Commons Needed! + Info On The Set! ( Volace )

Hey! For the Volace set I need some commons to fill the set and I'm pretty bad with them, so I need some help!
Firstly, only evergreen mechanics. The custom mechanics of the set will NOT be found in commons, as the way of the world works at the moment, no common being has the power or will to 'achieve' what these mechanics mean story wise, which yes does mean that if this goes well and becomes completed there'll be another block to follow, but much smaller.

What are the themes/factions?
The main themes are the 'nations' that hold factions within. Notably, there are two. If you don't want to read the whole descriptions, there's a TL;DR after each description

• Banolis, City of Volis ( ), is the last city known and home to mankind within a ravaged land. A mighty council governs the people and yet uses a young Regent to become their 'mascot'. The people of the city are grateful for being safe within the walls and homes, but the council demands too great of a price for them for this protection. This is where a slowly rising revolt comes in to play, gathering people and creating a fury and determination for a new leadership as tremors and the earth under their feet shake violently. Among this, a separate, distant faction known as the Firekeepers who hold back a great power known as the Charred Border at bay. A fire that eternally burns since the first war that erupted on Volace. Mages of elements, wills and might watch the border, as misshapen creatures rise from the flames and are to be put down with magics that remove great power from others and use them to their advantage.

TL;DR: The Council (W/B/U) [Law, Power, Control] , The Collective (G/W/U) [Mass, Peaceful, Aware] , The Firekeepers (U/R/W) [Will, Strength, Proud].

• The Old Ones are three tribes of creature types with a great history all over Volace, predating man itself. The great father, Manoa, is part of a species unique to Volace alone. A Kaiju-like species, they are the oldest and greatest, though their numbers are thin. They are Tamibar, and exist within the oceans after many years. Their power is so great, even some other their own extend beyond their colors and gain bonuses based on their toughness and power. The second are Hydras, but on Volace, they were once beautiful, single headed serpent-like creatures that carved diamond mines for man. It is said they betrayed Monoa, resulting in his first born Wivaya to become deformed, growing multiple heads and plaguing her with the mind of man, which was to him punishing for thinking like a lowly creature. They focus on growing their forces, as the mind is powerful, but having many heads means power as well. Hydras are not often represented with counters here, but some are able to create 'convoke-like' abilities to cast more Hydra spells, and mostly at the cost of making your non-hydra spells cost more. Finally, the Beasts are a widely varied among species, but belong to another spawn of the Great Father Monoa, Xinol. The beasts are dormant, but when provoked, they unleash a fury that abuses the earth they break. They are massive, and reckless when enraged. Though, the smaller, more appealing beasts are in fact more curious of worldly possessions. Many guarding the Charred Border in the night have encountered these creatures, shared baubles and trinkets with them and sating their curious nature. Easily noted to be the most peaceful and yet dangerous beings in all of Volace.

TL;DR: Tamibar (U/B) [Bigger, Some Color extensions {Mostly in Red and Green}], Hydra (B/G) [Ramps into its own kind, draws back on other types of spells], Beasts (U/G) [Sacrifice/Discard Lands: Trigger effects or activate effects].

Are there nicknames/reference names to go by?
Yes! For every faction there's one or two names that they commonly are referred to, or a pawn/hire of such a person.
The Council: Biddings, Hires, Wills
The Collective: Commoner, Conspirator, Lesser
The Firekeepers: Flame/Will Weaver, Guardian, Watcher
Tamibar: Seafarer, Lost Ones, etc.
Hydra: Misshapen, Weak/Strong/Great-Mind, etc.
Beasts: Rager, Burrowers, etc.

Evergreen Mechanics used by factions?
The Council: Card Draw, Tap spells.
The Collective: Tokens, Abilities to pump other creatures.
The Firekeepers: Ability stealing, 'Pacifism'-like effects.
Tamibar: Hexproof, Creature tapping.
Hydra: Tribal Ramp/Mana Generation, Deathtouch.
Beasts: Attacks each turn if able, Land Sacrificing/Discarding.

What is Needed:
Commons (1/130)

White: 0/23
Blue: 0/23
Black: 0/23
Red: 0/23
Green: 1/23 (This single green common is a 'bear' card. 1G, 2/2 vanilla Beast.)

W/B: 0/2
W/R: 0/2
U/G: 0/2
B/G: 0/2
U/R: 0/2

Colorless: 0/5

Additional Notes:
Please post a link to your card AND the art used so it can be recreated for the Volace account!
If you are curious at all about the story I've developed for this set, feel free to send me a message in my inbox.
This is in fact my first full, custom set so if I've made any mistakes please excuse them!
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