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    The fourth noncreature card with morph.

    Analyzing this will probably be difficult:
    Explanation in the comment section.

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  • Guys wait to post cards until the actual chat pops up
  • @kandra127 - You can join once I've created the discussion. Hahaha!
  • @TenebrisNemo The mana cost is as you say strongly limited by the creature types used.
    Angels, Demons, Dragons and avatars are all great at 7-9 mana but that limits creativity if a base layer of logic between the two should remain.

    If a story is included at the side of the characters then the mana cost should fit into it somehow. Lisakdonia of the former tournament would not be able to by story keep mere champions on a 7 mana scale since the world itself is not that powerful to begin with. It is no Dominaria nor Zendikar. However the story and world is just a platform so it logically falls behind the important aspects such as design and availability choices.

    I believe 6 would probably be a good high tier mana cost with the earlier being 2 and 4.
    Or 1-3 for the first. 4-5 for the second and 6 for the last.

    However a problem with the mana cost is if creatures such as humans or goblins are in the tournament together with angels or avatars. 6 mana for a human is powerful while it is nothing special for the angel.

    This could either be solved by loosening up the cmc restrictions further and give large spans within witch the cmc can be chosen by the designer.
    Lore wise this would be strange though.
    Another solution would be to include the signature cards from an earlier stage for low cmc champions as a complement for the lower power.
    That is if you want to keep the lore closer to the cards than Wizards of the coast themselves does. (Thalia defeating Brisela with just Avacyn's moonlight spear.)

    Another solution completely would be to discard the cmc as the only restriction and use something else such as rarity. Uncommon - Rare and end on Mythic. This would give full or wide freedom to the designers how they want their contestant to be. 2 mana elf archer or 9 mana elemental that love lands.
    This might however limit the design possibilities for the first stage significantly unless the cmc is chosen as very high (only problem if the cmc should be a restriction). Since we have been given a lot of uncommon legendaries from Dominaria it should be considerable to find something to base the power level on at the first stage.

    Personally I like your idea of the 2, 4, 6 cmc restrictions but problems might occur at the first stage. I believe that real design freedom first begins at 3 mana for legendary creatures. (of rare or mythical rarity.) It would however leave the first stage as a "child" version of the contestant wit its signature (ability or similar) to be an undeveloped version of its later stages.

    A strict cmc restriction makes it easier to design but it might be too restrictive regarding design and ideas.
    *Cmc restrictions as earlier but reduced as you mentioned to 2, 4 and 6.
    *Cmc restrictions with variations for choices 1-3, 4-6, 7 or 1-3, 4-5, 6 or 1-2, 3-4, 5 or similar.
    *Cmc more based on creature types with complementing signature cards for "lesser" creature types.
    *Instead of or in addition to the cmc restrictions the rarity can be used from uncommon to mythic.

    I would like to give a 5th point of just discarding all baselines and restrictions but that would remove a parts of the game aspect for the tournament.

  • @Jonteman93 - Good points. Thanks for telling them!

    I want these things personally:

    The lore close to the cards. Cardsmiths allowed to use any rarities they want for their champions. CMC variations would be helpful when designing their champions. And optional signature cards for "lesser" creature types and/or creature types which have low CMC compared to other creatures of the same kind.

    CMC restrictions with variations for choices and complementing signature cards for those champions who requires them.

    CMC restrictions on each stage:

    1st: 1-3

    2nd: 4-5

    3rd: 6

    Optional signature card could be created for the champion on the 1st stage if the cardsmith believes it needs it. On finals, every champion is allowed to create a maximum of 2 signature cards.

    What do you think, everybody?
  • @TenebrisNemo

    I could get behind that.
  • Hey guys, I really like my duel decks idea for the featured cardsmiths, but the contest needs some work. Suggestions? Here's my first duel decks contest/challenge
  • CMC restriction on the 3rd stage could also look like this:


    So people could create their champions in (kinda) the same power level as the ones in the earlier tournament(s).

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    Ideas for new mystery box prizes? I have 103 and am waiting on approval for 2 more.
  • Thoughts on the following idea for a contest:

    The create a discussion challenge:
    You are to create a new discussion: it can be any type of challenge or whatever.
    Discussions will be judged exactly 1 month after they are created. This challenge will run the course 3 months. The discussion with the most views and comments combined after 1 month wins.
  • Creating a new battlefield is suprisingly tricky. Any thoughts?
  • @Gelectrode Interesting. It would be fun to try to play with that. I think your card does do what it does well.
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    A crazy idea that could simplify the "battlefields" concept.

    Whenever a permanent enters the battlefield, its controller chooses 1 or 2. A permanent can only target or block a permanent it shares a number with.

    Whenever a player casts a spell, before targets are chosen, that player chooses 1 or 2. A spell can only target or affect a spell or permanent it shares a number with.

    There's a whole bunch of holes there XD
  • Input "Dess" in the search bar. Find the ones by Cybermarb.
  • Or input "Chandra" in the search bar. Again by Cybermarb.
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    am i the only one whos startin to find it hard to keep dabbin on them haters? :/
  • Check out Cybermarb's Dess Troye planeswalkers by inputting "Dess" or "Dess Troye" in the search bar. Favorites are appreciated!
  • Heres a crazy thought, when is wizards of the coast gonna continue garruks story line?
    i want garruks curse broken already so he can be the cool beast master he used to be :/
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