Mimic Challenge

So, pretty basic, as long as we're on the same page, ha ha.

I am a huge fan of mimics. And I mean that in the sense of the rpg creatures lurking in unsuspecting places, disguised as treasure chests. Love 'em.

Make me a transforming mimic card. So technically two cards.

Mostly just for my enjoyment, but, if there is enough incentive, I may decide upon a prize and winner(s).

Basic rules.

1. Initial card must be a non-creature artifact card. A treasure chest.

2. Transform card must be something else. Don't care. Enchantment, creature, instant, whatever.

That's it. But a note to those intrigued and interested, the more outlandish you make your card, the harsher it will be judged. I would love to see a mimic as an enchant creature, or an instant, but that's a pretty tall order, and might back fire. Beware.

Good luck and have fun.


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