Volace, Undiscovered Plane Set

The Story So Far
Volace, a Plane still unknown to Planeswalkers. No such beings have ventured to this land, nor have any been ignited on these lands in all of its history.

Corruption and disaster have plagued Volace since its very beginning. The first war engulfed the southern lands, an eternal fire burning into the land which now haunts many who live lengths away. Intelligent, great beasts now corrupt the human officials of great capitals with great offers of immortality, ascension and even the chance of being alongside them.

During a great crisis of revolt among the people in the great city of Banolis, where Regent Epitan Vallus' adopted son Pati Ell finds evidence of the Great Council of Banolis believes that making numerous deals and offerings to the Old One known as Wivaya. What do these powerful figures want out of dealing with Wivaya? Why do the fires now finally grow beyond the Charred Border after all these years?

Biddings of the Council (W/B/U)
Nobles, people of importance and of wealth. Usually manipulative and controlling.

These creatures and spells are focused on abusing and knowing of your opponent's plans while also protecting yourself from their own schemes as well.

Main Mechanic: Mastermind
Pay X when you cast this spell on an opponent's turn, do X instead/in addition.

The Underground (W/R/U)
Rebels, peasants, those who prepare for the coming revolution to overthrow the corrupt.

These creatures and spells are focused on quick reactions, making masses that can unite to overthrow a higher power.

Main Mechanic: Revolt
When your combat phase begins, do XYZ.

Old Ones (B/G/U)
Ancient monsters. Several mothers who have great spawns that lurk in the world's tunnels. Notable creatures are Hydra, Serpents, and mole-like creatures.

These creatures and spells are focused on using their own to ramp into their own types or focusing on their types.

Main Mechanic: Immense X
At the beginning of your upkeep, until end of turn, you may give this creature +X/+0, or +0/+X.

*There will be another smaller expansion after this, hoping it'll go well. More factions and expansion on the story will come with as well!

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