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    Yeah @Tesarand I was asking :) but I get the sense you'd like one. I'll make one for you too. Hold on a few minutes :)
  • He asked me before drawing me like one of his French girls
  • Lol @Ranshi922 I didn't ask every1 but you guys are online right now so I wanted to ask.
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    I went with your avatar on this card. I know it's not a cat, but it made me think of cats. So, I hope you will enjoy it!
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    Fear @Ranshi922


    I figured it be a play on words, as when he hits a player, he reveals their fears (curse from the top of a library.) He is a royal pain to block since people are scared of him. I decided make a goblin since it would be ironic if the thing people are terrified of is tiny. (not that I know if you are short or not.)

  • lol I actually am short
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    So I am if makes you feel any better. My girlfriend and her family are all really tall. When I visited them for the first time her grandfather said, "So where is the rest of him?" I am often the butt of jokes as a result of giving up a foot to her.

    @baryonyx69, you seem like you wanted some love, so I made you something.


    I figure I'd make a smooth mysterious lordly vampire elf on your behalf.
  • Nice cards @Lastjustice! The last line I think you meant to say hand not card on Ranshi's card.
  • I'm gonna go fav it in a minute @Lastjustice :)
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    @Aryanf @sorinjace

    Here is another entry from mine, milord and milady.

    (The name is an anagram btw.)

  • @sanjaya666 this is a great card, powerful as hell hug card. Almost infinite. Almost. I'd so run this!
  • @sorinjace cats are my favorite. thank you kindly for that :)
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    I made this card of you based upon your avatar, because I assume it's a ritual star?

    I imagined rituals as a type of instant or sorcery. They always tap a creature (hence why it makes the ritual target it), and it always has an extra cost like loosing life of sacrificing creatures, and then gives you a really good effect for it's mana cost.
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    @KingWatherton Ha, thanks dude.

    It's actually a satanism cult symbol but nevermind. Nice card anyway lol.
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    @KingWatherton Wait, what's a Ritual spell? Also the 666 part isn't really necessary to make it more realistic. Just suggesting.
  • @sanjaya666
    Check my text below the card, that explains what I think a 'ritual' spell should be.
    If I was going to make a set and put this in, I would create some of these spells, but I cant be bothered right now
  • @Lastjustice thanks. Much like sorinjace's card for me, that is awesome. If only they were real, they would make a bad@$$ team.
  • @Lastjustice, it is very nice and reward that I am considered in your words, “our resident fear monger” thx a lot! :)
  • Technically not a card of a cardsmith,
    but inspired by @modnation675:
  • Permission to extend the deadline of this contest, sir?
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    It's been a while since I've done one of these! I like expressing flavor through mechanics, and I thought that a design where a figure of myth is twisted and distorted from all the hear-says and interpretations of different sources!

    This is my seventh card I made for cardsmiths, and is dedicated to @sanjaya666! I decided to use the types instant, sorcery, and enchantment because they felt like the most "witchcraft-y" types. The balance is a bit off, it should say "nonland permanent" but I'll stick to what it is right now. I'm still contemplating if it should be 5 mana or 6, but I hope you enjoy it!

    The cycle of these cards is almost complete! I now just need to fill the blue spot, and then I can move on to gold colored cards!
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    @ManaChrome Cool card boss.

    Still have no idea why did you dedicate yourself to make that lol.

    Many thanks anyway.
  • @Lastjustice tomorrow I will post a card for you :)
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    @ManaChrome: Permission granted! I will extend the contest until Monday June 4th, at 3pm est USA. :)
  • Glad to hear that!
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    I wanted to create another card for everybody. This time @AustinSmith's most favored card is in the flavor text.

  • Oh wow @Tenebrismo! I see that this is turning into a cycle! Oh, and can you tell me what cards you like to play/create and which colors you like playing/making cards for? I wanna finish off my cycle of tribute cards XD
  • @ManaChrome likewise can you post yours as well I'd like to make a card for the both of you
  • @sorinjace Oh wow XD alright, umm. I've always seen myself liking the Naya shard and I thought that it would be my signature colors to make decks. But as it turns out, I love making and playing colors from the Grixis shard!

    If you find a specific string of custom cards I made as a wee baby cardsmith, you'll find that I always complain how I love making blue cards and never really try the other colors lol.

    I'm weird to when it comes to decks XD A johnny player at heart. I like exploiting wordings of MTG cards and showing the cool loopholes in the decks I build!

    That's enough of me babbling on, how about you? And if anyone else reading this would like to try, go ahead, please!
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