Tournament of Champions 2 (The game has begun)



  • Fifth Match - Beginning

    People watched as Bubbles and Nir took their positions in the backwoods arena. The sky behind the green leaves was grey. Midday sun couldn't be seen through the thick cover of clouds. It was windy as well. Leaves of the trees rustled above the arena and the people who've arrived there to watch as the contestants of the fifth match will fight against each other. As usual, the tournament staff were in their positions and the contestants who weren't busy training for their future matches were awaiting the start of the match on their designated benches.

    Nir stared at his opponent. He had patiently awaited for this day, when the cursed knight would fight in his own match and perhaps win a step closer for his freedom of the curse. But he could feel some sort of humanity in his seemingly mindless opponent. Nir shook his head.

    Even if that ooze was once a human, it has already transformed into an abomination without any hope of salvation. I still have a chance. I am somewhat still human. I must win this fight.

    When everybody had found a place to sit in the audience, Sir Killian turned to look at them and then began his usual speech. Caphria, who was sitting next to a standing guard, turned her head at him.

    "Garen," Caphria whispered. "Is everyone able to become a champion? Even Bubbles or Nir?"

    The guard looked at Caphria. "Most contestants who had defeated all their opponents in the long tournaments of the past have been worthy of the title of a champion. However, there have been some exceptions..."

    "Like what?"

    "There have been beings, who've used the title as a right to commit crimes. They think it's a status that rises them above many other living beings. Those kind of champions have existed. Even with all the work the hosts put in the tournaments, the crowned champions may turn out to be something else completely than what they were during the games."

    "Then what do people want to see when they look at a champion?"

    Garen was silent for a moment, then the guard whispered with a serious tone. "They want to see hope."

    After a few seconds of pondering, Caphria turned to look at the arena. Sir Killian was getting to the part of the speech, where he would say the same saying.

    "... Our heroes will never die as long as we have faith in them!"

    The guards, the clerics, the hosts, and a few civilians repeated the same saying. Then Sir Killian raised his right hand at Bubble's direction.

    "Possibly the most ambitious slime to ever exist in this world; Bubbles, the Amorphous!"

    When people had clapped for the strange contestant, Killian raised his left hand at Nir's direction. "This tormented young man seeks a cure for his curse as he reaches out for the title of a champion; Nir, Cursed Knight!"

    The people cheered Nir's name and clapped louder than they did for Bubbles. Finally, Killian turned to look at the two contestants and raised his both hands towards them.

    "Let the fifth match begin!"
  • ( @DoctorFro - You probably didn't see it, but I already explained:

    "Don't worry even though Gyar is seen on the 2nd round there. When the 10th match comes, I simply reopen that match, check both character's factors, then write how that match goes."

    I can not put Gyar back to the 1st round, but I can "change" the winner when the 10th match is over. )
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  • Fifth Match - End

    image VS image

    The second after the match's start, Nir unsheathed his red sword, and a few replicas of it suddenly hovered in the air behind the cursed knight. Bubbles was simply moving towards its opponent, hoping to swallow him into itself, then consume him away. But Nir easily guessed the ooze's tactic.

    I must have the easiest opponent in the history of the tournament. It can't defeat me as long as I keep my distance.

    With a few movements with his glowing red sword, Nir controlled his other swords to spin around and cut Bubbles into tiny pieces. Green jelly flew around the forest ground. Only the big slime was still moving as it was trying to eat away the swords, but it didn't get a hold on them. It took a minute until Bubbles had been completely cut into tiny drops of slime. A moment of silence followed afterward. Nir looked at the audience. The people looked rather bored compared to their reactions in previous matches.

    I didn't even break a sweat. Not very amusing match, but at least it's ove-

    Suddenly, Nir's train of thoughts stopped as his main sword broke into half. The upper half fell onto a rock beneath it and made a clink. He looked at his sword in confusion, and saw a tiny bit of slime eating it away while also growing larger in seconds.

    "What? No!"

    Nir thrust the sword into the ground with the slime, but the slime ate the rest of the sword a second later and crawled out from the hole, which Nir's thrust caused. Then Nir looked at his hovering swords. The tiny slime drops which stayed on them during the cutting of Bubbles were eating them away. When a slime ate a sword completely, it fell onto the ground and started to move towards Nir. The cursed knight ran away from the slimes behind him, which were as large as young children.

    Dammit, what am I supposed to do now!?

    After a few seconds, Nir realized that all slime pieces which his swords threw around the arena had grown larger for eating the small plants in their path. They surrounded Nir from everywhere. It seemed as if Nir was within a round, green room with no roof. As the tall walls drew closer, Nir's final option was to jump through it. But he couldn't penetrate the thick slime wall. Nir got stuck within it. He felt as his body began to melt away and shouted within the enormous slime blob in pain.


    It didn't take long until there wasn't anything left of Nir. Bubbles was whole again except this time it was a bit larger for getting something big to eat at last. People stared at the ooze with wide open eyes, especially the healers. A large guard next to them lost patience.

    "What on the goddess' name are you waiting!? Heal the contestant immediately!"

    "W-we can't heal someone who no longer exists" shouted a young female cleric to the angry guardsman in response. Then the other healers pulled her away from the guard before he could respond. When they walked to stand in a circle around the spot, where Bubbles consumed Nir, they began chanting words, which the contestants didn't understand. After a moment, bright light came from the middle of the circle. The clerics focused their mana even harder and continued chanting. When they did so, the light started to take form of a young man. After a minute the spell was done. The light faded and Nir fell onto the grassy ground. He was naked and unconscious. One of the healers quickly wrapped a white cloth around the reborn contestant, then they carried him to the white tent.

    Sir Killian walked onto the wooden podium and looked at the audience. "Well, my dear people, I think we all agree on who won the fifth match of the tournament!"
  • Winner!



    Bubbles trickles to the 2nd round! You can now create a 2nd stage version of it and post it here before the undetermined deadline.

    @Nirlass - Nir was defeated, but he lives, once again! You may write how he departures from Eternstor and post his later two stages here, if you want. He was reborn, so he may be free from the curse... or not?

    The tournament bracket has been updated.

    @Jaxtheduck & @Iseebirds - The match between your champions will be played tomorrow. The dwarf will announce the time and location few hours before it.
  • These are all the versions of Roland I created. They all have 19:
    --Words of rules text (except Roland, Lord of the Tower)
    --Words of flavor text
    --P/T add/multiply/subtract to 9 or 19
    --Letters in creature type line
    --Letters in Card Name

  • When Jaholion left, Tai felt stunned. Her feeling was like flying through a smoky dry air. Her voice was more sad now, she had to fight with more dignity. For Jaholion. She looked at the flute she had. A single gem glittered on the outside, a jet black one, symbolizing death. Tai shuddered at the thought of death.

    Ronnie swept by her, his head up high as if he was just crowned king. She wanted to destroy him.

    If its a fight he wants, it’s a fight he will get. I am a trickster after all.

    Tai looked at her flute.

    He is lucky, I just need to believe.

    Nya dropped by and waved at the Faerie.

    “How about a battle,” Tai said.

    “Why not?”

    Tai had to practice her lunar spell. She jumped into the air, clear of the slashing, thorned vines and opened her arms wide. She chanted a hymn even she couldn’t understand. A bright white light glowed on her hands.

    A lunar spell?

    The bright magic darkened the sky and snaked towards Nya. As the beam hit Nya, a beam from the moon widened and then her image flickered. She fell to her knees.

    “That is a very powerful spell,” Nya muttered.

    A black beam exploded from Tai’s flute. Nya ran for cover. The vines it touched withered up and died and when it hit the sand, it sprayed into the air.

    “I didn’t even know I could do this!” Tai shouted, “I’ll make use of these new tricks.”

    Nya didn’t bother to get out of the hole. She was scared of that magic. A spray of powder knocked Nya out. In an instant, Tai felt a force pulling at her body. She fell as well. Ronnie found them. He couldn’t help but heal the contestants, because after all he just couldn’t leave someone to die. Tai took the gem off her flute and hid it in a spell-proof container in her room under a bunch of clothes. Tai was scared of the power she could generate.
  • @bnew07 So what happens to Roland in the story? Does he get to achieve all these forms? Also, what is the significance of 19?
  • @ShaperKyon It is pretty simple. Roland died and will start his journey for the Dark Tower again from the beginning. In the books he achieves the first 4 forms (Form 1 = youth/book 4) (Form 2 = Books 1-3) (Form 3 = Books 5-6) (Form 4 = Book 7). Form 5 is my interpretation of what he would become if he truly completed his quest and mastered the dark tower. In the books, 19 is the number of fate, doom and destiny (Roland calls it Ka). It is a recurring theme in Roland’s journey and pops up ominously countless times.
  • @Shadow123

    "Um what was that Tai" Pele asked trying to help Nya up "That didn't look normal"
  • “Uh, Nothing,” Tai said, “You won’t be seeing that again.”
  • @shadow123

    "But that was some kind of death magic" She said suspiciously "And there was a purple glow surrounding your flute when you cast it"

    "It was nothing" Tai said

    "You don't use necromancy though, Right?" Pele asked
  • Koorir watch his friend Nir get...eaten alive! The shock that had gone through in the absolute terror that was Bubbles. The way that his swords had been efficitently gotten rid of...Koorir knew that he could perform some magic, and would have to train that to become good at it if he stood a chance against the ooze later on. If he didnt then he would lose to the distinegration. If he makes it that far.
    Right now he just needed to worry about his match, and possibly the one after a rough voice he congratulates Bubbles on its win, and hopes that they get to battle someday, but wishes to not be eaten alive. :)
  • @Shadow123

    "If you aren't going to tell me what it was then did you at least find anything on the necklace" Pele asked
  • Soul seeker is a tool which works to expand the mental domain of Ra'qu-en, he use this for get more cultilists or to cause disturbances in your oponent... But this book is a alived tool it does a energy link with Ra'qu-en to evolue until it become to its extreme form to its true form that doesn't need more the Ra'qu-en's energy...

  • @bnew07 So is Gan just going to send Roland to the Tournament of Champions again and again until he wins?
    P.S. In case you didn't see, Coltras left Roland the following as a gift:
  • @ShaperKyon yes, that’s Roland’s Fate. And thanks a lot for the charm!!!
  • ( @Jaxtheduck & @Iseebirds - I have to postpone the 6th match. I have things to do during weekends usually, and I do not know when I have enough time to write to hold a match. I will hold it at the latest on Monday. )
  • @pjbear2005 what necklace?

    "I am not a necromancer," Tai said.

    "But that looked a lot like it." Pele countered.

    "I can prove that it isn't necromancy, but you must not tell anyone." Tai said carefully.

    Tai hurried to her room and typed in her password. A gem appeared out of it and dropped into Tai's palm.

    "I think you need this," Tai said.

    "Better in your hands than mine," Pele said as she backed off.

    "We're still friends, right?" Tai asked.

    "You bet." Pele said.
  • Tai decided to train with Pele. Tai jumped into the air. She tried to cast a lunar spell. This time, she recognized the lunar lance that formed in her hand, the one that she had used in her first training match with Sylva. She threw it. Pele reflexively cast a jet of flames to stop it, the bright blue lance penetrated the flames and hit Pele’s pouch. Many items clattered out of it. A fire started on a small pile of leaves and a small vial of red powder spilled, the flames reached up like a fiery claw and snatched Tai out of the air.

    “You destroyed my pouch,” Pele seethed.

    There were various gems, shells, and lotuses among the scattered items. Some pebbles and sticks laid in the pouch as well.

    Pele lit some of the pebbles on fire and sent them shooting like comets at Tai, still suspended by the claw. The pebbles ripped through her wing and left Tai sprawled on the ground. Tai woke up dizzy and helped clean up the mess. She also made a new pouch.
  • @shadow123 Sorry about your wings but thanks for the bag
  • “They’ll heal,” Tai said as she sprinkled healing powder on her wing.
  • Sorry I haven't been writing as much I've just been busy with finals
  • ( @Bobman111 & @pjbear2005 - Yeah, most of us have been busy, so don't feel too bad about it. Write whenever you feel like it and have time, the important thing is that you enjoy it.

    As for me, I would be eager to hold matches more frequently, but other matters have taken my time as well. )
  • Gyar is doing, uh, wurm things I suppose. Eating lots of animals and stuff.
  • @shadow123 The amulet with the crystal
  • @pjbear2005 That’s what you meant!? I deleted that card today morning. Sorry. I can remake it.

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