Am I the only one who gets excited when...

- You create a card and find out its the first card made on this site with that name
- A card you didn't think was that impressive suddenly gets a couple of favorites
- You find art randomly an a whole card concept comes to mind
- Or you find the absolute PERFECT art for a card

How about you guys? I personally find being able to be the first to make a card with X name is satisfying :)


  • Totally agree with all the mentioned points :)

    I'd also add:
    - if other cardsmiths comment on your card (feedback, love, criticism, funny stuff) and you can start a conversation :)
  • I get pretty excited whenever someone bothers to look at a card long enough to say something besides "cool" or "sucks".
  • That's an awesome feeling to have. Especially when you try to make a good card and someone actually comments and gives you feedback. it's a wonderful feeling when other people take a bit of time to explain where you went right and wrong on a card you made.
  • Yeah, totally! I'm prone to making wording mistakes all the time so sometimes to convey how a spell or ability works it all reads weird or I don't get to see all the loopholes people can do :P
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    Forget the past... My most popular card...

    Tell me how this almost got featured.
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    - when you find a simple wording for the complicated ability so that it fits in the box.
  • I agree on all counts, but then again, I make a lot of unique names, so the first one doesn't apply to me as much.
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    @VC420 favorited one of my cards and I almost had a heart attack! It was like an angel descending from heaven to give you a kiss! NYAAAAAAAA~ *dies*

    *revives through the power of fangirling* Holy $#!¥ he followed me! *Dies from heart attack*
  • So, uh... that's just me, huh?

  • I never get favorties on any of my cards, but that's fine, as I just want to have some fun making them, not get likes.
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