The Old Ones - Hydra, Beast and Tamibar spells wanted!

For my Volace set, I need help making cards in theme for the faction known as The Old Ones!

Hydras in these lands exist in intricate tunnel networks and are commonly associated with Black and Green mana.

"Beasts" on Volace are really just large burrowing creatures that are commonly quadrupeds and have either fur or rough skin. They're commonly associated with Green and Blue.

What's a Tamibar? Basically, it's Volace's Kaiju, large, odd and monstrous creatures. They are commonly associated with Blue and Black, though the greatest of them all, Monoa, is called the Father of the Old Ones, so some have powers that extend their color identity.

What's needed
6 Commons; three Beasts and three Hydras
6 Uncommons; two Beasts, two Hydras, and two Tamibar
6 Rares; two Beasts, Hydras, and Tamibar
3 Mythic Rares; one Beast, Hydra and Tamibar.

Instant & Sorceries
5 Commons; two Beast, Hydra, and one Tamibar related
3 Uncommons; one Beast, Hydra, and Tamibar related
3 Rares; one Beast, Hydra, and Tamibar related

The only custom mechanic involved with these this faction is Immense
For an example, Immense 5 (At the beginning of your upkeep, this creature has +5/+0, or +0/+5 until end of turn.)

Other mechanics that work with the faction are:
- Beasts can sacrifice lands to cause an effect.
- Hydras can cause Convoke-like effects to cast other Hydra spells
- Tamibar gain special buffs depending on what their power and/or toughness are (works with Immense)

Note: Please no Legendary creatures, and if possible use the Shield & Axes set symbol!
Accepted cards will be remade on the Volace set account.

Have fun!

Also, for Flavor reasons, the names of the 'leaders' of this faction are:
Beast - Xinol (He/It)
Hydra - Wivaya (She)
Tamibar - Monoa (He)

Be sure to link/credit your art as well! Thanks!


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