From the Vaults: Zombies

You ever notice the lack of Zombies in WotWC's "From the Vaults" Series? Well today we are going to make one! I will pick 15 winning cards which will be ranked, remade, and posted in their own "From the Vaults" set.»

Your entries must:
Be Zombies (you can have them have another subtype or two if you like. They can even be tribal enchantments, sorceries, or instants)
Be rare, no uncommons, no mythics, no commons.
Be realistic

Having a link to the art would be nice.

Each person may have up to five entries.

The prizes are as follows
1st ranking- a Follow and 20 favorites, a commissioned card, a card of you, and the privilege to pick a honourable mention.
2nd ranking- a Follow and 18 favorites, a commissioned card, and a card of you
3rd ranking- a Follow and 16 favorites, a card of you
4th ranking- a Follow and 14 favorites
5th ranking- a Follow and 12 favorites
6th ranking- a Follow and 10 favorites
7th ranking- a Follow and 9 favorites
8th ranking- a Follow and 8 favorites
9th ranking- a Follow and 7 favorites
10th ranking- 6 favorites
11th ranking- 5 favorites
12th ranking- 4 favorites
13th ranking- 3 favorites
14th ranking- 2 favorites
15th ranking- 1 favorite
Honourable mention- 1 favorite

Keep in mind that you might end up getting more favorites if I see a cool card.

Contest ends on January 10th

» I will, of course credit you.



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