LF Judge for opinions on custom deck

So, my friends and I are building our own custom decks to play each other on Tabletop Simulator. I know it's just for fun and stuff, but we would like it to be genuinely competitive with no overpowered advantage over the others, and we haven't made custom cards before now, so we might have made something totally broken and not noticed.
My deck is complete, my one friend needs to put them in cardsmith, and the third just started. Would someone be willing to take a look at the cards and tell us if anything needs tweaked? Thanks


  • My deck is all I've made on cardsmith.
  • i'm not a judge but i know a fair amount about magic rules
    caer pelyn is really good, way better than most of the cards you have, it taps for 2 mana with the only cost being it comes into play tapped, the ramp on the land is gonna push your deck fair ahead depending on how many of these you run
    lute, the prodigy seems pretty strong, since you can tap it and pay 2 mana to draw a card on a mediocre body, better then most of the rest of the cards but not too overpowered
    other than that everything seems pretty fair and balanced, if a little underpowered
    but importantly the generic mana symbol is on the wrong side of the card, it should be on the left, if this is on purpose then keep doing it but if it's not you might want to change it
  • Thanks =)
    I was thinking of adjusting the cost of some of the creatures anyway, as after a few play tests I found myself with three lands and my hand was mainly 4 cost creatures, so I can place the generic mana on the correct side.

    I tried to make all these cards fit the characters they were for. Since my creatures are the entire roster for Fire Emblem, Sacred Stones.
    Effect wise, I'm particularly pleased with Forde, Syrene, and Sacred Stone. (Forde being a talented painter who paints landscapes, Syrene executing the Triangle Attack as the most experienced Pegasus Knight, and the Sacred Stone, as each kingdoms stone breaks, more evil is unleashed upon the world. Their power is great, but come at a terrible cost.)
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