Gatewatch Challenge (Winners Posted)

Hello Everyone!

This is the Gatewatch Challenge and boy do I have this idea for you.

The Idea is we are adding on to the Gatewatch.

Your job is to create a Planeswalker that would be in the Gatewatch or have motivation to be in the Gatewatch with an Oath of (Your planeswalker's name) . Bonus points for a spell that brings it to your hand in addition to it's other ability.

New Cards Only
Must Make an Oath card
No Joke Cards

Point System:
Creativity 1-20
Originality 1-10
Abilities 1-10
Art 1-10
Oath 1-15

Extra Points:
Extra Spell 1-5

1st Place: 4 Favorites, Pick Honorable Mention and a spot in the Hall of Fame.
2nd: 3 Favorites and a spot in the Hall of Fame.
3rd 2 Favorites and a spot in the Hall of Fame.
1 Honorable Mention: 1 Favorite.

Due Monday May 28

Have Fun!


  • So you want two cards; one what is the planeswalker, and the other that is his or her oath?
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  • @pjbear2005 it’s very hard to find art for the character I want to make. It’s almost as if nobody draws that particular type.

    I have an idea for his oath and this will be his third planeswalker incarnation.

    But the art - still working on that
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    image image

    The gold borders for the planeswalkers bug me to no end. I can't stand them. For this card, even though his color identity is Gruul, I put him in his natural green.

    Here is the creature card of Aedlin, so you can see what he does when he's not a planeswalker.

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    From time of Urza's Saga, Radiant reborn in grace of Serra would join Gatewatch to save the multiverse from Phyrexia and other threats. Already as an angel she was powerful enough to trash Urza, and now with the spark of her creator she can use her powers to completely obliterate foes that would threaten Multiverse.

    image image
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    Hi, here's my entry. I know no-one seems to like the Eldrazi, but I've got a soft spot for them.

    So basically Kaz is an unofficial member of the Gatewatch that they have no idea even exists. After the destruction of Kozilek's physical body a tiny piece of the great titan survived. This piece was separated from Kozilek's main vast mind and became an entity in its own right. Because it could no longer make contact with its master, the little piece of Kozilek decided that it would serve the most powerful creatures it could find. What it found first was the Gatewatch, who must be pretty powerful by its reckoning since they destroyed Kozilek's body. Basically Kaz follows the Gatewatch wherever they go, watching them, idolising them and helping them out in small, secret ways they don't notice. Originally only a small shard, Kaz has grown in power and intelligence and has harnessed its innate Eldrazi-ness to travel across the blind eternities, effectively planeswalking even though it doesn't have a spark.

    That's enough lore I think. Here's Kaz in all its glory:

    and its oath:

    finally, here's Kaz when it was just a little baby shard:
  • @Undead I think that's a good story and both the planeswalker and the oath are good.
  • @Undead The Kozilek-shard is intriguing, though as you stated, it technically isn’t a planeswalker so it shouldn’t have a planeswalker card. But it is quite cool and odd.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    I will count it because it is cool and technically if it can "Walk the Planes" Than I would say it can be a planeswalker
  • @pjbear2005

    is this still going on?
  • Here are some of mine



    These two go together. Yamia isn't a planeswalker as you can see but they travel together.
  • Can the motivation being not die if you know what i mean. Like he would join them for protection from his creators?


    If so. i will have the card in a few min.
  • That works
  • Harunah, a direct descendant of Lord Windgrace is one of the few Panther Warriors to join Jhoira, Gideon, and Teferi on my their assault on the Cabal Stronghold. After their success, he reveals himself as a planeswalker and pledges an oath to follow in his ancestor’s footsteps and protect the multiverse with his mastery of black mana and thought-breaking magic.

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    here some backstory to Vigdis:
    In Vigdis'es youth she was a highly respected battlefield commander and a powerful force on the battlefield, in her home plane of (unknown) there was no real concept of good and evil and war was very common, but most solders did not fight to protect the innocent or to punish the guilty, they fought for valor and glory. Vigdis was among those who fought for this reason, soon she grew tierd of her normal foes she decided to seek out a worthy opponent, she decided to seek out the most powerful elder dragon in her relm. during the battle she was gravely wounded, in her moments leading to defeat her planeswalker spark ignited and she slew the beast with ease. soon everyone had heard of her victory and began to believe she was a god, some time later she heard of the gatewatch and their victory against Kozilek and saught them out and pledged an oath to them, but not to protect the multiverse, but to find a worthy foe once again. for now she is a part of gatewatch and will answer when they call.


    also how many enterys are we allowed?
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    1st Place: Kaz Set by @Undead with 57 Points

    2nd Place: Vigdis Set by @Djayhero with 49 Points

    3rd Place: Radiant Set by @Balgeron with 47 Points

  • That’s wonderful! Great jobs everyone!

    I initially had my doubts about an eldrazi but you did a great job with the flavor and mechanics, @undead
  • ay second place is pretty good congratulations to the other @winners
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    Wow, I honestly didn't expect I would win this. Thanks for such a fun competition.
    I rather like the idea of Aedlin, so that will be my honourable mention.
    Could you favourite:

    If I'm allowed to pick, that is. Otherwise, favourite whatever you like.

    Thanks very much.
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