I'll no longer be using this account... (modnation675)

Hello fellow pals, I'll no longer be using the account modnation675 for posting cards and I'll be off the site for the foreseeable future. If either of us re-enters the smithing scene it will be with a new account anonymously just for fun.

As such, I've altered thy contests/challenges to no longer have follows. But the favorites will remain as long as this account is up, as we still like your cards. I will be honoring all prizes for contests/challenges I've posted before leaving as well.

Another thing, this means that all thy cards will be purged in the upcoming months, so if you want to keep any of them for your projects or to use as your own designs, feel free to save them or remake them. (Some cards need updates to various things that I haven't already updated though.)

Happy smithing, and sorry for any inconvenience this may cause with custom sets!


  • Contests/challenges Distributing Prizes for:
    I will put a check mark beside contests/challenges we have distributed prizes for. All other prizes from previous threads have been given, the pages can't be updated due to a 1 month editing limit.

    1) Action keyword challenge
    2) Break this situation challenge (Ep. 1)
    3) Derpy/weird creatures challenge
    4) Underrated tribal appreciation challenge - Updated rules
  • @modnation675 what is the occasion for the disappearance
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    The reasons for disappearance are mainly because we'd like to work on our health more by managing our exercise and eating better. That and we use the computer too much!
  • Sadness! U see as long as u use make like one card a week u will be fine
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    Hope to see you soon, modnation675.
  • I'm gonna remake a whole bunch and hope no one notices!
  • You should download some of your favorite cards too in case you want to remake them in your future new account!
  • Yeah, I'll save the ones Mercy made so she can remake them on her new account.

  • @modnation675 your the 1st one to talk to me on the forums here, we've been friends a long time, I got excited when you came back, only now your leaving again, it saddens me. I enjoyed all of your personalities and enthusiasm for the forums, you've been there for me even when things wasn't so good. You better keep in touch with me somehow OK? I truly mean that, your a good friend, no one can fill your shoes with the support you've always brought to the site just in the time I've known you even. Well pm me before you officially leave. Love ya mod.
  • @sorinjace
    Yeah, I'll miss ya bud.
  • Thanks for all you have done, and best of luck in your adventures else to both of you @Modnation675 !
  • Farewell @modnation675. I'll miss you both. :(
  • I will half-shamelessly take a number of those cards and remake them, but @DoctorFro has a point. All you need is to make a card under your account about once a week and your cards are safe!
  • Wait how has @modnation675 are u guys siblings?
  • @DoctorFro
    Yes, we're brother and sister so as to speak. For more details you can check out modnation675's prepaid card giveaway.

    But myself am uncomfortable with that we mentioned that. So myself try to ignore it!
  • Oh that’s cool! I wish my sibling was into cardsmith he plays magic and is far superior to me in math and magic for being 3 years younger than me heh
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    Bye for now! Keep being great :-) !
  • @murkletins you will be well looked out for in this community. Welcome aboard!
  • Peace out @modnation675, i dont know if you remember but you helped me out on here a good few number of times when i first joined the community, hope to run into you again on the forums in the future :)
  • For winners of contests/challenges...

    For unredeemed prizes, if they aren't requested by the 21st of August 2018, we will no longer be giving the prizes. This is due to us no longer using this account and possibly deleting this account at a later date.

    We'll keep our MTGCardsmith account up as long as we can change the email however. Unless we have to delete it for some reason.
  • If the account becomes "deleted" don't the favorites vanish anyway?
  • @Faiths_Guide
    I think so, but myself will try to favorite all the cards and follow all the winners on this account. (Which will remain for the foreseeable future!) As myself was one of those using the other account at some point.

    But I'll only be favoriting cards from comments, not PMs. Since it's easier to find with the multiple accounts.

    Keep in mind though, if we can change the emails, the accounts should remain for a while. We'll be talking to Corwinnn and mtgcardsmith about this later. As well as, how to do so with the Disqus account.
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    @murkletins, that makes sense and I can only wish the best of luck as I have no idea how the technical or programming stuff of this site works.
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