welcome to my 22nd contest, YOU CAN'T DO THAT!!

So this is a flash contest guys. I know, I know I have a few other contests going on. But this idea was just lurking around in my head that if I didn't create the contest now for it, that I may have just forgotten about it. So we all know there are abilities that are normally 'not allowed' on cards for various reasons. The idea of this contest has been talked about for a little while between @Dechujoh64 and I, I didn't think he would actually go through with this due to the backlash it probably will recieve from the super serious cardsmiths, but I say, why not have some fun once in awhile? We aren't getting paid for this anyways! So without further ado, lets get to the point of this contest.

Make mono colored cards that have at least one thing on them that you would NOT NORMALLY SEE IN THAT COLOR. Preferrably, think of it like this: Is there an ability you would just love to see in a different color? Then, create it! But, can this card possibly be accepted by WotC as an actual card they could make? Well, that would be up to you, the Cardsmith! Be creative, and see if you can create something that may be scoffed at, yet could be persuaded as believable as a real magic the gathering card. For example, I like prowess, so I made a black prowess creature for this contests example. But that is my idea. Maybe you want to see an all white creature with deathtouch? Simplicity is best or you can take this further, its all up to you guys.


I know, prowess was designed to be the pump up that blue needed as well as red and white. However, I really feel that prowess can be more than just for blue white and red, respectively. Especially black. Black doesn't get the pump up that much, not as much as people try to say it does. It gets more of other things, and I play a lot of black. As for green, green doesn't necessarily need it, but I can see it being on green cards as well, and it could introduce new types of creatures to green that you wouldn't see in green without support colors such as blue, for example.


3rd place gets 3 favorites
2nd place gets 4 favorites
1st place gets 5 favorites

I will be favoriting each entry that you submit as well, and I already have created a set folder on my profile for this event. Try to approach it with some seriousness, but still be freewilled to create what you normally CAN'T or are NOT SUPPOSED to create. Most of all, have fun. I got tired of all the super serious contests going on anyways, thats not the heart of mtgcardsmith its about making cards and having fun.... right?

Rules (yeah, pft pft rules....)

1. no multicolored or colorless cards. ONLY MONO COLORED CARDS PLEASE.
2. you can submit any type of a card as long as it does at least 1 thing that cards color dont normally get to do.
3. credit the artist. yes im serious (stop given me the stink eye, buddy!)
4. you can enter as many cards as you want lol if one person enters this and competes with themselves, well, yeah. lol
5. tell us your story about why you made this card. thats truly the main reason i am doing this besides being let loose to have some fun and do what we normally cant do. why did you pick that for that color? what makes you think it can be a believable thing that wotc will actually do someday (if they haven't already thought of it anyways). Convince me, and you may be at the top of the contestants list of winning this contest.
6. Nothing offensive. Yeah this is a laid back contest, don't be a jerkface and ruin the fun for everyone. god sakes, its a colorpie bendin' and twistin' contest as it is, man. (take that someplace else like the disqus or somethin. lol)
7.) custom 'mechanics' are allowed ONLY if there is at least one ability on the card not normally allowed with that color.

This contest ends at the end of the day August 6th est, USA.

Good luck to everyone, and remember, happy cardsmithing! - sorinjace :)

oh yeah and in this contest.... YOU CAN DO THAT.


  • I'd love to support this contest. But it screams bad design philosophy.
  • my friend, @modnation675 thats the point! make what you want to make, mono colored and with at least 1 thing not normally found in that color (like my skeleton creature example.)

    Give a reason why you feel it would work with your entry if you want to even.

    Did you know they just released the 1st black Miracle card? its coming in the new commander decks. that technically was viewed as a big NO NO. I bet if we created that card here, and wotc never touched the idea, people would be screaming bad design philosophy on that card, and then poof, wizards does it. well, what then? did wizards make a bad card? that would be up to the fans, the actual players of the game.

    I'm inviting you to take your head for a whirl, think of something that would never be normally allowed on a color, and run with it. try to think if wotc saw this and you was trying to convince them it could work, like that miracle card idea, someone brought it to them and they thought it would work, and it was created. Mine personally, I feel prowess should have been allowed on black cards.
  • Its only promoting it to be bad, if the card itself is bad. there are plenty of bad cards here on mtgcardsmith that DON'T break the color pie.
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    I'll see if I can come up with a justifiable entry. This is hard though.
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    cool, thank you @modnation675! think of this as your online getting (_adult line here_) contest for mtgcardsmith lol. its ok to chill once in awhile, thats all im screamin. just be imaginative. this could be the funnest contest yet, its all up to the participants that actually try!
  • @sorinjace I am agree with @modnation675 comment about bad design philosophy in principle although i think that this contest is still worthwhile. Black miracles for example, were not done in Innistrad block for flavor reasons...the miracle mechanic itself is not even a bend in Black. I think these kind of things are appropriate for this challenge, which essentially amount to unexplored design space that is in color pie.
  • I was thinking about this kind of thing recently because I saw the card Guttural Response and thought what if dual ally colors could do something their mutual enemy could do? Within flavor anyway.

    There are probably ways to really push the boundaries of the color pie. Maybe something like this?

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    image image
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    I'm gonna say it, I am. Damn. Those are very nice 1st entries @Fiskerton @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos! @bnew07 your right, colorpie bending is probably much more of what i was trying to say, not color pie break. Meh. But the possibilities this contest holds we should see some game changing cards or at least 1 through this contest. :) i thought about this contest today after i had got off here, and thought to myself "man, what was i thinking? Their not going to be interested in an off the norm contest. But you guys not only proved my doubts wrong, you even made entries for it so far too! Thank you to everyone involved thus far or considering getting involved so far for giving this a whirl!
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    This is not an entry because this card was made by Corwinnn,
    But stealth mechanic was made by me.
    Stealth N (This creature can't be blocked as long as defending player controls N or less untapped lands.)
    I always think green should have an evasion ability, because in nature there are many hunters that try to approach their prey without being noticed.

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    I saw this challenge and, knowing me, anyone could guess the first beastie and color to come to mind. Black zombies! And what issues do they have? According to a card I can't remember... Zombies have one speed: Shamble. So, of course, I opted to fix that! And what better way than to attune them with aether for some red first strike and haste, without the red?
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    And then I proceeded to make this with no more reason then because I can, and because Geralf would, giving blue some sacrifice requirements and defender to balance the amazingly blue affects.
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    Crusader of the Eclipse
    Trample is quaternary in white, but is used very infrequently. It felt appropriate on this card because does not undermine white's weaknesses, is on a mythic rare that is huge, and synergizes with the eclipse counter ability so he couldn't be chump blocked.

    Rotburrow Wurm
    Flying is a color pie break in green, but this card was made for a previous contest that specifically requested a green flyer. I mitigated the break (NOTE: it is still a break) by putting it at mythic rare and giving the opponent the ability to "feed" it to remove the flying. The activated ability feels very green and fits the flavor while also giving the opponent an option to deal with the creature's flying.

    Undercity Stalker
    Evolve has never been done in black, so a black evolve creature is unexplored design space. I chose to make this creature "double evolve", but had to pay life to do so. It felt black to pay life for more power and also for it to grow quite quickly.

    Elegant Pyromancy
    Delve has never been done in red and wouldn't be a color pie break, so I chose to put it on a burn spell that could potentially see play as a 1-2 of in modern burn. It is costed at 6RR so that you couldn't cast more than one of these for 2 mana in a game and also for limited so it would end up at around 3-5 mana most of the time.

    Assisted Repulsion
    Convoke has only been done in blue by granting convoke to artifacts, so I thought I would design a blue convoke spell. This card is a simplistic card that rewards blue players for having creatures, which blue doesn't normally care about. Costed at 4UU so that it is harder to make it cost 0-2 mana and so that it can't easily be cast before turn 3 in limited.

  • So I can make my bs illogical stuff?!
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    Red creatures with flash.
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    Some cards expressive of our interests.

    Left card: Romance.
    Right card: Psychology.

  • You can't do that, that's a poem not a card. *Points at contest name*

    Sorry, go ahead.

    "The weight of hate is very heavy to bear.
    While it seems like love is lighter than air.
    Accounts of hate make a big news headline.
    While actions of love you must look hard to find."
  • image
    A green creature with haste. (Also it's funny that a creature thats a berserker has an ability called emissary.)
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    Isn't haste secondary in Green already?
  • Here's my (possibly late) entry:

    I don't know how to make photos go directly into comments yet- Terribly sorry for the inconvenience.

    Reasoning: I like the idea of an angel of death being more than a reaper in a cloak, and potentially having neutral/good intentions. I figured I'd attempt to capture that with an "abyss" ability on a white card instead of a black. It's an ability that sacrifices creatures (or artifacts, which white is generally friendly towards) each turn- but in this instance- only if the controller sacrifices their own life to activate it. I doubt Wizards would ever use it, but it would fit well in a mono-white life-gain deck as the 3 damage each turn wouldn't crimp as much. Flash and flying still give this card a white feel, and the proliferate is not too uncommon in white- though it doesn't always go by name.
  • @Katboy313 welcome to the forums! Your card made it by the end of August 6th no worries, it still counts!
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    No more entries to this contest will be accepted beyond this comment. Expect contest results soon to be posted here!


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    winners of the YOU CAN'T DO THAT! contest:

    3rd place @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos with Dark Persuasion
    congratulations! you get 3 favorites of your choice for me to favorite.

    2nd place @Shadow29870 with Attuned Animation
    congratulations! you get 4 favorites of your choice for me to favorite.

    1st place @bnew07 with Undercity Stalker
    congratulations! you get 5 favorites of your choice for me to favorite.

    winners please post your favorite requests I owe you to private message to me.

    This contest is now closed! Thank you for participating and giving the dark side of cardsmithing a chance. @Corwinnn, if you would please close this contest, thank you!

  • Huh. I'm, kinda surprised actually. I can thank my red/green energy deck for that idea, hehe, otherwise I never woulda touched energy.

    As for my favorites...
  • @Shadow29870 faved your cards.
  • Danke schoen lad.
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