Chain of Commander

As most of you I am huge fan of commander; it is the only format I play. Anyway the contest is simple there is going to be a chain of commander cards.

The first person to post a card will post a dual-colored commander. (It does not have to be a legendary, but must be eligible.)
Then! The next card posted will be a non-legendary card that would fit the theme of that deck. It must be mono-colored!
The next post will be another dual colored commander.

You are only allowed two entries! One for the commander one for the response

And so on and so forth...

Things to note!
Partner commanders are allowed so long as they combine to a total of two colors.

I would prefer if we can go full circle on dual colors so try to think about that.

The same color combination May Not be used twice in a row!

You may not post the subsequent card after your commander!


Two categories (one for each type of submission) Same prizes for each

First place: 3 favs and follow (if i am already following then an extra fav.)

Second place: 3 favs

Third place: 2 favs

If you make a red-white commander and it makes it on the leader board you will get an extra fav.
(Since they are the hardest to make decks around)

The contest end somwhere in mid July I havent settled on a date, but that seems reasonable


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  • @TemurGideon
    You retroactively edited your comment (which apparently throws off this discussion).
  • @TemurGideon also you cant post a card that supports your own commander you must wait for another post
  • And yea your comment sorta screwed this up
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    New commander!


    Who wouldn't want to have a kithkin as their commander?
  • So this should be next...

  • Per the instructions, Oakes would be a card to play in the Maeve deck. Now we need a golgari selesnya or gruul commander.
  • Great job guys
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    I cant believe this actually qualifies. New commander!


    Make sure the next card is mono blue or mono black, NOT legendary. Read @DoctorFro's rules unless theyve been updated the secondary cards arent supposed to be legendary. Im liking all the entries too though!

    For those of you that dont know much if not anything about skeletor he is from masters of the universe. He is typically regarded as the main villain of the he-man universe (he-man is his archenemy the main hero of that universe setting.) If you need help for ideas for a card to go with skeletor you could make spells like black exile creature spells or blue tap creature spells or other villains such as evil-lyn who can be blue or black really. This is just ideas to help you get started, but make what you want!
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    I am not sure why you have Red/White as being hard to make @DoctorFro? I've made plenty of them.
  • The decks to make have aretylucally the hardest and yea that can’t be legendary @Lastjustice
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  • @kickash you need to follow the rules stated above for posting
  • @DoctorFro what did I miss? @LastJustice posted a response to the commander posted by @SorinJace, and now it's time for a new commander, correct?
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    @kickash the commander must present the color identity of the last card as well. We have already had three blue guilds, so the next commander must be Azorius, forllowed by a white card - then Emeria can come play :)
  • So after this blue one please do not do a mono blue card...if we complete the cycle feel free to do it in any order of guild colors
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    I'm sorry but it doesn't say that in the rules for the contest: "The next post will be another dual colored commander." < That's the only instruction for how to format the next commander. It does say the "preference" is to go full circle, but is not listed as a requirement. It also says not to use the same color identity in the commander twice in a row, not twice in total. I'm finding this a little too confusing.
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    TemurGideon w/r commander
    TemurGideon hybrid w/r (does it count @DoctorFro?)
    Faiths_Guide u/r commander
    IanLowenthal u entry with r payability
    Scott_Anderson g/u commander
    Lastjustice g (does this count? its legendary)
    Fallen_Lord_Vulganos b/g commander
    Lastjustice b (does this count?)
    sorinjace u/b commander
    Lastjustice u (does this legendary count?)
    Kickash w/r commander (does this count?)

    Soooo it should be a blue/white commander next followed by a mono white nonlegendary creature.

    @DoctorFro my suggestion is keep all the entries just set up a list with who has covered what so far until the cycle is completed that way @kickash's entry is allowed. As far as @Lastjustice's entries go, you should allow them though they are legendary. There ARE legendary mono creatures in premade commander decks that arent the commander afterall. Im just trying to save the contest from more confusion but at this point mono creatures should be nonlegendary, or allow them regardless to keep the contest moving forward, its up to you @DoctorFro. :)

    *also since it says you are only allowed 2 entries you may need to upgrade that rule. @Lastjustice has 3 entries. Maybe allow us 3 entries instead of 2?
  • Oh probs should How about two per category...switch them to non legendaries, and faiths_guide is first and kick ash your is not counted...

    A rule change will occur as soon as I can but I am at a HOBY camp and don’t have s ton of time
  • Hobys are very time consuming
  • Thank you @Scott_Anderson now we will proceed
  • Taleah is the strongest three drop I've ever seen. Konami please nerf.
  • Alright first off anyone who has a legendary mono card plz change it to non legendary second @shadow123 could you do a white card so we could hit all 10 2-colors
  • I have decided this contest is due to end next Friday bc I will be busy past that won’t be able to judge so get those entries in!
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