The 3rd Planeswalker Challenge

Hello, everyone, I'm back! This is a Just for Fun Contest or what I liked to call (JfFC). But just to make things interesting I am willing to give out some rewards. This is the third Planeswalker Challenge I made two other ones a while back, a year ago.

1. Balanced, realistic cards.
2. Cards must fit the flavor of their color(s).
3. Your card must be a PLANESWALKER.
4. No old cards allowed.
5. No changing and no editing.
6. One entry per user, so make it count!

What is a Planeswalker? These are Planeswalkers:
image image
image image

This is not a planeswalker:

1st.) Winner will get 3 favorites on three cards of their choice
2nd.) Second place will get 2 favorites on two cards of their choice
3rd.) Third place will get 1 favorite on a card of their choice

How to Enter:
Beginning May 25, post the card url in this thread to enter the contest. One submission per user, so make it count! Entries must be posted by June 1, 2018. Winners will be announced by June 2, 2018.


More than one color planeswalkers?: Yes

Colorless planeswalkers?: Yes

Flip cards?: Yes

If I win instead of you favoriting my cards could I ask that you favorite a friend's card?: Yes


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