My Personal Idea on Updates

Hey so it's me Noobz again, and this is a long "rant-ish" thing (no hate) about what I want updated. I know there has been a asked thing, but I feel that in those comments I can't express my true in-depth explanations. (The parenthesis; yeah these things, are supposed to be comedic to this actually stays interesting; sorry it's so long.)

I emailed the mods (Eva I think it was) about an update list, just saying stuff the community wanted, which I think inspired the mods to ask the community, because the next day their token forum was there (as everyone knows, one voice doesn't direct the choir (unless you're my girlfriend she has a lot of solos)). So now I'm going to go over this list and any additional things IN DEPTH about what I think, how, why, when (always going to be ASAP so...) and who (the mods... I think?) Anyway lets... NOT START.

One more disclaimer, when I right long things like this, I usually let some inapporoprite content (word/ideas) go in without noticing. If you see these mods or anyone, don't delete this post, just message me and I'll remove it ASAP (I have school so I might not be able to do it immediately.) I also don't completely know the lines. I'm guessing it is somewhere between Hell and damn (they can't get rid of those, otherwise the Hellfall set is gone) and "French." (If you don't get the French it is an old say, "Excuse me for my French." that men would say after cursing to be Gentlemanly (or Gentlesquirrelish, whoever you are) around men and women.)

So.. HERE WE FINALLY GO! Wait no, I'm writing this in a towel let me change. That's better! (It's funny because this isn't happening while you read it.)

1. Planeswalkers
X. That's all I need to say, X loyalty, X mana, +X, -X all that, how hard can one letter be?
4 abilities Planeswalkers. They exist, there should be an "Add Ability" button at the bottom.
Phyrexian and Hybrid mana. Come on...
The ability to write "__ can be your commander."
Proper borders. This is something with all the cards, but Multicolor Planeswalkers should be able to have multicolor borders.

2. Cards
Split cards, transforming, the ability to make art go under the text box, just different formats of card.
It would require multiple images and maybe 2 seperate cards, but then the PNG image puts them next to eachother (or at least the option to put a sun and moon symbol)

Once again, borders, I know all multicolor is considered "Gold" and not "Red/White" or "Black/Green," but is there some way?
My Border Ideas: Hybrid, enchantment, artifact, multicolor
You know how there is the choose different color other than default mana? Well next to that we have another thing with overlay. Enchantment, you'd choose color in 1st list and Enchantment in 2nd, then BOOM! You have that color border. For multicolor, choose the 2 colors in the 2 lists, and BOOM! It works, artifact all you need is to select artifact in 2nd and it will go over the other default color.

3. Mana:
Snow mana...
The ability to make custom mana. Upload a circle shape on the card shape, it will be resized and used, sadly there would be no borders for this, but it's an idea.

4. Challenges
I know a main part of the Forum was to post challenges, so maybe I won't have to address this, but I was thinking making a new type of card, very similar to a token, but it is classified as a challenge, can't be popular no matter how many favorites, and then you could also look though all the challenges under one card search, because they don't all have the name challenge, so it is currently difficult without Corwinn (our Lord and Savior.)

5. Little Thing/Other Ideas
The forum's link is not on the main site, you have to type in the forum to get here. Maybe automatically put a link to a person's forum page on their card page (and vice versa) if they've connected with the account.
Uploading custom account mana symbols. I'm not saying rip off MSE 2.0, but their set symbol making function is really cool, check it out and see if it can inspire you mods in anyway.
For the forums, we need an Other category, for stuff like this, because I just had to choose an unrelated topic...

This is all I can think of now, I might add more as I think of it or get suggestions. Thanks for reading this long post, hope you agree and share your opinions with me. This took me 24 minutes to write (I'm so devoted; lol)


  • I agree with a lot of the stuff listed here! The things I agree with most strongly are the "Add Ability" button for planeswalkers, transforming cards, and Challenges.

    Another other thing I think would be super useful to have would be Folders/Sections; while it would still be useful for others, I think this would be especially useful for we people who are taking on enormous projects such as making whole custom Sets or even Blocks.
  • Yep, these are some cool ideas, and many of them were also mentioned in our user survey ( We're using the results of that as our "roadmap" for new developments this year, and planeswalkers are right there at the top.
  • KrazyKobold98: Yeah, folders and organization was a big thing I actually forgot to mention!

    mtgcardsmith: I know, and I'm glad you care about the communities thoughts, the main reason I posted it was to bring light to maybe some other unmentioned features and some explanations about how I think it could possibly be set up to be the easiest way for both parties! Also, that person who put "autofill on abilities," in the survey, I know what they meant. In MSE 2.0, you can type in, let's say: "Deathtouch". Then it will automatically put in the (Any amount of damage...) afterwords!
  • I love the idea of Hybrid colors on the cards. That has always been on my list.
    I miss the snow mana symbol!
    I had an idea for the challenges, you could make it so the challenge can be a selection, like realistic funny, proxy, CHALLENGE... then all the cards show up that are designated as challenges when you do the advanced search.
    I would like to see a Squirrel as a mana symbol... but that's just me being silly!
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    I want to make a planeswalker with 5 or more abilities. XD
  • Hmm yes, 10 ability planeswalkers: the card folds up accordion style to fit the text, but they still fit in regular sleeves. C'mon Wizards, release in M16!
  • Ooooo Accordian cards!
  • @Corwinnn: Good idea! A challenge selection would be super useful.
  • I just want to go out of my way to thank the people at mtgcardsmith for supplying us with such an awesome site that you guys never stop improving! Thanks!
  • Haw about away to separate our profiles into folders so I don't have to make like 6 different accounts for each of my sets? Then again, what if you want to work on a set with someone… maybe you can share the folder with them and that would allow them to add to it?
  • Yeah, that is an idea I had, that I forgot to put in, but I can't edit it anymore
  • Yeah! I love the uploading your own mana thing too!

    Tradingcardmaker.NET do it and MTG Cardsmith is so much better...
  • I think this is what the survey was for, but to re-iterate my personal short-list in order of priority:

    The ability to sort cards in your gallery (Folders)

    I think the Challenge tag is a good way to go about things (where you select realistic / proxy / original art/ funny).

    I'd also love to see -X on planeswalker costs, along with a fourth ability / commander-ness.
  • I'm really enjoying the new planeswalker feature! =D Thank you very much @mtgcardsmith!

    Btw, I would love if the recent popular cards on the front page are shuffled with other favored cards(above 3 stars maybe). Featuring only top 3 is a bit boring sometimes and we might miss some other good ones.

    And I'm also a fun of sorting cards in gallery (Folders) idea. to the accordion card idea.
  • Accordian Style!!
  • I really agree with your 4 ability planeswalker thing. I wanted to make Krane of Corrupted Soul a 4 ability planeswalker, but alas, some things are lame.
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    You can already have a passive on a planeswalker-
    Custom mana pls
  • I like the idea of folders for the cards. Being able to search by creature type or artist name & more. Adding all the supertypes including World, Snow & Tribal. Proper transform cards with the sun & moon symbols making both at once. Putting costs in the correct order - like colorless on the left, colored mana on the right - right now if someone has an otherwise good card and I want to print it, I first have to redo it myself because for some reason they put the costs backwards to regular cards.
  • Having some sort of way to organize cards would be awesome, so you could have 3 or 4 places for different types of cards or whatever, instead of having them all jumbled together.
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