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So if any of you know my of my profile on mtgcardsmith you can notice that i have really short hair. the reasons for this is because 1: I really was depressed and didn't brush my hair for days so i had @sorinjace take an electric razor to it. 2: Because It's something I've always wanted to do. Well since I'm feeling down I made this contest.
I love Pop Punk. I feel like when my hair is spikey really it's silly because it reminds me of the singer from Green Day. There are a lot of great bands that band names or songs can be used to make magic card names. My favorite band is Rise Against.

Making this contest you have to have a song or a band name used on your card that is in Punk culture. I don't care if it's a band outside the US. You can also do any band you'd like if it's alternative.

Can enter as many as you want.

I'll also take post hard core bands.

End date is going to be the my birthday in August which is the 14th. Going to be my 21st birthday. (Yay)

Hall of fame will be for 1st 2nd and 3rd places along with 4 favors each. 4th 5th 6th will get 2 favors each.



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    For those of you, like me, that know nothing whatever about "Punk" or affiliated... things.

    That gives the "Top 100" bands and the name of a song from each.
    I feel dirty for linking it...

    FYI, Green Day is the No. 1 band (according to that list).
  • @Faiths_Guide Thank you. Sorry about you feeling dirty about punk. I do love Punk but I have my limit on what i'll listen too. Like Rise Against is anti war, disaster relief, and anti bulling for lgbt. I don't however like punk with extensive cursing.
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    Here's an entry for Jawbreaker:
    All I know is that they're on the list.

    I altered Jake's art in MS Paint, the dude had boxing gloves originally.
  • awwww.... only pop/punk? I was going to make a Deaf Leopard.
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  • @Mrbobblehead changed the rule to anything alternative.
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    I can't get into punk except for a little Green Day. But I adore alternative rock and pop rock. I'm going through @faiths_guide's list to see if there's anything I recognize and will make some card out of.

    p.s. I have short hair, have had for a long time now. I prefer it over when I had long hair which was such a hassle to take care of
  • @saveria201 I have dimples on my back and my hair uses to be down to the dimples below my shoulder blades. My friend got killing in a car accident two years ago and she used to come over and brush it when I was to depressed to.
  • Nice to know we are never alone...
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    Come to think of it I have cds by Gang of Four and The Clash that I love, so maybe I enjoy punk more than I thought.
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    Let's break down this card.

    In Spanish, "Despacito" means slowly. So, obviously, creatures entering the battlefield tapped represents slow-ness. Think Diregraf Ghoul or Authority of the Consols.

    Next, I wanted this card to have a stapled-on win condition that killed the opponent in a very Despacito fashion. Milling seemed to work here.

    The problem is, milling is a very blue ability. People would get upset if I made a white card that milled (even though any can technically mill given the correct circumstances. Take Millstone, for example. Any deck can play it, since it's colorless).

    Luckily, the song Despacito mentions Puerto Rico, an Island. So, we can allow Despacito (the card) to mill as long as the player controls an Island like in Despacito (the song).

    However, the card wanted to be Mono-white, so I decided to allow Despacito to tutor for a basic Island. This only helps you fix once, so it's not an amazing effect, but it helps.

    Last, I used Thanos for the art because Thanos is set to release Despacito 2 later this year and I really wanted to make a Thanos card. MaRo has even said that Thanos is a very White character, so I feel nothing wrong with sticking him on a white card.
  • @Aryanf I never know that you have short hair.

    Ok then.
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    That list has some good pop punk bands but it feels very personal to the one who compiled it. There are several good bands that are not mentioned on this list that shouldve made the cut.
  • Punk?
    DRI -
    Special Forces -
    Part Time Christians -
    Bonus Part Time Christians - Punk Rockers doing Rap in 1984. Be prepared, this is possibly the best song about bowling ever made -
    Ill Repute -
    Minor Threat -
    Suicidal Tendencies 1st Album -
    Infectious Grooves (Mike Muir from Suicidal Tendencies - Bonus Song) -
    Dr.Know -
    Attitude Adjustment -

    I could do this all day...
  • Clown Alley -
  • Wait you forgot some other ones (of course wed be here all night if we listed tons more that didnt get credit) for example:

    Millions of Dead Cops

    The Dead Milkmen



    Afi (arguements are not valid here, sorry.)

    Dropkick Murphys

    The Exploited

    Saturday Supercade

    Hopesfall (post hardcore)

    Nodes of Ranvier (post hardcore)

    Glassjaw ( punk/hardcore)

    Boy sets fire (political hardcore/punk)

    The Germs

    Circle Jerks

    7 seconds

    Tiger Army


    Appleseed Cast (since emo was thrown in here somehow...)

    Pierce the veil (punk grooves with metalcore annotations)


    22 Jacks

    No Motiv

    Agent Orange

    Cancer Bats

    Open Hand

    Ocean Avenue


    Amber Pacific

    Autopilot Off

    X-ray specs


    The bouncing souls


    Every Avenue

    Yeah i gotta stop here... @Corwinnn looks like you got a little bit of music nerd in yourself too!
  • I had to leave some off, or we'd just keep going
    Broken Bones
    English Dogs
    Charged GBH... it never stops
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    Well, Daft Punk has "Punk" in the name, so I'm gonna pretend it counts. This is a design I've had in one of my custom sets for a while.
  • AFI is punk? Okay I do love punk then. I love their album "Sing the Sorrow" soooo much
  • Update to Jawbreaker:
  • image

    changed it up.
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    Make Total Destroy:

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    Pendulum - Witchcraft -

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