Cardsmith League (Official)



  • PF = Points For (how many points your cards have won across all matches)
    PA = Points Against (how many points your cards have lost across all matches)
  • @Ashdust @FireOfGolden Each Cardsmith league match is a best 4 of 7 match using your seven most recent cards, starting with the most recent one and going backwards.  Each match consist of at least four rounds (in a 4-to-0 scenario), each round in which your card wins against your opponent's card gets you 1 PF and each loss against your opponent's card gets you 1 PA.  Your aggregate PF and PA scores in the summary chart are all of your points across all matches you've participated in so far.
  • Thank you @Jadefire. Wish I knew which cards I scored on though, hAH- 
    Hope you have a great day, I appreciate your patience with my multiple, multiple questions. Thank you for the explanations. 
  • Points For
    Points Against
  • @Ashdust
    Yep! That's why I've been trying to do these videos, but life events have hinged my capabilities this week. 
  • @jpastor Take all the time you need, stuff happens. Life comes before Magic. 
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    As always, appreciate the effort that goes into this, it’s Alot of fun. However, Tbh I’m a bit skep of this latest round involving my cards. No disrespect to Globert, but a 4:1 is near clean sweep, and they’ve been rocking for three rounds now with the same cards against cards that are clean af. Id be very interested to understand the reasoning behind the judging. 
  • Personally I think it’s because I’m just baller, @Rayne-Lord (in all seriousness, I am also curious on the reasoning behind the results)
  • Indeed! Stay ballin G. Haters are gonna hate
  • @Rayne-Lord @Globert-the-Martian
    I will double check this match soon!
  • @Globert-the-Martian i don’t mind taking the L, just from a glance it seemed like it should’ve been closer imo 
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    @Rayne-Lord vs @Globert-the-Martian

    My judging team took care of this one this week, but I just judged this match myself and came to the same conclusion of 4-1. Nymph's Presence was the only win (over Willem, Son of Willem.)

    No worries on letting me know your concerns though. I understand.

    BRING ON THE MADNESS A-LEAGUE !!! Epic season so far.
  • @Suicidal_Deity

    Welcome back to activity! Sorry we couldn't include you in this active season! Added you to late arrivals division. In combo with the Inactive division, you could earn up to 10 favorites by the end of this season!

  • I’m kinda confused on how I’ll compete going forward. Knowing why you lost or won is the only way to improve, and against such worthy competition I’ll stand no chance if i don’t consistently adjust. Without critical feedback I’m kinda losing my motivation. Probably I’ll just focus more on life stuff and not worry bout it.
  • @jaceberlin
    Welcome back to activity. You'll remain in the inactive division the remainder of the season, but have been added to the late arrivals division as well.
  • Hi friends - A-League 

  • Yes, I missed your videos. They are very addictive 
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    @jpastor, I'm watching the video now on my lunch break, and I'd like to clarify that Trapped Treasure doesn't copy the exiled card. Therefore, it replaces the exiled card when used, like a lineup of traps in a dungeon's hallway.

    Additionally, I agree that Shackle Intention is not mechanically, the best card I've made, its weight is held in what it stands for, and while that shouldn't influence the decision, please read what I said in the comments.
  • B-League

    @RudytheDuck vs @Aggroman15

    @DrBrainenstein vs @East2West & @FireOfGolden vs @feralitator


    @ShadowReign vs @cadstar369

    @TheGamingBolasChannel vs @theirintheattic

    Skipping Corwinnn vs Revan since both cardsmiths are mostly inactive right now, and I have time constraints.

  • @jpastor to answer your confusion about Bondseeker, the main inspiration/template was the Eventide Hatchling cycle. Then I took some inspiration from cards like Leech Bonder and Daghatar the Adamant to make something a bit different from the Hatchlings. Out of the allied color pairs (the Hatchlings cover the enemy colors), blue has a number of cards that like moving counters or giving them away, and black has lots of cards that like stealing/removing counters, so I went with that. (Bondseeker works on all kinds of counters, not just the -1/-1 counters it starts with.)
  • Is there a video for my match?
  • Oh nevermind, hAH-
  • Jpastor will post all of them today.
  • I assume don't take my word for it
  • @jpastor Can you please let me know which cards I won with? I may or may not be on tomorrow, and definitely not after that, so I understand if you don't have time. If this is the case, don't worry about it.
  • Oh yeah I almost forgot. @jpastor, @Ashdust will be taking a break from the site for a while so they are not trying to be annoying or anything. If you could post their results before hand it would be appreciated.
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    In Chrome, if you accidentally close a tab, you can press Ctrl+Shift+T to reopen it.

    Thanks for the feedback. I'm going to modify some of my titans.

    (Also, I still wish I could have a set with my choice of 7 cards from the past week that would get judged instead of whatever happens to be at the front of my pool at the time.)
  • I am so confused as to what is going on.  Have I been doing the cardsmith league without realizing?

    @jpastor   So I guess you didn't realize that I had already moved onto TGBC_Gakuren_Zelthorn (I thought the season was over and stopped making cards on TGBC_Corrinella as a result)
  • @jpastor ;
    I am trying to make a rule for forgot creature, which on end of player's turn, if that player has at least a forgot creature, he or she must put a -1/-1 on all forgot creatures he or she control unless he or she discarded a or more cards within same turn.

    Do I have to use key word instead of this way?
  • @cadstar369
    I understand. Curious to know why Wizards did not combine those two abilities into one on the eventide series. They are the same function.. why not just say whenever you cast a red or white spell, remove a -1/-1 counter from ... <-- See what I mean? Why is it that way on the card?

    Freysa (+)
    Shadow (-)
    Globert (+)
    Breyin (+)
    Harzakuun (-)
    Dinya (-)
    phobia (-)

    Yeah boi, you remain in the league until you declare you'd like to leave the league, but only (1) person has done this so far. Everyone else, active or not, stays. Since you have multiple accounts, I've taken the liberty of simply searching your name in the most recent cards section and whichever account has the most recent cards is what I judge that week. (If for example your 7 most recent cards are from multiple accounts, I will simply use the account with the most recent card.)

    I see what you are going for. I'm going to tag you in a post in the mechanix encyclopedia.
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