CHALLENGE - Use These Custom Mechanics!

A challenge to see how interesting spells can become with mechanics that change the way they are played or how they arrive on the field! These are mechanics from my Olean Set, and I'm curious as to what everyone else can come up with.

Flavor: It's about the strengths and mass of the people and populace uniting to achieve a greater understanding and knowledge, so it has a convoke-like effect that is dependent on your own board state.

Faith - If you control X or more [COLOR] permanents, [CARD] costs {X} less to cast.

Flavor: In hopes to find a way to protect something or respond to a threat, ways to protect and react vary on situations at hand. Same idea as the previous, but it depends on what your opponent is doing.

Salvation - This spell costs {X} less for each attacking/blocking/enchantment/creature/etc. an opponent controls.

Faith and Salvation are made with White in mind, but can be used in other colors.

Final Ignition
Flavor: Just a last attempt to hurt the opposition if all else fails, really.

Final Ignition (When this creature dies, this creature deals damage to target player equal to its power.)

Flavor: How do you get a stronger fire? You stoke the flames.

Stoke - Until end of turn, you may recast this spell by paying X mana/X life/discarding/ etc.
Examples: None at the moment!

Final Ignition and Stoke is focused in red, but I guess might be able to stretch out of the color pie? Not sure really.

Flavor: All evils and bad things come back eventually, but how much harm will they do after the first time?

Calamity - When [CARD] enters the battlefield, if it wasn't cast from your hand, [Negative Effect (Lose life, discard, sacrifice, etc.)]

Flavor: Again, all evils and bad things return. Just how persistent can they be?

Scourge - When Octavia, First Fallen is put into the graveyard, you may pay {1}{b}{b}. If you do, put her onto the battlefield tapped instead.

Really, this challenge is to see what sort of creative cards can be made from these and spells that work in conjunction with them!


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