Contest - Un-Skyrpt!

Welcome to my 1st contest Un-Skyrpt!

I decided to make this contest inspired by entering (and coming 2nd.) in @sorinjace 's Back to School contest.

This contest is based of my undying love for all un-sets and any funny cards.



1.) New cards & Old cards allowed.

2.) Must relate to an un set (use the set icon!) in some way and/or involve goblins!.

3.) Credit the artist please.

4.) Must be your card.

5.) The deadline for this contest will be end of the day, October 5th 2018, est AUS.

6.) Make me laugh. The more humorous the better.


3rd place will receive 3 favorites of their choice

2nd place will receive 4 favorites of their choice

1st place will receive 5 favorites of their choice.
And! A CC (Card caricature) made by me.

So without further ado Happy cardsmithing!

Edit - Sorry if I keep editing the post. Just making sure everything is fair


Player entries - 10

Card entries - 22
One Does Not Simply _______ by @Tomigon
Less is More by @Tomigon
Fizzlewit's Familiar by @Faiths_Guide
Ramguard Goblin by @Faiths_Guide
Irrisistable Levity by @Faiths_Guide
Sir-Mount by @Faiths_Guide
Pi-thing Needle by @LyndonF
Elixir of a Million Copies by @sorinjace
Curse of the Couch by @Teacup
Soccer Squirrel by @Teacup
Phelba the Clumsy by @Teacup
Glorybing Golryb Gorylig Globi Goblinrigger(?) by @ningyounk
John Doe by @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
Pugsley, Vengeful Buccaneer by @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
Super Generic Demon by @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
Just Feels Right by @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
Ancestral Insight by @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos
Quasi-Dimensional Meta-Game by @Undead
Meowtiny by @sorinjace
Dragon's Sneeze by @DeepSky
Happy Tree Friend by @lostcause626
Drive Away by @lostcause626

Leaderboard Will be updated whenever I can.



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