Remedial Potions

I've noticed that all of you are terrible at making potions. Many of you don't even bother with ingredients. I would like to remedy that. In this contest, I would like you to gather three ingredients with which you think I should make a potion. I will then grade you based on who provided me with the best set of ingredients.

The rules are as follows:
.Each player must enter three ingredients.
.Each entry must be a creature that has the subtype "Ingredient" and a death trigger.
.At least one of your ingredients should have Harvest (When this creature dies, you may sacrifice any number of creatures that share a creature type with it.)

Examples of suitable ingredients.

1st: 5 favorites of my choosing and trophy

2nd: 3 favorites of my choosing and a follow

3rd: 2 favorites of my choosing and the privilege of choosing an honorable mention

Honourable mentions: 1 favorite of my choice

Ends on the last day of June.


  • This Ingredient thing should stop, IMO.
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  • Just never liked it personally.
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    @IanLowenthal I think it's an interesting idea, just it needs alittle more pop to it, as if you're going be playing this sub game to magic it needs something more going to it. It's a bit rough around the edges.If nothing else this needs a brainstorming session to really get off the ground.

    It has to have some sort of synergy that actually wins the game Like creating poisons to poison your opponent to death. Otherwise you're just murdering your own creatures for ...profit?!?. There's no examples of what potions there are to harvest them for to give people an idea how this supposed to work.

    I'd come up with types of ingredients you want. Say Fauna (which say you can make special basic lands that generate a certain ingredient when tapped.Say Poison Oak you get from a certain forest.) amphibian, Reptile, bird and whatever else you want to include.

    Then make Alchemy spells and poisons that have more than one use, so if you have these selective requirements, you aren't filling your deck with dead cards. Like a Poison can be used a bait, to cycle for a bird.

    I am not dismissing your concept, I just think we need to flesh it out a bit more to truly make a contest of this.

  • @Lastjustice

    I see where you're coming from, and I agree that the combined effects of the murdered creatures should definitely be more splashy, but I don't want to do it through selective requirement spells. That results in decks that are extremely predictable and easy to cripple, and cards like this. I really like your land idea, and I was thinking something akin to slimefoot here and there would help tremendously. I'm intending this to be more of a draft strategy than anything else.

    Also, while I was just thinking to put them through your everyday sac outlets that are already in the game, I could see room for a couple of potion brewers. (Witches mostly.)
  • Well I would make so a potion would have like 3 different recipes it could trigger off. The highest one would make some sort of Emblem effect no one could remove. Like

    Blood Rage potion

    Effect one- Reptile, Act of treason target creature

    Effect two- fauna + Reptile, All creatures target player controls must attack next turn

    Effect three- Fauna+Reptile+Bird, Target player gets an embelm with "this player must attack every turn with a creature if possible. If they do not, they take 2 poison damage at their end step."

    Again this just brainstorming here. I'd give creatures and potions abilties to scry or look down a couple cards to see what you're getting to help find whatever you need.
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