November Contest: Card That Art! Physical Rewards!



  • I'm truly honored to have made the cut! Didn't expect to get far in this one. There were really so many great cards in this contest. I really enjoyed seeing all the different ideas everyone came up with, and how everyone interpreted the same artwork so differently. Congrats to everyone, and keep on keeping on here.
  • Heh. I'm always a little salty at the end of things like this but eh, great job to everyone involved! You all made some amazing cards!
  • Congrats to all the winners and other Mentionables!!
    Thanks to @ChainsawXIV for hosting such a fun challenge!!
    @EternalWolf88 - It's always a treat to see how different, or similar, people interpret the art... That's why I love Artwork Challenges!
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    Truly an honor having been apart of your contest @ChainsawXIV, I just wished I could've made my mind up on what I felt was even worthy enough for staying, I didn't want to put anything in i didn't feel would be a usable, abusable believable card. I originally had a cycle of lands but I got unsatisfied with them, and I especially didn't like their layout but the idea was to make a set that would probably come in a gift box you would purchase at a store. It seemed cool but I felt like I wanted to do more. So I took them out except the blue and black ones (which I reentered but I think I reentered them too late to count, leaving the remakes I did of the white, green and red cards in for my entries.)

    Personally I liked the white remake I made the most of the 2 remakes I did. I got the idea from an already existing card that does the same thing except not with angels, but with hellions. I thought it'd look cool with the art depicted and angels emerging from the destruction.
    As for the green card too many people liked this card so I kept it in, I like how it uses scouts instead of the basic elves to be revealed. I liked the lands that require a specific creature to be revealed when playing the card, and wanted to do this for the lands here. that was apart of the lorwyn block, which is what influenced it. I also felt reach would be nice to give to creatures from a land that taps for only green. That's why the flavor text says what it says.
    Finally, the red remake. This card frustrated me. I kept trying to get the art to fit with what I wanted the card to do and it just wouldn't give, so I made it on mtgdesign in promo full art border to show the art off, it was my favorite art of the 5 pieces. I also wanted to make this one as effective and as simple in layout as possible, which is why the letters are centered without flavor text, think murder from the magic 2013 core set. Except stone rain was the topic here, and I wanted to make it faster cmc at 1r, so to do that I added a drawback of the card doing 2 damage to you. Heh. Guess when you have comets or falling debree all around you, no one is safe, right? ;)

    Anyhow, I wanted to thank you again for the chance to compete, thank you for name dropping my contest along with other cardsmiths contests, and I most definitely will be there for your future contests, this was a blast!!

    Congratulations to the winners and honorable mentions!!
  • @chainsawXIV thank you for the honorable mention. Alas, I kind of figured that would be the case, as I aimed to make a set that worked together as opposed to a single great card. *shrug* :)
  • @ChainsawXIV, thanks for that reassurance! It was a great contest!

    (Where do I buy these)
  • Thank you for liking my card! I'm actually kind of surprised I won. I thought there were much better entries to be seen.
  • Always a risk, but you did good work @RayearthIX. :)

    Glad you had fun @Ranshi922. You can buy them on Amazon.

    I think the thing that stood out about your card @IanLowenthal is that it was well composed as a whole package - playable in many formats, the kind of card I'd be pleased to open in a pack, and mechanically interesting (in that it does something inventive that interacts with other cards in ways you could build for) without being too complex.
  • @ChainsawXIV, thanks for the honorable mention! I'm sort of surprised I even got that, especially with the card that I was most worried about. Anyways, this was a really fun contest with really beautiful art!
  • I felt like it worked really well with the art @CnBCustoms, and while it may be a bit pushed power wise for four mana, I felt like it was close enough to balanced to be within the margin of error. More importantly, leveraging Monarch allowed you to add some nice mechanical interaction without a lot of text, and did so in a way that really resonated with the theme you'd established for the card.
  • @ChainsawXIV since your giving out critique, what was your thoughts on my entries?
  • I felt pretty good about both Crumbling Empire and Angelic Crusade @sorinjace - they both seem reasonably balanced, though Angelic Crusade might be a bit over costed given all the setup required to really get good mileage out of it. Both of them rated pretty well but didn't quite make the cut.

    The biggest concern with your work overall was fit with the art. While Angelic Crusade is definitely interesting design (you don't see a lot of those types of creature replacement effects in the game), that art doesn't really speak to me of sacrificing - it feels pretty distinctly like destruction. Similarly, I think Thicket Byway would ave been better giving a different ability, since nothing about the art speaks to stopping fliers.
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    @ChainsawXIV hmm. Ok I thank you for that and the chance to have a hand in your contest! I can see where you don't get the feel for reach with the scout land card, I just was imagining being ambushed from above in that art scenario and I guess my imagination went too far lol. I was wrong on my wording layout for the angel card but I still like the concept of what my version does, hopefully you'll not mind me keeping that as my version of the angel art?
    As for your product(s)! I'd most definitely be interested in purchasing the dividers once my job and financial situation is back on track. My job stiffed me on my hours so I can't even collect unemployment, they didn't fire me but I'm getting no hours. Anyways I have an interview with express personnal tomorrow at 3, I'm hoping I get in at factory work or something fast! Sorry I'm rambling, but like @Ranshi922 i too would like to support you and buy some dividers. Are you going to make designed boxes as well with Finn McAvinchey's art all over it? And by that I mean large storage boxes, and I'd use the dividers in the storage boxes.That'd be sick. Anyways, will you have an online way to purchase these products or is there already a way?
  • Sorry to hear about the work situation @sorinjace - that kind of thing is terrible, but I'm sure you'll push through. Sounds like you've got a plan, which is always a good first step.

    I'd love to do more with the art - boxes, play mats, sleeves, etc. - but I've got to recoup a bit of the cost first, heh. Great art isn't cheep (nor should it be). :p
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    More are on the way
  • @Thundertides, this is done...
  • I realized that after I posted it...
  • Oh well, I got a card out of it.
  • it isn't november anymore.
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