Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



  • Before Bubbles, there was little more than an artificer. His goal was simple: Create an artificial Planeswalker spark.

    His meddling with the ways of the multiverse resulted in failure after failure, each abomination more twisted and unrecognisable than the last. In a final act of desperation, the meddler used his last resources on one final spark -- A spark that he himself would carry.

    With a metal clasp over his heart, and two of his failed experiments holding him down, the artificer was ready to see the beauty of the multiverse. The machine began to glow, and the clasp tightened over his chest, causing immense physical trauma. His vision began to fade, and he writhed on the table, screaming for mercy, until everything faded away, and he could finally see again.

    A metallic landscape, littered with wretched machines and leaking with oil that seemed almost sentient. It was horrible, but he knew he could escape. He tried and tried, until his vision eventually melted to a vast landscape with writhing earth, a glittering city, people who walk among stars...

    And as his vision melted away, so did his senses. Before he knew it, his fingers had lost all feeling. He looked down, and saw his hand softening into a green sludge which soon disconnected from his arm, leaving nothing but an acidic puddle on the ground below him. Then his arm, his chest, his legs, and his face followed suit, leaving forsaken sludge on the ground. His last vision was that of his experiments, failing to hold him down as his liquid body fell to the ground. His last thought was one of unbridled fear as his conscience slipped away with him.
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    (Note: This is just a flavour card. Signature cards will come later, if at all possible.)
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    Still somewhat unsure Ronnie accepted the flower. It was glowing with an intense deep red. "Pretty" He thought to himself.

    "On second thought, I need to do some errands, but can I keep this flower?" Ronnie asked suddenly
    "S-sure" Pele answered a bit perplexed. "I got many more in my bag."

    Thanking Pele again for the offer and the flower, Ronnie went on his way. "How can everyone be making friends so easily with each other?" he thought to himself, "They could be fighting to the death the day after." It sent a shiver down his spine.

    Finally, after a half day of visiting various shops, he gathered most of the items he needed. Just one more part, though he was wondering if it was legal to bring items with him to the fight other than his basic gear and Signature, lucky coin. So he decided to pay a visit to the judge Gaspar.

  • ( @bubbasnickey - {x} in a card's cost is not counted in the card's converted mana cost. For example, if a card's cost is {x}{4}{r}, it's CMC is 5. So your champions are allowed to have {x} in their mana costs. )



    Ronnie was not able to get through the soldier, who was guarding the row, where the hosts were sitting and watching the match. The large guardsman looked at Ronnie.

    "What's your business, contender?"

    "Well, I'd like to ask the judge if I'm allowed to bring items to a match other than the essentials."

    "Lord Gaspar doesn't have the time to answer for such simple questions, which are written in the rules."

    "Rules? Where can I read them?"

    The young guardsman sighed. "Look, if I remember correctly, the contenders are allowed to bring everything they can carry to a match. That's what they have always done in earlier tournaments anyways."

    "Alright, thanks!"

    Ronnie walked away and the guard tried to scratch his head, but then he remembered that he was wearing a helmet.
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    ( @TenebrisNemo: what's happening with Vir and Hukong?)
  • Relieved he didn't actually have to face Gaspar, Ronnie walked away happy with the answer he got. The burly guard was actually much more helpful than he looked.

    After getting his final piece, he was able to make his new prized possession that would hopefully help him through his upcoming match. "Jaholion isn't the only one who can make constructs and gadgets!" He thought, albeit being on a completely different level of craftsmanship.

    A bit of practice was now in order...
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    Coltras was getting impatient at the forest arena. Though Sir Killian had announced the start of the match, so far Vir and Hukong were just standing in the arena, not doing anything. The other contestants paid no attention to them; they were talking with one another and even training. It seemed like they knew something that Coltras didn't. Coltras approached Sir Killian. "Excuse me, but when is this match actually going to start?"
  • ( @KalamMekhar, @ShaperKyon & Everybody else - I'm sorry, I was hit with sudden events which have taken my time. But they're over now and I can finally start the actual match. )
  • @TenebrisNemo: no sweat. Take your time!
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    First Match - Final Part

    image VS image

    Vir and Hukong had looked around the area, where they'll fight. The grass was still wet from yesterday's storm. Thanks to the trees, there wasn't really any large open spots except the one right next to a flowing river. Taking a cold bath in it may refresh muscles and senses during the fight or simply slow one down and give the opponent enough time to finish you off.

    As Killian announced the start of the match, Hukong charged at Vir. The monkey warrior's tactic was simple: hit the wizard hard enough before he could cast any spells, then claim victory. Vir was quite disappointed at his opponent's simplicity. Hukong was brave, but maybe even too brave. As the monkey warrior swung his rod at Vir's head, it went right through it. Then Vir vanished, which confused Hukong. Meanwhile, the real Vir was standing behind Hukong many meters away from him.

    "You're not used to illusions, monkey? Your unfamiliarity with wizards may be your doom!"

    Hukong turned around and saw as the blue wizard pointed at the monkey warrior with his open right hand. Vir said a few sentences quickly under his breath and a blue flash came from his fingers. Hukong was charging at Vir once again, but this time his arms felt heavy. He couldn't swing his rod as powerfully as before. Vir easily dodged the attack, which was also aimed at his head. The monkey didn't have strength enough in his legs to stop his momentum, so he collapsed and slid through the wet grass past Vir all the way to the river. After the splash, Vir was no longer able to see Hukong even though he walked next to the river. However, he had a good feeling about this situation.

    "This is far too easy. Perhaps you should go to the library after this match and read a book about-"

    Before Vir could finish his sentence, Hukong suddenly jumped from the river from the wizard's left side. The monkey, whose adrenaline was flowing within him, had swam against the current's direction underwater. Hukong yelled and quickly swung horizontally his wooden rod with his both hands at Vir. The only thing Vir could do at that second was to take a firm grip from his walking stick and put it in front of the attack. The rod broke Vir's stick into two pieces, and the attack didn't even stop there.

    When Hukong's strike hit Vir's left side, he fell down into the river as well. The wizard's good feeling had turned to the opposite. He didn't spend much time in the river, for he quickly stood up and jumped onto a rock at the other side of the river from Hukong. Vir was lying on the wet rock and coughed water out from his lungs. Both contenders were completely soaked, but Hukong was yelling victoriously while jumping and Vir felt humiliated.

    "You haven't defeated me yet, savage ape! I am still breathing!"

    Vir could see Hukong's angry teeth as the monkey warrior jumped easily over the river and readied his final blow. But Vir's last drop had fallen. The wizard stood up onto his knees and reached out his both hands at his opponent while he was still in midair. When the rod was just about to hit his head and probably crack the skull in the process, Vir had already finished his spell.

    A shock wave came from the wizard's hand and it threw Hukong hard at the edge of the river, where the water wasn't as deep as in the middle of the river. When Hukong realized the situation where he was in, he tried to stand up. But he couldn't. Vir had began to freeze the river, binding Hukong to it. After few seconds, that part of the river was completely frozen. Hukong couldn't move his limbs or body. His head and chest were the only body parts not covered in ice. Vir slowly walked right before the struggling opponent, then he pointed at him with his right hand's two fingers.

    "You're now expelled from this tournament," Vir said as his final spell began to take effect. A flow of thoughts came from Hukong's head to the wizard's fingers. There was nothing the monkey warrior could do. After a little moment, Hukong blacked out and the spell was finished. Vir stared at the audience in the distance. He spread out his arms and the people started clapping and cheering his name.

    "I am Virayush Azmani, the grand magus retu-"

    As Vir took a step, he slipped on the river's ice, fell, and hit his head. People gasped. Both the wizard and the monkey warrior were lying at the frozen river motionless. The healers quickly ran to help out both contestants. Judge Gaspar put his hand onto his face while the man with the top hat started laughing. Some people were looking at each other while asking questions in whispers such as "Who won?"

    Eetu walked down from the stand after sharing a few words with Gaspar, then he spoke quickly with Killian. The knight nodded, walked onto the podium, spread his arms at the audience, and announced the winner of the first match.
  • Hmmmmmmm I bet Vir win because he was knocked out later than the monkey
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    Vir's journey continues to the 2nd round of the tournament! You're allowed to post a 2nd stage version of him before the deadline, which is yet to be determined.

    @PewPewMen - Your champion is out from the tournament, but life goes on! You're allowed to post Hukong's 2nd and 3rd stages here for guaranteed favorites and write a story where he departures from Eternstor if you want!

    The tournament bracket has been updated!

    @bubbasnickey & @bnew07 - Your champions will fight in the 2nd match tomorrow. The hosts will reveal the arena, where you will fight before it.

    I didn't intend to write this much, but I got the urge to do so. This was the 1st match, so I wanted to give you the general idea, what kind of matches there will be in this tournament.
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    (Note: This is just a flavour card. Signature cards will come later, if at all possible.)

    Kael was once a loyal apprentice and friend of the artificer, and it seemed a great show of loyalty to sacrifice himself to the experiments in an attempt to further his friend's progress. However, even in a sedated state, Kael knew that there was something wrong as soon as he walked into the room.

    The first thing he saw was a table, an altar even, covered with enough braces that he had to question whether it was stolen from a sanitarium. By the request of his friend, Kael lay down on the table as the artificer strapped him down and put a clasp over his mouth. Within a few seconds, he was barely awake.

    The pain was excruciating. Everything in Kael's body seemed to reject the spark, but it kept coming back again and again. It was unbearable. At the moment he thought it would never be over, it was gone. But at the same time, so was Kael.

    His lifeless body still rots in his cell, spreading a sinking dread to all who hear his screams or see his hollow chest. Of course, the artificer didn't give up after the death of his friend. After all, no person is worth the secrets of the multiverse.
  • Is there going to be a 4th form for the final contestants?
  • Roland was to face a dragon. He had seen the lizardspewing gouts of flame over the horizon in past weeks, heard its roar echo through the tavern walls. Such beasts had not been seen in Mid-world since the times of Arthur Eld. Roland was sure that The Sandalwood Guns had felled a dragon before. Now they would taste dragon blood once more. Still, Roland felt an unusual apprehension about to coming battle. As he sat on his cot, he reached into his leather gunna for a single item. Out came a brilliant rose, delicately held by The Gunslinger, picked from Can'-Ka No Rey at the foot of the Dark Tower.

    Carefully, Roland began undoing each of his shells, removing the gunpowder and pouring it into a bowl. Each bullet was taken apart, and before long the bowl was full. Then, Roland ground a single petal of the rose between his fingers, adding it to the gunpowder. The explosive powder sparkled with a mysterious gleam after the rose dust was mixed in. Painstaking, each shell was re-made, exactly as before.

    Once it was done, Roland allowed himself a rare smile. Tomorrow he was to face a dragon. But he didn't have to face it alone--the magic of the rose and of The Tower itself was with him.


    Easter Eggs:

    --19 Letters in the card name
    --19 words of rules text
    --19 words of flavor text
    --19 letters in the creature type line
    --Power and toughness multiply to 9

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    'Welp, that was... unpleasantly interesting. Wonder what happens if the power and skill gap between the contestants are too high though.' Pondered Tourach as she walked away from the arena towards the bustling town.

    'Some sort of intervention should be happened of course.'

    But at the moment, she was looking for something as a sort of another plan if her first turn came.

    Although the wurm should be easy to dispose via her death and decay spell later, some unprecedented events could be happened after all. Even if she somehow could be swallowed by the wurm, she could be easily escaped by just simply transform herself into her black mist form, or just made her way out via a stronger death spell anyway.

    Even if her body was somehow destroyed, regenerating her false flesh should be easy with enough black mana.

    'What if the caretaker somehow enchanted that damned animal? What if an unprecedented event intervened the fight so the fight works in their favor?'

    But she also overheard the words from a guard that told a contender about the rules before.

    'But you can bring whatever items you can bring into the fight you say, eh? Maybe I should look in a shop for something... something that can nullify magical barriers, and a steady source of mana.'

    And with her undying resolve, she scoured the town for her search for magical items. Even she occasionally went into common souvenir shops.

    Almost frustrated in her search, she then noticed a particularly odd bauble shop that stood pretty devoid from the customers. She also could sense something from it, a sort of enchantment that prevent people without magical capabilities to even notice it.

    'How odd.' The lich frowned.

    'Maybe there lies something that I seek.'

    Curiosity got the better of her, and it was good so. There was nothing to lose after all, mostly.

    The time was still long until her round anyway.
  • Hope you finish your tournament, unlike me...
  • ( @Bobman111 - If there would be a 4th stage for the champions, the card's converted mana cost would be 8 at minimum... It would cause some problems when considering certain creature types. Imagine a 8 CMC Goblin, for example. It would be also problematic to find a good 4th artwork for your card, because I think finding 3 is tough enough.

    I intend to keep the original rules and keep the number of champion stages at 3.

    Here's how I've imagined winners have to create in this tournament:

    After round 1 - Create a 2nd stage version of your champion.

    After round 2 - Create a 3rd stage version of your champion.

    After round 3 - Create a signature card for your champion.

    After semifinals - Create a signature card for your champion.

    I would like to hear your thoughts, of course. Is this good for everybody? Should the order be different?

    @dashdo101 - I strive for it. Sorry about your tournament. )
  • What would be a signature card?
  • Maybe you could have one of them be to make a planeswalker
  • @TenebrisNemo my suggestion is to switch the third stage and the signature card, so the final versions of the characters will be more hyped up.
  • ( @LGGisbert - A signature card is a noncreature, nonplaneswalker card which the champion uses in matches. It could be connected to it mechanically and/or lorewise.

    @Bobman111 - I would rather keep planeswalkers out from this tournament. They can travel between planes with ease, and it would be easier to judge if all champions are legendary creatures during the tournament.

    @TheCenterOfTheUniverse - Do you mean that after round 2, players would create a signature card and after round 3, they would create a 3rd stage version of their champion? )
  • @TenebrisNemo exactly, sorry I should have clarified
  • ( @TheCenterOTheUniverse - That's not a bad idea at all. If others want it as well, the card creation would go like this:

    After round 1 - Create a 2nd stage version of your champion.

    After round 2 - Create a signature card for your champion.

    After round 3 - Create a 3rd stage version of your champion.

    After semifinals - Create a signature card for your champion. )
  • While the wurm's caretaker wanders about, trying to muster support for it, the creature was busy outside the city limits hunting. Through the day it had been eating far more than it had previously, by this point having consumed two bears, five elk, and a whopping 18 squirrels. It's been hunting almost excessively, gathering energy. Likely in preparation for the battle to come, but maybe, just maybe... It's for a larger purpose.
  • While the tournament starts, Ra'qu-en is meditating to do a spirit link...He wants to know why he lost his acient powers.Yet he couldn't put aside the first figth, so he put his most trustworthy servant to observe it, Rafinn
    (Her power and tougness is secret, not because i forgot)

    After Raffin had watched the first stage of the tournament, she went to Ra'qu-en for give him the details, but when she came to his establishment, she saw he angry and nervous
    She came more near from he and ask:
    -Master,Why are you so restless?
    -I don't know and this is the problem...
    _Forgive me master, but i couldn't understand.
    -Forget Raffin, i only want to turn to what I was before.
    (...Ra'qu-en look around and sighs)
    -Rafinn,did you do what i request?
    -Yes my master...

  • A signature card is like this

  • @TenebrisNemo

    For someone like Bubbles, would the Artificial Spark be a viable signature card? Bubbles can't use it, since it's not sentient, but the spark is very important to Bubbles' lore. I feel like it could be very interesting, but it wouldn't make sense for an Artificially-Sparked Bubbles to force Artificial Sparks into other contestants.
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