That's some nice combo game right there.

Combos. Its everywhere around us. From how we make our sandwiches, how we play games, even in Magic the Gathering. So with that being said, I like to see you craft some nice and juicy combos. It could be game winning, funny as hell, or anything else that I neglected to mention. You know, combos in mtg. But before you start getting your cardboard anvil and your wads of cash, you got to look at a few rules fam.

1.There has to be at least a couple of options to break a combo. It cannot be a turn 1 instant win with no drawbacks.
2. You have use a new entry. No 2 year old entries that has 50 favorites already and has won 5 contests.
3. At least half of the combo has to use pre existing cards that is officially in mtg. Stuff like Wheel of Fortune. If the combo is odd numbered, then you can round down.
4. No infinite combos that you cannot turn off. Ex: Exquisite Blood + Sanguine Bond + any source of life gain.
5. You are allowed to make unglued combos.
6. You can only submit one combo.
7. Your combo can have a maximum of 10 cards in it. Any more and it just becomes an overly complicated, messy Rube Goldberg's machine.
8. Use images for all the cards you're going to use. I don't have every obscure card memorized.
9. Have fun!

Ex: image + image

I will be grading based on the fun factor, uniqueness, and the overall balance of it.

1st place - 3 favorites + a follow^ + trophy*.
2nd place - 2 favorites + a follow^
3rd place - 1 favorite + a follow^

*: The trophy will remain on my account and it will have your name on it. I don't own a trophy account
^: you can trade a follow for a favorite if you so choose.

Honorable mentions gets a favorite.

The contest ends at May 14th, 2018 EXTENDED FROM APRIL 23RD DATE

Happy Cardsmithing ^_^


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