SCI-FI contest 3

Hello and welcome to my 3rd annual sci-fi contest.

Whether your a veteran or new to cardsmith, this contest is there for the challenge.

Like it says in the title, you must create a card of a sci-fi theme, which is short for science fiction.

If you don't know what science fiction is, don't join until you do.I'm not making another long example list.

You can create up to 3 cards. They must be cards you created on the day you posted them, so only new cards.

This contest will end at the end of May. when it ends, there will be PRIZES.

$1000000 credits, a vacation on alderaan, and a box of deathsticks (just kidding)
But really, you wanna buy a deathstick?

1st place: 2 favs and a follower.

2nd place: 2 favs

3rd place: 1 fav

I am the judge and will judge your cards at the end of the contest.

I will also once in a while comment on your cards.

Have fun, May the force be with you, and live long and prosper.


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