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  • @FireOfGolden - Here it is, took days to find fitting artwork.

    Rage Scorpion

    I'm not sure if it's OK according to the tricky "it cannot be equipment, yet it must be able to attach a creature" requirement, but this is what I could think of.

    @Tonysparks - May the best smith win!
  • Okay, give me some time to judge!
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    Tonysparks, from what I see:

    Your dragon will put a decay counter on nonland permanent, they become decayed, once the player is dealt damage by your dragon.

    Then at beginning of end step, its controller must sacrifice decayed noncreature permanents.

    Therefore, enchantments and artifacts are only possible can be destroyed this way.

    Therefore, I don't have knowledge in grammar for MTG. However, I think I have something that can help you;

    Whenever Talgar dealt damage to a player, put a decay counter on target nonland permanent under that player control.
     This way can make more room for others such as flavor text. Add reminder text, if you must.

    If you are preferring the permanent becoming decayed, this way means the card type of permanent is now decayed permanent. Such as; Decayed artifact, decayed enchantments, etc.

    Otherwise, you do not need to add that reminder text "(This permanent becomes decayed)"

    Decayed noncreature permanents have "At beginning of your end step, sacrifice this permanent." This applies only when the type of permanent is decayed.

    However, I like your card and it's well balanced!

    I believe that you didn't met requirement of the battle box, where your card must be not equipment, it also mean it is unable to become equipment. Do not worry, it doesn't disqualify you.

    There are ways to attach creature such as enchanting creature or invent the new!

    The artwork you found look like parasite situation. You could go this way;


    Whenever Rage Scorpion dies, you may have it attach to another creature you control instead of putting it into the graveyard. If you do, it deals three damage to you and it's not creature.

    Attached creature get +3/+0 and must attack this turn, if able.

    However, Rage Scorpion is very, very powerful on first turn. Where you can cast it for only one mana, and it already dealt six damage after two turns. Therefore, you should increase its mana cost from {r} to {1}{r}{r}. 

    Yet, I love your idea!
    So, @Tonysparks and @TenebrisNemo

    The result has reached. I decided that Talgar, Baron of Rot won the battle because:

    Rage Scorpion didn't meet one of the requirements. (This artifact cannot be equipment.)

    Rage Scorpion isn't balanced card. (Very powerful at early game that has potential to deal up to 9 or more damages in three turns.)

    Compared with Talgar:

    Improper grammar (Realistic)

    Nevertheless, good battle! (Please don't hate me lol)
  • @FireOfGolden, @TenebrisNemo Glad I got to be apart of this battle, cheers!

    I will keep the suggestions in mind for future cards
  • I admit that I didn't double check on things while designing my entry, as I wanted to get it out as fast as possible, so I'm not surprised about the outcome. Though I feel that I lost the moment I got the weirdly specific challenge.

    Artifact that attaches to a creature but can't be an Equipment? At first I searched for some projectile or needle artwork that could be stuck into a creature's body, but I could not find any fitting artworks for such concept. And I had a feeling people would be asking questions why the Artifact can attach itself to creatures but not be an Equipment. It would have looked wrong and incomplete. 

    And my, making the Artifact an Aura Enchantment in addition to its types so it could attach itself to creatures? A grotesque combination! I'd hate to see an Enchantment Artifact - Equipment Aura!

    Having taking part in this, I think it would be fairer if the two opposing Cardsmiths get the same challenge, so they'd have an equal footing while designing their cards.

    Well, now that I got that out of my system, here's the improved version of my entry, edited with the help of Jadefire's feedback. Save for increased mana value, it still functions the same.

    Rage Scorpion
  • @TenebrisNemo ;
    I am sorry for you having to go through that. Do you would like me to make requirements less specific next time for better experience?

    And when I made battle box, I was looking for:

    New Mechanic where Artifact attaches to creature once. Attached creature is host creature of this artifact.

    Artifact turns into enchantment aura whenever ability is activated or triggered.

    And any surprises, of course.

    Unfortunately, the battle ended before you inserted your new card to replace your old card. Don't forgot, once battle box started, you and your enemy have weeks, you can always take your time!
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    @FireOfGolden - Ah, it's alright. @Tonysparks deserved their win, since my card was unbalanced at first! But I think that the experience would be a bit better if the requirements aren't too specific. Or if the Cardsmiths can choose the difficulty of the box they're getting. Some might like the extra challenge, but I couldn't crack this one. Not today at least.
  • @FireOfGolden personally, I like the specificity of the boxes. But I agree that a nonequipment artifact that attaches to a creature was probably a step too far.
  • @Globert-the-Martian @TenebrisNemo
    Thank you for feedback, I will attempt to make requirements less specific!
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    I have added a new rule;
    #2: You and your enemy each is given two boxes. First one has less specific requirements than last one. However, last one doubles each points you may earn from the battle. Player can only use one of them, and they must declare he or she is working on that. If you don't like the box you are in, you can always switch to another box before you insert your created card, you must let me know before proceeding so.
    Now for common vs common!

    Globert-the-Martian, here's your battle boxes!
    You must create a creature. The creature type is elemental. The mana cost of creature is 4 or greater.
    Add "Make the creature a pink color." as additional requirement for above the box. (Pink color causes all nonland card become Musical cards)
    theirintheattic, here's your battle boxes!
    You must create a creature. The creature type is elemental. The mana cost of creature is 4 or less.
    Add "Make creature a cyan color" as additional requirement for above the box. (Cyan color causes all nonland cards become Air cards.)
    Rule for this battle:
    Players can only create common cards, no rarer.

    The New Colors such as Pink, Purple, etc requires same mana or mixed colors to cast it. (Red and blue makes Purple, red and white makes Pink.)
    There are no bonus points. However, once battle is over, each player will earn a randomized item.

  • @FireOfGolden

    For the second box: Add "Make creature a cyan color" as additional requirement for above the box. (Cyan color causes all nonland cards become Air cards.)

    Harvesttide Geist
  • @Globert-the-Martian

    Good morning, Globert! You said you are doing both and you are right... But not certainly. What actually happened was you opened the second box which adds an extra requirement to the first box, and it takes you to there afterwards.


    I am unsure whether you hurried it or thought you have a limited time. I assure you have a lot of time to create your card. You didn't meet some requirements as you created the box.

    Your second box you opened says Add "Make a creature a cyan color." as an additional requirement for above box which it prefers to first box. Because of this, you must use first box with an extra requirement. Such as;
    You must create a creature. The creature type is elemental. The mana cost is 4 or less.

    <Make creature a cyan color. (Cyan causes all nonland cards become Air cards.)>

    Normally, I expected the New Colors to be fully different from their Parent Colors. Here's an example that's under work.

    Red and Blue are Parent Colors of Purple. Red is designed to deal damage and gamble with the power while Blue takes some time and controls the battlefield when possible. Purple doesn't possess these skills and abilities; it is rather fully different. It is designed to change the game and has potential to become most powerful color in MTG when its raw power can be controlled.

    Therefore, I made Pink which is Musical Cards. They are designed to make creatures "Happy", therefore, they are more likely to attack its controller, or it can be become controlled by Pink bearer. It has potential to take control of all nonland permanents or simply prevent all permanents from harming its bearer.

    As for Cyan, it's Air Cards which has ability to put creatures or nonland permanents into graveyard without destroying it, or these permanents may avoid any damage is dealt to it when possible.

    Since both of you opened second boxes, any points you earn at end of battle will be doubled.

    I will start with theirintheattic.
    As mentioned above, you opened the second box which adds extra requirement to the first box. That way, your card didn't met requirements:

    Cyan color causes all nonland cards become Air cards, which prefers to the type of card. Your card should be Air Creature due to its color is Cyan.

    The creature type is elemental, and you didn't include that.

    Luckily, these requirements don't disqualify you. Breaking rules will disqualify the violators. Please read carefully when you earn boxes next time.

    Now, you made well common card with good name for it. Going love the mechanic text you created. It can still deal combat damage to player, but it becomes "shroud" to you and others as if it's different battlefield. That's why I love it.

    Is it enough for you to win the battle regardless some requirements?
    Globert, we meet again.

    I noticed you went with silver bordered card, that's bold for a common card. And you failed to disappoint me. Well done!

    Originally, Pink created by mixing red and white together is a color that's makes creatures so "happy", they may be willingly to attack their controller or another your opponent for you. You can say Pink is somewhat similar as Blue.

    Now back to your card,

    I am deaf and I don't know about music much (No, I am not one of deaf people who enjoy vibrating from music. I simply grew up without music and they don't move me.) but that card is very fitting for its silver bordered.
    Globert and theirintheattic, both of you made very well cards and you are tied for it.

    So, theirintheattic didn't met the requirements is tiebreaker, this way makes Globert victory.

    You will get random items shortly.
  • @FireOfGolden whoops, didn't catch that. In the future, as a small piece of advice, I would suggest making the instructions a little clearer. I don't think it was specified that we needed to follow the directions for both boxes. Also, to the best of my knowledge, "Air creature" was never defined. If it's a mechanic you invented, perhaps posting a link to it would help.
  • @theirintheattic

    Oh no, you are fine. You simply just need to make it Air Creature instead of only boring creature. How Air creature works is entirely up to you, it simply need either both green and blue, or cyan mana to cast it.

    I was sure the last box did explain you must use box above it with extra requirement. Did you become confused with my poorly grammar? If so, let me know how I can make it clearer.

    And I am sorry for deny, yet here's your items.

    You earned an item called Double Trouble. (You and your enemy get another box; you and enemy must do these boxes. Activate it before entering the battle.)

    You earned an item called Refresh. (Choose target battle rule, requirement, or box. They will 'refresh' as different new one. You may activate it any time.)

  • I am considering making a new discussion with new rules and requirements such as:

    Challenger and their enemy will get same box. Only person with best card may win the battle.

    Rules for battles are removed while bonuses and items chances are decreased. They may have much stronger effect to spice something up.

    I hope that would make it more fun!
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