Flintlock Fantasy

Hello cardsmiths!

The idea of a fantasy setting where guns are a thing and magic interacts with the technology of the 17th century isn't exactly new, but recently there's been an uptick in people playing with this concept, from Brian McClellan's Powder Mage Trilogy and Brent Weeks' Lightbring series to video games settings like the one for Pillars of Eternity.

These so-called "flintlock fantasy" settings are something Magic has yet to explore, but there's a ton of interesting stuff to play with there, so let's take a shot at it ourselves!

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 •  The deadline for submissions is Noon Pacific Time on Friday, December 28th
 •  You may submit up to five cards total, including new and old cards as you see fit
 •  Please put all your cards together into a single post in this thread, for my sanity
 •  You’re welcome to update or replace cards until the deadline when judging starts
 •  You should make a good faith effort to identify and give credit to your artists

Your cards will be judged on creativity, presentation and attention to detail, mechanical design and innovation, fit with artwork, and of course for fit with the theme of the competition.



 •  1st Place - 5 favorites and a follow
 •  2nd Place - 4 favorites and a follow
 •  3rd Place - 3 favorites and a follow
 •  Honorable Mentions - 1 favorite



To post a card in this (or any other) thread, you can use the following code:
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Replace (page address) with the address of your MTG Cardsmith page for the card in question, and (image address) with the address of your card’s image (which you can get by right-clicking on the image on your card page, and choosing Copy Image Address in Chrome, or a similar process in other web browsers).


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