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  • Here's a dreadful one.

  • cool
    i like the card and the use of the keyword on infamous rider
  • Mature (To mature this creature, exile it. If you do, search your library for a non-Young creature card that shares a creature type with it. You may cast it by paying the difference in mana costs between it and this creature. Then shuffle your library.)

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    Set and Discussion
  • Counter strike (Whenever this creature is dealt combat damage, if the damage is less than its toughness, it deals damage to the source equal to the difference.)

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  • @Faiths_Guide I love the flavor and the cards, Egg-Freed Hydra seems to have a problem, how do you deal with X cost hydras? but everything else in fun and the art is cute
  • @Faiths_Guide counter strike gives samurai love they deserrve, plus id play Ja'Kora commander
  • Instruct ({t}: Tap any number of untapped creatures you control. They become instructed until end of turn.)

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  • @Faiths_Guide slow down I cant keep up with the quality
    I love the way it works and the potential for some trixy plays is immense
  • @kittenjoe
    Take some time to check out the sets! You can get back to me with your thoughts here or via PM!
  • I was thinking of a keyword that changed based on the card's color.

    Apotheosis (cost) - (You may cast this for its Apotheosis cost. If you do it becomes X with Y (based on its color) in addition to its other types.)

    If white: become an Angel with Flying and Lifelink
    If black: become a Demon with Flying and Menace
    If blue: become a Djinn with Flying and Hexproof
    If green: become an Elemental with Trample and Reach
    If red: become a Dragon with Flying and Haste
  • @fiskerton unique and interesting, good thinking
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  • Stockpile:
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    @TenebrisNemo Not going to lie, Dreadful is pretty incredible. It's simple, intuitive, easy to balance, can show up at any rarity, and it's effective; it's got everything a good keyword needs. I could even see it being a real evergreen keyword.

    I would be shocked and dismayed if it didn't win this for you. Good job.
  • @Phelgming
    Yeah dreadful is one of the most realistic custom mechanics I've seen.. And I've seen many custom mechanics!

    If you are interested in custom mechanics you should check out this:
  • @bnew07 i like the way this works, stockpile reminds me of suspend, gj
  • @sorinjace i like souldrain, it could give you some ways to wipe a board with multiple attackers, plus (even though it should be a black mechanic) if red got it, then aggro +removal in one big swing GJ
  • I love how much people are talking and submitting on this contest, i didnt even expect 3 submissions when i made this, just wow
  • Resist *Color/type*(Prevent all damage from a *selected color* Source dealt to this creature.)


    *Type*slayer (Whenever this creature assigns damage to a *type*, it deals double damage instead.)


    Psychic (If this creature would deal combat damage to a player, instead that player puts that many cards from the top of their library into their graveyard.)


    And many others, as this a set where I compiled everything I came up with, modified, or renamed.
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    Belief [cost] (You may cast this card without paying its mana cost. If you do, each other player may pay [cost]. If no mana is paid this way, counter this spell.)

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    This mechanic may just become real.
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    Here is my custom one mechanic; Invaluable.

    Invaluable (This permanent can't be sacrificed and can't change controllers.)

  • @pakashara
    Nice! Don't know how well the mechanic fits on that example, but I like it!
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    The other half makes use of it by making it so you can't sacrifice it.

    --Not an entry--

  • @Phelgming & @Tomigon - It's an honor when I get a compliment from you. Thank you very much! Dreadful was the first custom keyword I came up with,
  • @Axnoodle please do not post joke submissions
  • @pakashara simple, simple is good
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    @Faiths_Guide Neato, belief is a fun mechanic for group shenanigans
  • you guys are so impressive, the quality on these cards are incredible and I want to thank everyone who has been participating, tommorow I will give the winner a favorite + a follow, i know i have not mentioned this before but the page will stay open but the contest will be over, thank you all
  • @LastJustice the MILL with that unicorn! I love it! plus neat slayer mechanic, I can see that in a tribal set like Lorwin or Ixalan and resist is like protection from but different enough to be its own thing, Bravo!
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