Things have changed.


And, while the Legendary card frame isn't in MTG Cardsmith (yet, hopefully), the theme of this contest is for each person to make a new, aesthetically pleasing, rules-abiding card which features at least three of the five new things in the link above.

Help spread the message towards our Cardsmithing friends that aren't that into (or a little late in) Standard!

New Things
1. Flavortext Separator Bar
2. Abolishing of "your mana pool" in mana-producing cards
3. Singular they and their to refer to someone of unknown gender
4. "This spell" instead of the card's name in an ability used as you cast it
5. Spells changed due to the specified reasons to say "any target"



(Separator bar help: http://forums.mtgcardsmith.com/discussion/3591/dominaria-s-new-flavortext-separator-bar)

Contest stuff:
. Unless you are a psychic and predicted these changes (and this contest!), only new cards allowed.

. Use at least 3 of the 5 new templates/rules!

. There will be 3 winners, from first to third, and maybe a few honorable mentions.
1st: A follow and a favorite to 3 cards of the winner's choosing.
2nd: A follow and a favorite to 2 cards of the participant's choosing.
3nd: A follow and a favorite to a cards of the participant's choosing.
Honorable Mention(s): A favorite to a card of the participant's choosing.

. 3 entries limit. You may edit or change as you please until the deadline.

. Deadline being until May 16th. Hoping this thread doesn't get thrown under the influx of contests!


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