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  • Nyas face fell. Konus walked up beside her.

    "She will try, and however helpful your friendships have been thus far, only one person will walk out of the arena a winner, and for the greater good of her people, what remains of her family, and everyone else back on ravnica that is counting on her it must be her. If death can be avoided it will, but if it cannot, we must accept it," He turns and faces the sunset in the distance. "Nya, Sylva, Tai, and all the others, I wish you the most of luck in your battles." He stood in silence for a while then turned and walked towards the forest.
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  • And a gentle breeze passed through the plane...
  • Jazhara was glad to see everyone she helped come and cheer for her but she didn't have time to rejoice. Time had finally come for her to fight and bring home victory.

    She was fortunate the forest had been used again for the fight, it was definitely an advantage for her no matter how much her opponent could use the trees to hide, she could feel the slightest movement if she put her mind to it.

    The fight was just about to start and her one and only bane had come to an end. the wait for the fight came to fruition.
  • Tai thought that she would stick to the trees to hide, not touching the, of course, she made that mistake with Konus and Nya. If she kept low in the air under the cover of trees or high in the air in the bright sky, she would be fine. JazharA would be able to track a few of her movements if jerked through the air. Tai just had to be careful.
  • Hello. What is going on?
  • ( Hello there, @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos! This is a tournament, where 32 cardsmiths have created their own champions to compete with. They roleplay their champions as they dwell in this world and prepare for the matches, which I host. )
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    Third Match - End

    image VS image

    As the gentle breeze was passing through the forest, Tai flew through the tree leaves to get above the trees. She had minor scars on her body, which Jazhara's attacks had caused. Tree branches and roots have ripped her white dress a little. In response, Tai had tried to cast her lunar spell with the crystal's power, but a crow took the crystal from her, as if it was deliberately assisting the elven druid. However, the midnight trickster still had her powders, Pele's lotuses, and the special rose.

    The fight has been going on for five minutes, but it had felt much longer than that. Tai used her healing powder to cure her wounds while she was looking around. Eternstor and the lonely shores' cliffs were easily seen in the distance. The great blue sea flowed behind them and the green forests spread everywhere else in the horizon. Then Tai saw a being two times larger than her swooping down from a distance.

    Now a hawk joins the fight!?

    Meanwhile, Jazhara was running past the trees to the location, where she had seen her opponent last time, away from the audience's sight. When the faerie flew above the trees, the elf had lost sight of her, both eye and mind sight. Jazhara didn't have any injuries, but Tai's red powder has killed the roots and branches, which the druid had used against her opponent. A vexatious thing, but at least the birds and other wild animals such as lynxes had joined her side against the tricky faerie.

    When Jazhara hear a loud noise from above her, she knelt down and put her hands onto the forest ground. She was kneeling perfectly still silently while listening to the surrounding voices. Leaves rattled in the trees and birds were singing in the distance. Then she heard the same noise again. A hawk's attack scream. It must've found Tai and was now fighting her.

    As Jazhara stood up and took a few quick steps to the scream's direction, she heard it again, but this time it sounded fearful. Then she saw someone burning in the sky. It was the hawk. Tai had used Pele's lotuses to defeat it. The hawk glided down into the distant part of the same river, where Vir and Hukong had fought in the first match. Soon after that sight, the elf sensed as Tai flew through the leaves nearby her.

    Tai flew onto a boulder and made sure she didn't land onto the green moss. If she did, Jazhara could've sensed her current location. The whole forest had worked for the druid's favor. Even after all the training with her friends, nothing had prepared Tai for this kind of a fight, where the whole environment was against her. The faerie had painful wounds in her right hand, left shoulder, and left cheek thanks to the hawk. There wasn't enough healing powder to tend all wounds, so she cured the one which slightly hindered her right hand's movement.

    Then Tai heard a growl from below her. A grey wolf had sniffed her presence and prepared to attack the faerie. But Tai quickly flew away from the boulder. Jazhara turned her head and saw her opponent above the boulder next to her. The elf focused her energy to the roots of the nearby trees so she could finish off her exhausted opponent.

    This was the moment. As the druid focused on her attack, Tai put purple powder into her rose and swooped down at the elf. The roots came through the ground. Tai dodged the first ones, but as she was about to thrust the rose at Jazhara's chest, a root wrapped around Tai's legs and began to pull her to the ground. But the faerie didn't let this stop her.

    She slashed with the rose's thorns at Jazhara's left thigh, which caused a long, bleeding scar. The druid gritted her teeth in pain and summoned a few more roots to destroy Tai's rose. When the roots wrapped around the rose and quickly tore it apart, the powder within it spread around the two contestants. Jazhara lost focus and sneezed a few times. The roots stopped moving and they lost grip from Tai's legs. The faerie flew a few meters away from the elf while still staring at her. The powder was no longer floating in the air, but the both contestant began to feel tired.

    Jazhara fell onto her knees as she was looking into Tai's eyes. Their hearts were beating rapidly and they had a stressful look. Before Tai could say anything to her bleeding opponent, the wolf furiously barked at her from behind, then tried to bite her. The faerie simply flew away from it, but she couldn't continue flying for long thanks to the sleep powder. Tai descended and quickly crawled into an empty rabbit hole. The grey wolf's mouth and paws didn't reach the lying, sleepy faerie even though it tried many times. After a moment, the wolf stopped trying, calmed down, and walked away from the hole to the druid's side. Tai quickly fell asleep afterward.

    The grey wolf whined as it looked at Jazhara, who was still on her knees. A few tears glittered in her eyes as she put her right hand onto the large, bleeding wound on her thigh. Then she turned her hand to get a look at the palm. It was completely soaked with her red blood.

    "No... I must... stop the bleeding..."

    Jazhara felt very tired. She couldn't even force her hands to slap herself to stay awake. Soon she would fall asleep and bleed to death. Jazhara looked at the yellow sunlight, which shined through the forest's green leaves, the colorful butterflies flying around flowers, and the grey wolf standing before her. Jazhara smiled as the tears trickled down her cheeks.

    "It's a beautiful place... for a rest..."

    The elf slowly laid onto the warm, grassy forest ground, closed her eyes, and fell asleep as well. The wound continued bleeding blood. After a few minutes, the wolf sat down next to the lying elf and started howling. Jazhara's heartbeat slowed down before it stopped completely.

    Eetu was leading Acyros and four clerics through the woods. The merfolk wizard had an orb in his hands, which was completely made of water. As he focused his energy to the orb, it didn't break into drops. Within the orb he could see visions of Jazhara's and Tai's locations. It didn't take long until the tournament staff found Jazhara lying on the ground alone. As two healers began to bring her back to life, Eetu dismissed the orb and pointed at the rabbit hole not far away from the dead druid.

    "The little contestant is over there."

    After many minutes, the audience could see as the healers were gently carrying Jazhara and Tai from the shadows of distant trees into the white tent next to the area, where the first match was fought. Acyros and Eetu walked to Killian. The knight shared a few words with the merfolk before he walked onto the podium and announced the winner of the third match.
  • Winner!



    This one was quite hard, since both characters are quite good. The same was true in the previous match. However, as seen in the match above, Tai fought her way to the tournament's 2nd round.

    @icyyou - Jazhara's time in the tournament is over, but she lives on! You may post her later two stages here for guaranteed favorites and write how she departures from Eternstor and has her bonding.

    I tried to hold on to @Jonteman93's advice and try to write only a few lines of text in this match, but I can't stop myself when I get an urge to write more! I try to be faster in the upcoming matches when it comes to writing.

    I've updated the tournament bracket. And don't worry even though Gyar is seen on the 2nd round there. When the 10th match comes, I simply reopen that match, check both character's factors, then write how that match goes.

    I would like to thank everyone who has been supportive after a certain event that occurred in this thread. It is behind us now and the tournament will move on. You guys are great, kinda like champions to me!

    @barchae & @HeroKP - The match between your champions will be held tomorrow. The arena and the time will be revealed before it.
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    @TenebrisNemo (Okay, that sounds fun. And it seems to be a very long tournament until it is finished I guess. Okay then. Maybe I could join the 3rd part for another time. Have fun, sir.)
  • @TenebrisNemo Thank you for your liking Tai.
  • @TenebrisNemo can we switch out signature cards? I made a special one for Tai’s next stage.
  • ( @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos - Thanks. And yes, it is going to take a long time until we have a true champion and host the 3rd tournament, but we'll get there someday!

    @shadow123 - Hmmm, let's talk about that. I will post this again, so everyone will be reminded, what they would have to create if their champions get further to the finals in this tournament.

    After round 1 - Create a 2nd stage version of your champion.

    After round 2 - Create a signature card for your champion.

    After round 3 - Create a 3rd stage version of your champion.

    After semifinals - Create a signature card for your champion.

    Right now, you should design a 2nd stage version of Tai with converted mana cost 4 or 5. There is a plenty of time for this, though, because the deadline is 1 week after the end of the 16th match, the last match of this round.

    After each round, your champion could be allowed to switch out signature cards only if everybody is OK with that. Everyone would have this possibility when their champions travel closer to the final match.

    This is the 1st round, and this round's signature card is optional. On round 1 and 2, the maximum number of signature cards of each champion is 1. On round 3 and semifinals, it's 2. On the finals, where there are 2 contestants left, the maximum number of signature cards they can have is 3.

    You must create your champion's stages, but should we make all signature cards optional? Then, before each match, you would tell me, which signature cards your champions would use in their matches. They would increase the champion's chances if they are well-made.

    After round 1 - Create a 2nd stage version of your champion.

    After round 2 - Maximum number of signature cards is 2.

    After round 3 - Create a 3rd stage version of your champion.

    After semifinals - Maximum number of signature cards is 3.

    What do you think? )
  • Jaholion met Tai in the dormitories.

    "Hey there! You know, I've realised something, I will either die in my match, or live long enough to fight you. It will be hard. I have known you since this began. Can we be friends, no matter who wins?"

    * awaiting response from @shadow123 *

    Then, Jaholion came up to Jazhara.

    "Hey, you fought really well there. It is a shame you didn't win. But I suppose you were prepared for it. Good luck in your future life"

    Jazhara smiled at the ethereal

    "Then, there is something very serious I need to tell you. Come over here"

    Jaholion called her into a dark corner. Puzzled, Jazhara followed

    "We don't have proof, but you might be a descendant of an Ethereal. She was an outcast, but my grand-parents sympathised with her. She got banished to your plane. We think you might be her Great-Great-Great-Great-Granddaughter. I will say no more, but I want you to keep it in mind"

    And with this yet another cryptic remark, Jaholion left.
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    Here's Kift's "Signature Card" -
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    @TenebrisNemo Ok definitely this is my signature card
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    At the period when Ra'qu-en was in A'rvrigon, he started to know the despair,the greed and the wickedness. The kingdom was the worst place where Ra'qu-en already pass, he looked around and saw robberies, rapes, murders, cowardice, people in complete precarity, and above all the rich people were having fun with these scenes.
    At this time he didn't know his powers, and only could watch all this.At a certain moment
    he saw an unusual move, he came more near. A boy was having a discuss with a men who was accusing him of robbery, when the man draw a knife for kill the boy, Ra'qu-en noticed that the boy was getting mounstous, after this he devoured the half of the man's body, became a boy again and run away.
    Ra'qu-en without wasting time, chased him.In the way Ra'qu-en was pulled into an alley..
    _What do you want with me?-Asked, the boy who had the bloody mouth
    -What i want... it's not obvious?What you are...? How did you do that?
    _Aff, I don't know and i don't even care.I'm the strongest...hey This doesn't matter to you.
    -This matter to me... i am studying the wolrd... because i'm feeling that will be good for me and i will understand my origin...
    _We are together in this, I want to know why I am in this world disgrace too...
    Only for your study i'm Asdum

    At the momoment, in the tournament
    -I understood Asdum, but before i had to recover my powers
    -Aff, yeah i know, you only get in this tournament to recover them.
    _Yes,I think even if I can't eat the souls, being in contact with them will help me regenerate.
    -SInce when do you started to respect the rules.The old Ra'qu-en are becaming gentle.
    -I am not the pure evil, i only bring the the despair for who deserve. And this isn't our world...
    -I am going out. Good luck, master.
    _See you, King Asdum.

    image image
  • The moment was almost here, Ronnie was bursting with excitement, his nerves were wracking and his adrenaline was flowing. He recollected everything he had learned and seen so far and prepared himself for the upcoming match against his god opponent.

    As he was walking out of the dormitories he saw Jaholion converse with the other contestants and was wondering how they could be so friendly with eachother. Ronnie nervously nodded at his opponent out of respect and made his way to the arena...
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    @TenebrisNemo @icyyou @HeroKP

    Tai ran to her friends and shouted, “I won! I won!”

    Sylva hugged her and Nya smiled. Pele cast a firespell in the air, lightning up the evening sky. Better than fireworks, Tai thought. Jazhara cane and congratulated her.

    “Thanks,” Tai said, “You were super good! You even destroyed my rose. Nya warned me, but I didn’t think you could.”

    “Speaking of that,” Jazhara smiled, “A gift I made for the wonderful match.”

    Jazhara handed her a flute and when Tai touched it, the flute glowed, casting a brilliant blue light into the air. Jazhara smiled.

    “I also made you something,” Tai said, “You are good with beasts and their illusions should help you.”

    Tai handed Jazhara some green powder. Jaholion arrived soon and looked at Tai and Jazhara mystically. He quickly pulled them out of Tai’s other freind’s sight.

    "Hey there! You know, I've realised something, I will either die in my match, or live long enough to fight you. It will be hard. I have known you since this began. Can we be friends, no matter who wins?" Jaholion said.

    “Yeah,” Tai said, “I’ll be sure to win though.”

    Jaholion laughed as if he didn’t believe the second part of her sentence. Tai frowned and left the brick room she was in. She skipped back to her friends.

    “I call myself, Tai, the Thornwind Piper.” She announced.

    Next Stage:


    Please tell me if anything is wrong.

    Signature Replacement (replacing old if allowed)

  • Kozar has been viewing these matches intently, he has already learned the weaknesses of the contenders who have battled so far. While walking away from the arena of the last battle he saw the person he was to face, a strange albino elf. She didn't say much and walked to the tavern. On the other side he saw the 2 people who had partaken in the last battle, the elf was handing the faerie, Tia, Tai, whatever her name was, a flute. Her friends stood there talking to each other. He wondered how they did it. Still maintained their friendships even though they were to battle each other to the death. The one with the staff, Nya, was looking at him now, he realized that he was staring. He turned around and started walking to the tavern
  • @icyyou

    "Jazhara we should talk" Pele said "I think this is important"
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    Jazhara - still bitter of her defeat - had already begun to pack up to return to her village. After all her ceremony would take place soon. The bad aftertaste of defeat was very foreign to he, not only did the Hyro tribe almost never fought, she herself had only very rarely sufered it.

    "What is it? what could be so important. I doubt your'e about to tell me i actually won the match for some obsucure reason. If its not about this, there isnt much holding me here."

    Deep down she was happy for the young faerie. she could see the friendship she had formed here at the tournament and could almost admit she was actually proud of her. All in all the gift exchange helped her digest her opponent's victory better. Tai had deserved a win since she survived the impossible. After all, the entire forest played against her and she managed to outlived Jazhara after landing a single blow.
  • @icyyou

    "Jaholion said you might be a descendent of an ethereal" She told her "And I saw the way you fought out there"
    "Yeah I lost thanks for rubbing it in" Jazhara responded bitterly
    "That's not what I mean" She said "You seem really powerful and I found something that has helped me with my powers"
    "I don't need power enhancers if that's what you're on about" Jazhara said getting more annoyed
    "No no I mean I found something that I've used and have a different kind for you" As she said that she pulled an amulet with a slight red glow around it out from under the hem of her shirt"
    Jazhara looked amused "So you have a glowing crystal being deal"
    "This helps enhance my powers and if all he crystals are put together it can do something very strong" She looked hopeful "That's why I need your help, I can't protect all of them and I only have two. It's just the second one is nature based and I think you should take it"
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    "Well i can hold on to it if you want but, there are no reason for me to stay. I have much to learn seeing how i lost and i have no one here. Sure i came to like some other contestants but i cant see myself staying here cheering from the back line. I may come back for the final fight and see how it ends but its probably the last youll see of me."

    "Making sure these crystal are guarded seems important to you and it might come in handy in my learnings if you claim it enhances powers. Ill do as you say and keep it close to me."

    "I hope you achieve victory pele. I hope i see you in the finals when i come back"

    The druid took the amulet and went on. She would sleep one last time in this place before leaving the next morning.
    Maybe she would ask Jaholion about that ethereal thing pele refered to because that didnt ring any bell. Jazhara had previously talked to jaholion and nothing seemed similar in their magical ability.
    The amulet did give off some energy similar to the one emited when performing druidic arts tough so maybe some truth remained.
  • Does anyone have any thoughts on my Tai, Thornwind Piper?
  • I think it is a little to good
  • “Jaholion!” Tai shouted, “You wanna train for your match?”

    “Yeah!” He said, “Why not?”

    Nya saw them readying their first moves and she shouted, “Let the training match begin!”

    Jaholion jumped into the air and scattered some small constructs on the floor. Tai was swarmed by them. She had no idea what to do! Especially without her rose. She took out her flute and she swung it, the wood of the flute crushed the metal construct. Tai’s eyes widened. She grabbed some powder with her flute and tried to blow. A jet of ruby powder hit Jaholion, throwing him to the wall.

    “Oh my gosh,” Tai said awed.

    If this flute can do that, what happens if I don’t put powder in?

    Tai played a Faerie tune and suddenly, Jaholions eyes were locked on her and then he closed his eyes and slumped back on the nearby wall. A small metal thing climbed out of him and grew. It slashed at her, creating a gash on her shoulder and then, it pounced. The little faerie locked under the construct’s claws was helpless. Her tunes wouldn’t work on mechanical figures. Another claw ripped away Tai’s pouch and dropped half a handful of black and red powder. The next rod slammed her hand to the ground, leaving her flute skittering away. A pincer appeared out of another claw and it plunged for Tai’s head. Tai looked hopelessly at the black and red powder and blew them together. There was a loud crack in the air and sand lifted it out of the air. The sand turned black and then, the metal figure clattered to the ground, its energy drained. Jaholion let some thopters take care of the rest of the work. Tai crawled to her purse and combined green and yellow powder. It created a swarm of bees, that circled to protect her. The thopters clattered to the ground, destroyed by the bee’s sharp stingers. Tai then ran at Jaholion and sprinkled black and red powder on him. He was thrown back into the wall. Knocked out.

    Nya healed Tai and Jaholion.

    “That was some cool powder mixing Tai!”

    “I think I know just what to do now.” Tai said as she grinned.

    Tai learned the art of powder mixing.
  • @HeroKP

    "Jaholion I need to ask you about something" Pele said "Jazhara has helped me with it but I need more help."
  • @shadow123 "Creatures you control can't be blocked" is kind of broken.
  • @shadow123 I completely agree
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