis, Sorin's Thirst, Tamiyo's Epiphany, Teferi's Time Twist, Teyo's Lightshield, Wanderer's Strike, Tibalt's Rager, Ugin's Conjurant, Vivien's Arkbow, Vraska's Finisher
  • @TheDukeOfPork Sure! It would be lovely if you complete all the entries at once and you will be counted in, just with a tiny point penalty. Canonically, the group is already together at this point, so you can come up with a reason as to why you have arrived later. 
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    (*Cmc of 5 or less*)
    Upon arriving in amonkhet, her face scared and disfigured she sensed something interesting in the planes leyline. The mana that flowed through here was full of suffering, the undead were unable the rest, and she could sense a greater presence afar. She encountered odd monstrosities along the way, but she also encountered something of interest here, gods walked among men. They worshiped with ferverence of a greater presence. A god pharaoh, a god beyond even the ones that roamed the soils she walked on now within the hekma. In seeking this pharaoh she sought a master, but in finding him she found a tyrant. This planeswalker had made himself a god and he promised Nefti that should she serve him unconditionally, he would grant her immense power, and help her broker contracts with other patrons.

    Lilana's success in imprisoning Bolas was bitter lived, as she had failed to account for one of the most sadistic of the Hornguards members who caught her in a time of weakness as she contemplated why Kytheon Jura sacrificed his life for her. While other planeswalkers returned to their planes and others were celebrating their successes, Nefti ambushed Liliana with foul magic that threatened to rend Liliana's spark, her power was slowly being syphoned out of her has she felt as if a thousand whirling blades of hot steel were climbing from her chest out of her throat. He skin felt as if it was constantly and simultaneously tearing off. Sensing the inevitability of defeat lead Liliana to flee to a plane called Stryxhaven where she would live out a life as a prestigious professor with the alias of Onyx. 
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    I had made Soul Rend earlier. I know its missing the name, but I figured that the torture chamber wont cut it here. I will post it down here anyway for all to view.

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    My week 3 entries:

    1st card-  [Malfegor's Voice]
    • Because Malfegor's synergies are Madness related, his Signature Spell is along the same vein as [Tormenting Voice] and [Cathartic Reunion], but this spell can be cast at Instant speed. I left the cost of [Malfegor's Voice] the same mana value of 2 as the two cards I referenced above, but I increased the number of cards you must discard to three, instead of two cards like Cathartic Reunion... to keep it balanced.

    2nd card - [Cruel Decision]
    • This card below references the moment of Malfegor's decision to follow Bolas with unwavering loyalty.  Take a second to look at the art of Cruel Ultimatum (the art by Ralph Horsley from Alara block), it shows a huge scary demon (not necessarily Malefegor but stay with me, people) which has been trounced mightily by something even bigger than him (you can see its shadow).  Now, imagine that this card [Cruel Decision] is the obverse view from the demon on the ground looking back up at Bolas, the one who just trounced him.  The art for this was chosen to match the flavor text and the Malfegor story and everything.  Just thought I'd let you peek behind the curtain for why I chose what I did.  

    • Regarding the wording on this spell, since I intend for this card to allow the person who just discarded their hand to tutor as many cards from their graveyard as the number of cards they just discarded, INCLUDING being able to choose the same cards they just discarded, I had to be vague with the grammar because of stack and targeting, etc.  This spell, might just be a 4 CMC way to do 7 damage to a player who discards 7 cards and puts them all back in their hand.  At it's worst, you're letting an opponent tutor a ton of cards from their graveyard.  OR, a better thing might be using it to discard 3 or 4 of your own cards, and then tutoring 3 or 4 OTHER target cards from your graveyard to your hand, while taking 3 or 4 damage, etc.
  • @AboveAndAbout I totally understand. If you want to return later, you are welcome. Until then, good luck with whatever you are working on!

    @TerryTags Yup, you can edit the cards all the way up to the end of the week.
  • Really I just wanted an excuse to make another Discworld character.
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    Though Nystax has learned a lot of a illusion magics, this spell is the first illusion he crafted on his own. Its disorienting nature makes it a valuable tool for infiltration. 


    When first meeting Bolas, Nystax wanted to make a grand first impression, showing how his magic could even make him appear draconic in order to better meet the dragon eye to eye.


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  • @yonkers11 Thanks! Notice that huge ugly artist line? I editted a few things together to get what I was looking for!
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    Planeswalker card:  ||||||||||| Oath Card:
    Initial Meeting of     |||||||||| Signature card:
    Bolas:                      |||||||||| 
    Boar of Ashaya  Strike of KailAfi
    L.C.O.P.:                       ||||||||    Thing From Past:
    KailAfi Beholder of Blood    Voyager of Miralda

    KailAfis Spark 

    Here is a three-section story of Kail'Afi:

    Section 1
    Kail'Afi was a bloodlord in the Legion of Dusk. He formed a group of friends at the training. He went in one of the first expeditions to Ixalan from Torrezon, and for the first part of the journey, the mission was successful. But one day, there was a seastorm, which killed most of the expedition, including three of his friends. As if that wasn't painful enough, they were then raided by pirates, leaving him as the only survivior. He was shipwrecked, but alive. At that moment the adrenaline was too high to respond at that moment. But later, he realised what had happened, and his spark ignited. He was flung through the Blind Eternities to Skalla. He stayed there for 60 years, waiting for something to happen. When Bolas came to Skalla and destroyed it, Kail'Afi saw a vision. It was a boar, telling oh great pain and future. He discovered it was Ashaya, but in an elemental form. Soon after, the Elder Dragon found Kali'Afi hiding in a cave. He is a selfish vampire, and when Bolas offered him lots of gold to join his Hornguard, he gleefully accepted. Bolas indentured him with body modifications, and so he joined the other members of the Hornguard. 

    Section 2
    When Kail'Afi was informed by Bolas of the invasion of Ravnica, he immediatly planeswalked there. He was engaged immediatly in combat with soldiers of the Boros Legion, but he easily slew them. But there was more fighting to come. He was attacked by Jace, and the battle really pushed his limits. He had to work hard to make sure his will didn't break. After two minutes of hard work, Jace moved away. The vampire moved away to find new targets. After slashing through ranks of Golgari soldiers, he heard an explosion over in the  4th legion. Eternals were being destroyed by Firemane Angel and Aurelia herself. Kail'Afi went over and helped the emotionless zombies out. What he did NOT know was that the god Kefnet was already on the job. The vampire was caught in a shockwave of mind magic. Kail'Afi temporarily lost control of his will and mind, and was planeswalked to an ancient tomb in amonkhet. And that's why he arrived late for the Hornguard meeting.

    Section 3
    Kail'Afi woke up in a dusty room, coughing up dust and dirt. He looked around the room and said, "This looks like, this looks like--an amonkhet tomb," He was confused. "How did I get he-Oh." Then he remembered. Jace. Kefnet. Aurelia. 4th legion. "Oh, good Bolas. I wonder where the other members of the Hornguard are? They'll be on Ravnica. That's where we said we'd meet." So he planeswalked to Ravnica, then to the underqround crypts of Rakdos. But they weren't there. "But-what?" Then he looked at the date. "What?" I'm 3 three months late!" He used his most inner senses to track down his colleagues. When he arrived, Nefti turned her head. "Where have you been, vampire scum?" 
    "Amonkhet somplace."
    "Can you never answer me properly?"
    Nystax interrupted. "Guys. Stop arguing. We've got an elder dragon to find."

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    Week 1: Planeswalker and Oath
    Week 2: L.C.O.P,  Spark Ignition and Significant card to planeswalker.
    Week 3: Meeting Bolas and Signature card.
  • So I...Didn't complete all the challenges?
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