Cards of MtgCardsmiths: The Saga Continues



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    @Mila, It's alright! MtG shouldn't stop you from doing things in the real world! We're just glad you're back :D
  • @Elmariachi17
    Don't know if your a dude or a female, but regardless, you have a lot of Angel cards, and I like Angels as well, so I wanted to make a cool Angel card for you, hope you like the card's effects! (I even have Gideon saying a quote on the card for flavor text.)
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    Here's another one for @Animist! I don't know if you want to be represented with your painborn mechanic, but damn it sure is a good mechanic! Keep up with the good work man, I hope you return to the site and find this humble ol' comment!
  • For you, @RayearthIX! I looked through your gallery and thought you may like this!

  • @ TenebrisNemo Yes, yes I do love that card. White is my favorite color in magic, but the art style (is that Soul Edge she's carrying? XD) combined with the effects are just awesome. Love it. :) Very nice card. I can't this weekend or today, but next week I will endeavor to make a card of you.
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  • @brcien Haha thx x) That sums up Rezatta pretty well actually! xD
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    I made this for @Modnation675:

  • Oml I just realized this is a CONTEST. I'll miss having a place to showcase these card tributes to the many talented cardsmiths on mtgcardsmith XD
  • @ManaChrome I've been thinking about that myself because may is coming up fast. Not sure if I will extend this contest or not, people are enjoying it so I've been thinking about it. Depends on if enough people want this contest to be extended longer.
  • Made this for @ningyounk:
    I felt that you creating the masterpiece cards of top favored cards for cardsmiths on here was really cool, nice and genius, so naturally I had to make you as an Izzet creature. (I usually associate the izzet as the smartest guild of magic.) Hopefully hybrid is OK on this. I can fix it if it isn't. Hope you like it, even if you don't really play Izzet or not!

  • Man, so many people have four or five cards for them. Might have to make some more myself...
  • @sorinjace Thank you, that's super sweet! =D
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    I have to say that I am disappointed, although not surprised to find no card of me submitted.
    I just read the rules and there was no time limit as to when it had to have been made after.
  • Nope, no limit to the entries, and they can be old! You can even Spotlight another cardsmiths card they may have made for another cardsmith (i am changing the rule so it will count as your entry if you dont want it to count just specify you dont want it to count as an entry, it will be considered to have been posted here just for fun) I found this when I was browsing cards the other day, thank you to @draganzzz for the awesome card he made for me!


    @draganzzz if you see this and would like this as an entry to the contest, pm me or post on here that you would like it to be entered, I'm not sure if you made it for the contest or not. But regardless this is a good example of spotlighting. Showing other cardsmiths love on here is fun as hell.
  • Here is one for @Sorinjace and @Aryanf. It is a bit op and I dont really like the way that the text looks but I still think it is good.
    (Sorry I forgot how to place the image)
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    @sorinjace & @Aryanf
    (This was my first time doing the thing with the image! I’m so glad it worked! :D)
  • You know what I just realized why are we making creatures of other Cardsmiths when it says we are planeswalkers.
  • You mean the lore of mtg saying that the player is a planeswalker?
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    If you look at one of the old trailer It'll say something along the lines of are you ready to start your journey as a planeswalker. The also say it in older stuff.
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    Made this for @Ranshi922:

  • Well, back when I started playing planeswalkers were the players and I still see it that way. Personally, I do not find planeswalkers all that fun to make so I tend to steer clear of them for the most part. That's usually why I just stick to other ways to represent players. Like I made a land for teacup because I don't think a creature quite fits how I see teacup's influence on my own work. I think this challenge (if it could even be considered that. more like a fun event) is more like creating a symbol to represent respect, whatever that symbol may be.
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    @Tesarand you are right on the money. It is a fun challenge, paying respect/homage/thank yous to other cardsmiths you want to do something for on here.

    Just announcing this again, I may extend this contest. if you want me to, just comment me here about that.
  • I agree with you @Tesarand! Creatures are so much more customizable and interesting to make.
  • @sorinjace I wasn't even aware that this contest had an end date. If it does end up ending, I think it might be nice to have an ongoing after-contest extension just in case other people want to give exposure to their work on other smiths.
  • @Tesarand it ends early in May id have to go look at the rules myself. All my contests end on the same date, I am going to start working on my 10th contest so when those wrap up, I can drop the next one, and I want it to be one people will enjoy a lot. Hey would you like me to make a card of you? What color(s) would you like if u want one?
  • I made this for @Satsukine:


    Don't know if you are male or female young or old, this was risky. After going through your cards you have a lot of beautiful art for your cards and a bunch of manga/anime looking art so I wanted to find you something along those lines. Hope you like it.
  • Are you asking me @sorinjace? If so that's all up to you.
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