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A few... okay, hours ago, I got back to making a few card border proxy's of mine. Coming here I realized, there is no clear place to show these off. So, for now, I've made this post for those of you who want to show off your MTG art! How you do so is up to you (I'll be posting them on imgur and posting links) but you do you. Just... don't be an art thief, please. Enjoy!


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    For an example, here you go! Two of the pixel art borders I'm working on, Right now, amonkhet. If you all have any ideas let me know. It'd be appreciated.

    P.S - The white lines at the top of my black card border are there to show where a name would fit in for the token being made. They'd be edited out in the end.
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    Bump/Newly made thing
  • I dont know what I was just looking at to be honest...
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    Custom full art token borders. Name goes in the top (the white lines help identify where to put the name), subtype below that, power and toughness in the bottom right sand colored area, you get the idea. Pixel art is what I used, so eh.
  • how would I apply it?
  • why's everythign pixilated?
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    And... I dunno. I'm mostly just showing it off. If you wanted to use it, it'd probably require use of photoshop. And maybe requesting a pic of it without the white lines. (They help me know the boundaries and center of the name slots)
  • Oh! Cause it's Pixel Art!
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    Mhm! That an issue @Ranshi922?
  • just not very mtg-y. thats all but its still cool
  • Meh. MTG art is never done in pixel art, so that's probably why that comes across. It is supposed to be a pixelized variation mind you, so that's to be expected.
  • Those borders must have taken a long time to create they look like it!
  • They're pretty cool. You would need to make them png versions with transparencies where the pictures would go!
  • Hehe, thanks guys. Just got some wifi where I am.

    @Sorinjace - It really did, several ideas were shoved through. Making them for each set if I can. Innistrad will be next. Any others you'd like to see, ideas?

    @Corwin - Theyre more for personal use, so I make copy in my software, remove the uneeded lines, and move in my pixel art I make for em. I'll post it later. If you'd like use em, I can post some versions without the lines when I return home.
  • @sorinjace @Corwin

    Just kinda curious, got any suggestions for what to do with that grey area at the bottom? I don't really know what to put there. Other than that and some details though, it's pretty much done!
  • @Shadow29870 Hey thats pretty cool artwork man, it looks like 8-bit graphics like it'd be something I would have come across on the NES or something. I like it!
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    Hehe, thanks mate. That is indeed the point. Just takes FOREVER to make.
  • In truth @Shadow29870, I haven't started working on my art yet for this contest. I will be soon enough though.
  • @sorinjace

    Mm, contest? Oh, you mean the custom art contest? If so, good luck lad. I may need it too. I've made the card for it, I just need to make the art. Mind having a look? -
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    @Shadow29870 It seems dark especially with the flavor text. I like it!

    Would you mind checking out a couple of my new cards and your thoughts or faves (lol)?

    quickest route to my new ones, I am working on my own mechanics and my cardsmith personality set folder:

    You can find them when you click on the total for the cards I have in my library. I'm close to 300 again for the gajillionth time lol.)
  • *sorinjace

    Hehe, thanks! I'll be sure to check a few out. Trying to think of what the art my card should be... any ideas?
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