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Well this is the first time I am hosting a challenge on this forum and I thought it should be something awesome. 

Your challenge as a cardsmith is to create a card that utilizes two or more of the mechanics listed below.

.Prowess (Whenever you cast a noncreature spell, this creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)
Mentor (Whenever this creature attacks, put a +1/+1 counter on target attacking creature with lesser power.)
. Heroic (Whenever you cast a spell that targets this card, then X.)
. Inspired (Whenever this card becomes untapped, then X.)
.Exalted (Whenever a creature you control attacks alone, that creature gets +1/+1 until end of turn.)

I will rank the card using the rubric below.

Creativity (I will award a ton of points for this, blow my mind): 3 points
. Personal preference ( how heroic the card feels to me) : 2 points
Fit and finish ( how well the card is designed): 2 points
. Balace (How playable this card is in an actual mtg match): 1 point
. Art (Did you choose art that captures the essense of the card?): 1 point
. Mana colors (You can lose points if you drastically deviate from the color pie): 1 point 

- Tiny break: no penalty
- Minor break: - 1 point
- Significant Break: - 2 points
- Major deviation: - 5 points

Bonus Points

If you use atleast one of the "heroic" keywords below, you get a 1 bonus point.

. Haste ( A heroic warrior charging bravely, or foolishly? into battle.)
. Vigilance ( A brave knight fighting hordes of demons for days.)
. First Strike ( A young woman who isn't afraid to stand up to injustice.)

Here is an example of cards using the mechanics listed above, and my example:

(Example Card)


1st place: 5 favorites ( 3 of your choice, 2 of mine)
2nd Place: 3 favorites (3 of your choice)
3rd place: 2 favorites (2 of your choice)

Honorable mentions (Up to 2 - (1 favorite each))

The most creative card gets a follow, regardless of weather you are on the podium.

(5 entries max)


  • The challenge ends at June 15th
  • https://mtgcardsmith.com/view/trogoph-pit-fighter
    I would post the image but I'm on mobile. The photo is of an actual thing I own by the way. Some kind of hired gun for Necromunda. Do I get credit for using vigilance since he has an untap ability which kinda amounts to the same thing?
  • @KorandAngels ;Sadly no. I view vigilance as unwavering resolve and stamina.
  • edited June 4
    Champion of the Fallen
    here is my entry, edited to fit the challenge 
  • I noticed that people might want to include flavor texts, so if you are out of space, I'll allow you to right a short flavor text under it instead of crowding the card.
  • Entry#1
  • Question - do the abilities have to be keyworded?
  • @SpellPiper2213 not necessarily but you will lose a point for fit and finish since it adds to the aesthetics of the card.
  • @Tonysparks understood. I'll make sure to put them in.
  • edited June 13
    Kasander Errant Knight

    My first entry

  • (I didn't keyword Heroic and Inspired since they aren't mechanics in the set)
  • @LyndonF that's fine, but I'm not necessarily judging based on weather the mechanics fit the set, rather how the mechanics work with the card.
  • I'm updating the list to add Exalted
  • https://mtg.design/i/akmk01.jpg
    The first noncreature in this challenge, hope it works. Its pretty strong though, so idk.
  • @Void_Retainer, yep, that counts as a hero, he is just a hero of phyrexia. A villain to others, but a pyrexian hero.
  • Karri Master of Spears

    My second entry (link embedded in image)
  • here's my entry:
    Tumarian Daring Vigilante

    I'm kind of proud of the flavor text here. Going for a kind of off-kilter person who's honestly trying to be a hero, despite their dark past.
  • Sorry I'm behind, Judging will begin soon
  • I just really noticed my post looks like someones first post. Card with photograph art that uses the untap symbol, no image only link, everything.
  • Sorry for keeping you guys waiting

    1st Place is @BT9154 's Egil, Heart Of Steel

    The card was everything I asked for. It made me think of a heroic warrior, leading his battalion by example, and shaping their hearts into steel with his sheer inspiration. Your card hit all the criteria and I think the graveyard effect added to the feel of his legacy leaving on, truly heroic.

    2nd place was @samconsumespie 's Champion of the fallen

    I loved how everything from the title complemented what the champion can do, even though it wasn't legendary it felt as if I was watching a hero of myth fighting with spirits along side them, mentoring them.

    I only had two problems with this card, otherwise it was my first choice for top spot. The first problem is the fit and finish, I wouldn't have minded if you dropped the flavor text or wrote it below the card; and the second problem was that I think the mentor would resolve before the main trigger. Other than that, awesome card.

    3rd spot goes to @SpellPiper2213 's Kasander, Errant Knight

    Karri, Master Of Spears felt more heroic to me but Errant knight hit the criteria better. I think that it's life gain ability could be better, but it is hindered by the +1/+1 counters going onto weaker creatures. The only way this card will work at full potential is if it is the sole creature in the field. Other than that, I'm not going to lie, it didn't feel super heroic.

  • (Individual feedback for the remaining cards)

    4th: @SpellPiper2213 's Karri, Master Of Spears: This card is theros material, I really liked the heroic javelineer feel of Karri that the +1/+1 counters had. Im a little disappointed that exalted didn't play more into the card's heroic ability and was more there for filler material, but other than that, awesome card. Would have made honorable but you are already third so you are fine.

    5th: @Void_Retainer 's K'rrik, Exiled: This card was fine and on an opposite challenge would have passed, but contrary to the event, it actually felt more villainous to me. I can feel what you were going for with the phyrexian hero feel, but it had all the qualities of a villain to me such as sacrificing others for self gain.

    6th: @LyndonF 's Fire Mystic & Mist Weaver: Both cards felt overcrowded do me and honestly the art didn't feel heroic. I might chuck a little of it to me having made a similar set with similar art of cards that did similar things, so I apologies for that. You were also required to have two of the required keywords but were missing some. Other than that and fit and finish issues, awesome cards.

    7th: @KorandAngels 's Trogorph: First of all I'd like to start off by saying, awesome figurine, but it as a choice of art kinda made me less interested in the card as a whole. it also felt like Trogorph was just a random stew of keywords and abilities, poured fresh out of the drying pan on to this challenge. Other than that I value the fact that you at least participated, so thank you.

    8th: @stormbreath 's Tumarian: It was honestly a decent card, it just didn't meet any of the criteria, I didn't even think it was possible to not get any points in the checklist, but the card as a whole was fine. It was just not in the correct challenge.

    That being said, every entry in here was valued, and thank you guys for participating.

  • @BT9154 : You get 5 favorites (3 of your choice and 2 of mine)

    @samconsumespie: You get 3 favorites (3 of your choice)

    @SpellPiper2213: You get 2 favorites (2 of your choice)
  • Congrats to all the @winners!

    @Tonysparks very fun challenge! I'm inspired by your feedback on K'rrik to maybe host a villainous version of this challenge in the future. Could you favorite these two cards:

  • @Tonysparks Thanks for holding the contest and for picking my card for 1st place, this is my first 1st placed card for a contest.  I'm glad you got the design, I was going for a teacher or a captain whose valiant death galvanized those that looked up to him.   
    Please favourite these cards
    Forgive the weeb cards I make lol, mechanically they all work.

  • thank you for the favorites!
    this card was a very large formatting challenge for me and i think the flavor text is both really important for the card but also it would have been better if it was omitted from the design, and you should be able to order the triggers however you want but im no judge so it might need some more reworking
    anyways tho this was really fun thanks for hosting!

  • Ok looks like everything is in order @Corwinnn, take it away.
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