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    Fourth Match - Preparations

    Early in the morning, the sleeping contestants heard a few knocks behind their doors. Sir Killian's voice was heard from behind every door after each time.

    "Wake up! The fourth match will be held today in the third arena, which I will show you after your morning routines."

    The red morning sun was rising in the horizon as Sir Killian Flainor ventured with some contestants to the third arena, which hadn't been presented for the contenders earlier. It took about twenty minutes until they reached there. Trees grew through the abandoned stone buildings of the eerie town. A few black crows were staring at the group from the tree branches. When they crowed at Pele, Constable crowed back. Wind blew dead leaves around the streets. Even though the bright red sun shined upon the grey town, the buildings and the narrow streets remained dark. Sir Killian glanced at the contestants who accompanied him before he began to talk.


    "This is it, the last of the three arenas where some of you have to fight in your matches. Eternstor doesn't have any close neighbors, and this town was abandoned when the forest claimed it for its own. The old folklore states that the citizens of this town angered the land itself, which, in response, cursed them to isolation. Humans never returned to these parts of the forest after that, and those who once lived here either faced terrible misfortune or lived on as hermits in the mountains."

    Jaholion looked around and saw as Eetu and Acyros were also listening behind some other contestants. The gunner was intrigued while the merfolk seemed as if he was listening to same lecture all over again. When Jaholion turned his head back at Killian, the knight was pointing at the new wooden stands at the central plaza. The soldiers were finishing setting them up while judge Gaspar was talking to the young man with the black top hat. The white tent of healers were next to the stands. The arena was the area of the town, where the stands were facing. That part of the town consisted of many buildings and dark alleys. Sir Killian turned to look at the contestants, who hadn't fought in the tournament yet.

    "A true champion uses the battlefield wisely. No matter how hopeless the situation may be, taking advantage of your surroundings may result in your victory. Do not lose hope even though you feel like there is no way out anymore."

    ( @barchae & @HeroKP )

    A dwarf rode with his horse past the contestants all the way back to Eternstor. He jumped off from it, took a list from his pocket, and walked around the lively streets while announcing in loud voice.

    "The match between bait boy Ronnie and ethereal Jahalio-erm-Jaholion will be held at the deserted town in two hours!"
  • Fourth Match - Beginning

    The time for yet another tournament match was arriving. Civilians walked for many minutes to the lifeless town, which is one of the three improvised arenas. Soldiers stood quietly and watched over those who may be harmed should something go wrong in this match. Acyros was, once again, nowhere to be seen, but the contestants could feel his presence. The white clerics prepared their tools for the soon-to-be-injured contestants within their tent. Gaspar, Eetu, and the man with the top hat were sitting on their designated benches at the highest row of the stands. Sir Killian Flainor was standing on a wooden podium, watching as Jaholion and Ronnie were taking deep breaths before walking in their positions at the edge of the plaza.

    Sound of crows echoed in the empty town streets when people had finally found their positions. Threndal was lying on a tall building behind the audience. Bubbles was given a large, wooden platter, so it wouldn't leak down through the holes of the streets. Zintius liked the town quite a lot, because the light of the midday sun didn't bathe the town as well as it did in Eternstor. After a minute of silence, Sir Killian turned to look at the audience with his open arms.

    "Greetings, people of Eternstor and everybody else, who had traveled here to witness the seventeenth tournament's fourth match! This empty town will be used today as an arena for this and many other future matches of this tournament's first round! I bet many of you feel uneasy for being here, but we have nothing to fear as long as we do not stay here until nightfall! We, the guards, do not only watch over the skilled contestants, but we also watch over every single person who is with us during the course of the tournament!"

    Killian unsheathed his longsword and pointed it at the grey sky. The audience responded with a cheer and a round of applause. When it was over, Killian sheathed the sword back to its scabbard and raised his right hand at the human contestant's direction.

    "This contestant's journey has forced him to this tournament, but he still bravely walks on! A bait boy who is blessed with fortune's gifts; Ronnie Pervale!"

    The people clapped for the young man, who simply waved at them with a nervous look in his eyes. Then Killian raised his left hand at the ethereal contestant's direction.

    "This contestant has come to claim the glory, which his brother sought in the previous tournament! An ethereal tinkerer, who brings wondrous works to life; Jaholion, Surge of Gods!"

    Jaholion bowed as the audience clapped and cheered his name. After that, Sir Killian continued speaking confidently.

    "Remember, no matter what happens here... Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    The hosts, the soldiers, the clerics, and a few civilians repeated the same saying. Then Killian turned to look at both contestants with his both hand raised towards them.

    "Let the fourth match begin!"

    Ronnie immediately ran through the narrow streets between the buildings as Jaholion steadily began to summon constructs...
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    Fourth Match - End

    image VS image

    Ronnie ran to a narrow alley after destroying yet another construct that had tried to take his life. The loud explosion echoed in the town. Ronnie was sitting in the dark alley while breathing heavily. He had a few wounds on his hands and a few bruises on his legs, caused from tripping over stone bricks of broken buildings. Constant running, dodging, and using of his jammer had drained a lot of energy from the young man. He had relied onto the jammer quite lot even though he had tried to avoid using it too much.

    Few steps echoed at the other end of the alley. Ronnie stood up quickly and saw blue glow coming from the shadows. Jaholion walked peacefully towards his opponent. The ethereal was calm and didn't seem to be low on energy. When Jaholion was a stone throw's away from Ronnie, the ethereal artificer began talking.

    "You've survived well, Ronnie, but you can't run away from me forever. You don't even have any way of defeating me. Surrender now and you won't be forced into any tournament match ever again."

    After a moment of silence, Ronnie shook his head. "No, Jaholion. This is my chance... to prove myself! That I can be more than a bait boy!"

    "Listen, there is no glory in dying. End your struggle now if you value your life. I wouldn't have to kill you and you wouldn't have to face another dangerous contestant."

    "I can't do that, Jaholion!"

    Jaholion simply shrugged. "Well then, so be it."

    A sound of metal echoed in the alley as the ethereal artificer unsheathed a sword from a scabbard, which was suddenly visible in Jaholion's belt. Ronnie gulped. Jaholion slowly walked towards his opponent, who began to take small steps backwards.

    "You didn't expect this? A finely crafted longsword with excellent balance, elegant design, exquisite blade, and a comfortable handle. It was given to me by a certain contestant before this match. Thanks to a little spell, I've kept it hidden from everyone else all this time, but now I can finally use this little masterpiece for the one thing it was made for; killing!"

    Ronnie gasped and ran through a doorway from the alley into a stone building. Jaholion sighed as he walked after his opponent.

    "I'm sorry if that sounded intimidating, but you've given me no other choice! Besides, I really like this fine elven weapon!"

    Sunlight's rays didn't reach the dark room of the ruined building, but Ronnie's eyes got used to the darkness quickly. Or that's what he thought. An ethereal golem with blue glow rose through the middle of the room. Blue lightning sparked in the golem's core from time to time. Ronnie took his jammer and used it to the phantasmal construct, but alas, nothing happened. The golem quickly grabbed Ronnie from his throat and put him against the room's stone wall. Jaholion walked next to the golem and pointed with his sword at Ronnie's jammer, which was still in his hands.

    "This device of yours won't work on my ethereal creation. Your options are spent. Prepare for a brief death!"

    As Jaholion raised his sword and prepared to slash Ronnie with it, the jammer began to vibrate. Ronnie panicked and threw it away from his hands. When it was in midair between Jaholion and his golem, it exploded. Jaholion fell onto the floor with slight burns and the golem lost balance and its grip from Ronnie. The bait boy coughed a few times as he began to run away from the room. Jaholion saw this and pointed at Ronnie with his glowing blue hand.

    "You won't escape again, Ronnie!"

    The golem charged at Ronnie. He jumped at the same second out from the room's window. But the golem managed to break the wall with its fist and punch Ronnie in the process. The attack threw Ronnie to the wall of the building at the other side of the empty street. When the wall broke from the golem's punch, the stone building began to collapse. Jaholion quickly stood up and began to run at Ronnie's direction.

    Jaholion shouted as the ceiling collapsed onto him right when he was next to the wall, which his golem broke. Ronnie tried to cover his ears with his hands, but he could only move his left arm because his right arm's bones were broken. When the loud noise was over and the building had collapsed into a pile of stone and wood, Ronnie opened his eyes. Jaholion's right arm was sticking at the edge of the pile. It was still closed into a fist around the elven sword's handle. The artificer was crushed alongside his ethereal construct. Ronnie smiled and even laughed a little until he heard footsteps coming from his right side. His joy faded away as he saw Jaholion walking towards the destroyed building.

    "Congratulations. You managed to destroy my warp double."

    Ronnie's legs began to shake in fear as he was sitting and watching as Jaholion was taking the sword from a hand, which now looked like a metal construct's hand. Then Jaholion walked towards his exhausted opponent while pointing at him with his sword.

    "It's alright. You're a brave human who has been used as a pawn. Once I send you to the afterlife for a moment, you may find your true purpose in life."

    There was nothing to be done. Ronnie closed his eyes and began to cry a little as Jaholion prepared for a final attack with his sword.


    A loud sound echoed in the street, and a body collapse followed. Ronnie opened his eyes and saw as Jaholion was lying unconsciously on the ground before him. His head was slightly bleeding and a stone brick was right next to the head. Ronnie looked up. The destruction of the building also caused the taller buildings next to it drop some loose stone bricks from the walls high above. Ronnie laughed for a moment, then he decided to close his eyes for a while. This match was quite tiring, so a little nap would be perfect now.

    After a few minutes, the audience could see as the healers were carrying Jaholion and Ronnie from behind some buildings to the white tent. Eetu whispered few words to Killian's ear before the knight walked onto the podium and announced the winner of the fourth match.
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    Ronnie's luck leads him to the second round of the tournament! You may post his 2nd stage version here anytime before the undetermined deadline.

    @HeroKP - There can be only one winner in each match, and unfortunately it was not Jaholion this time. You may post his later stages here for guaranteed favorites and write a story how he bids his farewells to other people and departures from Eternstor!

    I've updated the tournament bracket!

    @NokiSkaur & @Nirlass - The match between your champions will be played tomorrow. I will reveal the arena and the time few hours before it.
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    @all What do you think of my ability Reusable? Would it be better if Coltras's Charm looked like this?
    Coltras's Charm
    When Coltras's Charm enters the battlefield, choose one, then sacrifice it:
    - Counter target instant or sorcery spell.
    - Put target creature on top of its owner's library.
    - Look at target player's hand, then scry 1, then draw a card.
    Durable 1 (This enters the battlefield with a durability counter on it. If it would be put into a graveyard from the battlefield, remove a durability counter from it instead.)
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  • @TenebrisNemo

    Wahaha, I love it! I hope you had as much fun writing it as I had reading it. This is exactly how I imagined it would go :) Look forward to a maturing Ronnie!

    @HeroKP I also look forward to your next heroes' stages
  • Sounds good. Do you think you could wait until about 1900 EDT? I don't get home until about 1800, and I want to be able to read the results as they happen.
  • @pjbear2005 Jahalion was certainly flashier, but I guess @TenebrisNemo decided that Ronnie had an overall better design.
  • @barchae You will now face the wrath of Tai! Nice Job!
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  • Jaholion walked out of the medicine wing glumly.

    “You did great,” Tai said.

    “Stupid brick,” Jaholion shouted at her, “I should have been aware, and you say I did great?”

    “He’s full of luck, that Ronnie,” Tai said, “He wouldn’t stand a chance against your warp armor double if there was a rematch.”

    “But there isn’t,” the Etheral said and stormed away.

    Tai had an urge to go and prank her opponent, but somehow, she grew and knocked common sense into her mind. She couldn’t sabotage her opponent, that would be cheating, but in the arena though...

    Tai knew she had to get rid of that lucky coin and make the bait boy, bait for some of her illusions. Because after all, one is only lucky so many times.

    Nya looked at Tai sadly. Tai nodded back to her.
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    @ShaperKyon: Ronnie is remarkably flavourful and well-designed. Probably my favourite here. The concept is very unique; I now feel silly with my stereotypical grey-haired Wizard! Well done, @barchae!
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    "Can you help me with something Tai?" Pele asked
  • @pjbear2005

    “What is it?” Tai said mischievously.

    “I need... @pjbear2005 your turn
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    [ @barchae - I'm happy to know that people like what I enjoy to write. Thanks!

    @NokiSkaur - Until 19.00 EDT? That is in 11 hours, right?

    I think I can wait, but since it will be pretty late over here where I live, I will write the match beforehand and then post it here on that time.

    Edit: Do you want to read the three parts (Preparations, Beginning & End) of the match on 19.00 or will I just post the final part (End) of the match on that time? ]
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    "I need help with this" She said pulling out her amulet that she had shown Jazhara "This is some kind of shard of something and it enhances my pyromancy"

    "What about it do you need help with?" She said a little confused "If it enhances your powers it shouldn't be a problem"

    "It wasn't a problem a while ago when I got it from, Well thats another story for some other time" She said putting off the question Tai was about to ask "But it's getting stronger and I feel like I need to do something to keep it under control, I came to you because you are good at magic and and thought you might know what it is"
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    Still recovering in his room from his match against his god opponent, Ronnie’s door suddenly swung open. “Ronnie!!! Our little rascal has done it!” Familiar faces barged into his room. It were his fellow soldiers from back home, most of them already drunk on the taverns ale. Except for one man, his captain. “Well done Ronnie.” The captain said with a deep rough voice. “I always knew you were special and this proves it.” Ronnie didn’t really know how to feel. This was the first time the captain actually said something nice to him. He had always thought the captain didn’t really like him. Always receiving the most dangerous jobs and strange assignments. The captain picked up on Ronnie’s confused expression and continued as if he had read his mind. “It’s not that I don’t like you Ronnie. Even back then when you were still a greenhorn, I knew you had potential.” The captain paused. “I’ve seen my share of new recruits die or succumb the moment they enter a real battle. But not you. Even though you were the weakest of the bunch, somehow, and I don’t know how, you always made it out without giving up.” A smile appeared on both their faces. “So I’m not a greenhorn anymore?” Ronnie asked. “I come here to commend you and that’s what you pick up from it?” The captain grabbed him by the shoulders and pulled him beside him and announced in a loud voice. “From this moment forward Ronnie is a full-fledged member of the Iron Guard!” The other soldiers cheered and raised their practically empty glasses. “Drinks are on me!” One shouted and shoved his drink in Ronnie’s hand. “Come” The captain said. “We have brought you something.” As they went downstairs Ronnie’s eyes went wide. There it was, his own official Iron Guard equipment, sword and all. He rushed over and eyed back to the captain who gave a nod of approval. Wasting no time, he tried it on. “It fits perfectly!” He exclaimed. “Good,” The captain responded “because we have need of you back home.”


    This is not yet his second stage, but an inbetween stage for story and flavor purposes! :) That's also why his cmc is only 3.

    @KalamMekhar Thank you for your kind words. And not at all, I also look forward to your hero's next stage! :) Maybe Vir is packing a few surprises still.
  • @TenebrisNemo

    Everything is fine. Sorry about that, I was already at school by the time you commented.
  • @TenebrisNemo you forgot to change the bracket to show that Gyar does not have a "by"
  • Ra'qu-en notice a small unsual euphoria,post search to know about he discovers that was a surprising victory of a little human who fought with a ethereal...
    He laughed a little and thinked-Now the luck is a factor to win... and we shouldn't underestimate our oponents.hahaha... how much time don't i think in this way?Would be the time in this universe is transforming me?Don't mind.
    When we lost our powers and feel the weakness, we think more...Would am i worried? ...
    One thing is right,i don't have any notice of my first oponent...What is he doing... Would be i will lost the first battle... Well if my oponent isn't worried with the tournament,i have a advantage...For my luck Horgryous found one of my precious tool, the Soul Seeker although it is in the first stage,already is a great help


  • @pjbear2005

    Tai responded, “So I’ll research.”

    Pele showed her the glowing red gem.

    Tai looked at it and she couldn’t look away.

    She knew where another was. It was in her pouch at the very moment. She dug her heels into the sand and ran to the library. On her flute.
  • I bid you all farewell. I tried my luck a second time, and yet it flopped again. But no matter! Jaholion isn't bitter. He congratulates Ronnie on the win, and leaves to his own realm. The ethereals decided they should just stick to mind games, and leave the arena fighting to the mortals (this is my tongue and cheek way of telling you I will definitely join Tournament 3, but with a totally new idea)
  • Farewell, old friends!
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    ( @DoctorFro - A "by," you say? I don't know what you mean. )

    Fifth Match - Preparations

    White clouds filled the sky when the morning sun was rising over Eternstor. Judge Gaspar was sitting at his table in the mansion's guestroom. He was writing a letter for a certain person, once again. But then he heard as someone was walking with bare feet towards his door in the hallway. Gaspar knew it was Eetu even before the merfolk opened the room's door, walked in, closed the door, and was soon standing in front of the judge's table. After a few seconds, Gaspar turned his head and saw as Eetu was carrying a sheathed sword in his left hand.

    "What is it now?"

    "Lord Gaspar," Eetu started and put the sword onto the table, next to the letter. "This sword was found from Jaholion's possession when he was defeated yesterday. I do not know how he got it, but this elven blade belongs to the elite guards of Eternstor. The mark in the pommel proves it. No legal merchant would sell this weapon."

    Gaspar folded the letter and leaned onto the back of his chair. "Has it been reported stolen?"

    "No. Perhaps they haven't noticed the disappearance of one sword in their large armory."

    "There is no need to concern the mayor or the guards of this town. They already have their doubts about us and the contestants. Let's keep this between us. Return the sword to the armory during the busiest hour of the day, so no one will notice your visit there."

    Eetu picked up the sword and hid it at his left side under his robe. Thanks to a little spell, it seemed like the longsword wasn't with the merfolk wizard.

    "Sir Killian has probably awakened the contestants," Eetu said. "I will watch over our soldiers as they prepare the arena."

    "Do that," Gaspar said as he resumed writing the letter.

    ( @NokiSkaur & @Nirlass )

    As the merfolk stepped outside the manor, he heard a dwarf's deep and loud voice in the distance.

    "The match between Bubbles the ooze and Nir the cursed knight will be held at the backwoods in two hours!"
  • I'll be able to read in about six hours, so feel free to post it whenever. Sorry about yesterday.
  • ( @NokiSkaur - It's alright. I was very tired and had to get some sleep. I will post the match today, though! )
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