Cards of MtgCardsmiths: The Saga Continues

@kandra127 gave me the idea for this contest.

Make cards of other cardsmiths on here!

This is strictly for fun! Nothing bad or offensive please, keep this clean and in good spirits!

This is a spotlight support thread as well, please post cards you may catch other people making of other cardsmiths on here with the link and cardsmiths name. If you want them to count as your entry, please specify that you want it to count otherwise it won't count. Additionally, links to sets won't count as entries unless you specify what card(s) are entries.

Heres the rules:

1.) Make sure the username of the cardsmith you are making a card of is on the card somehow. If you can't cram it in the card name (for example @TheCenterOfTheUniverse has a long username) you can maybe put it in the flavor text somehow or rules text. Please give an explanation with your submission here if it may look confusing at 1st glance.

2.) Cards don't have to be new, they can be old ones as well!

3.) There can be more than one card of a cardsmith.

4.) Unlimited entries.

5.) If any further updates are needed, they will be posted within the contest due to the duration of the contest I won't be able to edit the rules section again. Keep on the lookout.

**Update**This contest runs until Monday, June 4th @ 3pm eastern standard time USA**Update**

Prizes: 3rd place will get 2 favorites of their choice of me to favorite.
2nd place will get 3 favorites of their choice of me to favorite.
1st place will get 4 favorites of their choice of me to favorite and a follow. If I already follow you, then you get 5
favorites of your choice of me to favorite.

I will be joining in on the fun dropping cardsmith cards on here as well. Additionally, if I run into any new ones of other cardsmiths, I'll post them here as well. These cards don't count as entries unless if it's a spotlighted card I didn't create and the cardsmith who created the card wants the card to count as an entry.

Happy cardsmithing!


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