Make Me A.....(CLOSED. Go see week 2.)

Hello fellow cardsmithians, I have come up with an interesting idea. It is as such:
One person(starting with myself) will come up with some kind of card making challenge, people will have 1 week to submit ideas then there will be a judging phase, the current judge will decide the top 3, who's names shall be forever engraved in the HALL OF FAME.
First place will receive a TROPHY a favourites on 3 cards of their choice
Second will receive 2 favourites and a TROPHY
Third will get 1 favourite and a TROPHY

After the contest is judged the first place winner also gets to decide what the next weekly challenge is and become the new judge.

1 entry, that can be swapped out any time before the contest ends.
No old cards
No joke cards unless specified by judge
Try to credit artist

I will handle all prizes and such.
Submissions for week 1 are due March 19th, 2018


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