Treasures/Pirate set! Faction: The Crows(Seeking help with some filler cards!)

Hey! I'm making a small set as a pet-project that's about Pirates! Currently looking for some help for those interested in aiding with some filler commons, rares and uncommons about the Crows faction, which is U/R/B and focused around 'plundering' (ex. Black normally does stealing life, red normally betrayal themes, and blue stealing weaker spells)

The set is here and in the comments is the set card count, so if possible, please use that to make your cards! Again, credit will be given and I appreciate if anyone helps!


P.S. Lots of common 'card names/references' such as Buccaneer or Sailor aren't to be in the flavor of this group, at least name-wise. If you can avoid it, please do!


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