Knathaara - Wedge World Competition

Hey everyone! Recently I've been going back to some of my older cards and fixing/updating them. I'm going to be playtesting these factions in Commander decks with my playgroup, but I need your help. The challenge is to create cards that fit within my five different wedge factions, and build on the lore I've already laid out. They don't necessarily have to be commander oriented or even multicolored, but they should fit within the realms of the factions.

The factions are:
W/B/G Abzan Forest Spirits - Focused on tapped permanents and nymphs/dryads/treefolk/faeries. No keyword yet.
U/R/W Jeskai Steampunk - Focused on artifacts, and a civil war within the faction itself (Davrin's Army U/R, Guuligan's Resistance R/W). Keyword is Full-Auto {n} (This creature gets +X/+0 until end of turn, where X is the total number of tapped lands you control. Activate this ability only once each turn.)
B/G/U Sultai Cthulhu - Focused on land sacrifice and land destruction/screwing, oozes, octopi, and illithids are usually the creatures. Keyword is Lurking (This creature can block creatures with landwalk abilities as if they didn't have those abilities.)
R/W/B Mardu Cultists - Angels, demons and dragons are the name of the game here wrapped into a expendable weenie movement. No finalized keyword yet, but I want it to have to do something with pacts.
G/U/R Temur Elf Dragons - Focused on elves and dragons (duh). One tribe usually has abilities that buff the other. No keyword yet.

I will post three examples from each faction in the comments below that I feel best shows off the factions. This challenge is kind of more open than usual, so have fun, and good smithing!


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