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  • I have a fruit dragon too!!!
  • Omg.... No fruit dragons.... Not again.... Sigh.... Lol

    @Lastjustice I picked the 1 drop Planeswalker because i felt u did a really good job on it, and it'd be interesting to see if It works well in the set.
  • Would anyone be opposed to an Aedifi remake? I know a lot of the backlash was as a result of me leaving him common.
  • A Fruit Dragon you say? I may have spotted one roaming thru my sets this morning.

  • Goblins, per chance?
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    List some Goblins @Skyrpt if that's your thing.

    I made this an experimental new idea for stealing creatures. I wanted make a cheaper but fair control magic. You can only take what you have.


  • @KalamMekhar
    The archetypes are less defined than in an official Masters set because I'd rather put cards that people will enjoy into the set than cohesive ones. This doesn't mean cohesion was set aside mind you but the archetypes I'm about to list are less mechanical and more playstyle.

    The below reads: Secondary theme/ Primary style

    White is Tokens / Midrange
    Blue is artifact matters/control
    Black is Graveyard matters / Control
    Red is Burn / Aggro
    Green is Mana Dork / Ramp

    The Color Combo themes aren't all worked out yet but they will usually fit between the above. For instance Dimir has a self mill/ control theme.

    There are also minor tribal themes running throughout including Fruit Dragons, Merfolk, and Squirrels.
  • Since blue has an artifact matters subtheme, and green has a ramp subtheme, perhaps we could have a tap/untap target permanent theme for Simic? Works well with both mana rocks and mana dorks. Some kind of turbo ramp.
  • I want to include the Harbinger cycle I am making for a mythic in each color!
  • More fruit dragons...
  • I have arrived for a short time to remind you I exist.

    And to post this:
    Minotaurs for you.
  • @Corwinnn It was kind of underpowered. @Sorinjace's Coconut Dragon both fits it's slot in the color pie very well while still being decently playable. Killing someone's planes walker when they kill your 2/3 flying lifelink is just good value.
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    This looks cool, I may join in! Anyways, you guys said you needed fruit dragons?

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    Also, here are some cards of mine that I like, some I like of other cardsmiths may be coming soon but I don't have time right now. (I'll try to have them fit with the themes you stated above.)

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    Also, as this is probably more about cool popular cards than cards of mine that I just like, I figured that I may as well put in my most popular card:

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