War of the Spark Speculation

The name of the third Ravnica set has been announced - War of the Spark - and it's the final battle against Nicol Bolas and his planeswalkers. It basically looks to be a lot like "MTG: Infinity War." I have lots of theories about Nicol Bolas' plot and will post them soon (I really need a blog or something to post my ravings about the Immortal Sun's relevance combined with the Eternals), but for now I want to hear some of yours!
Anyway, what are some of your theories? Will Bolas' plans come to fruition? Will he be vanquished? Will Wizards cave in to the community and kill off Gideon? Will the Gatewatch survive? Will the Guildwatch (colloquial name for Domri, Kaya, Dovin, Ral, and Vraska) be relevant?


  • I don’t think Wizards will ever really kill off Nicol Bolas until the game is deader than dead. I imagine it’ll be a cirsumstance of a stalemate, maybe a “death” like when Bolas was killed by an Umezawa, and there’s certainly going to be a large scale battle with Ravnica as the playground, but I think all that’s gonna happen is a lot of disaster, Ravnica gets blown up Amonkhet style, maybe a planeswalker like Tezzert dies, and that’s pretty much it.
  • Nicol Bolas snaps his fingers and half of the multiverse's planeswalkers are gone.
  • I think that most of the gatewatch will die. Those in the M19 set will live.
  • But not Nissa, if that happens, I ain't buying expansions post M19.
  • If I remember correctly, MaRo hinted that it could visit multiple planes at once, not just Ravnica. More specficically, I'm sure he mentioned a set based entirely on the story instead of the plane. I'm going to speculate on an interplanar chase where we get to revisit other worlds ^^

    Considering the name, I wouldn't be surprised to the the planeswalker card type play a bigger role than usual ^^
  • I think even if some planeswalkers don't die they'll lose their sparks at the very least. Vraska maybe?
  • Vraska and Jace forever...I do not think anything major will happen besides like they might like blow up Ravnica and continue the battle in a different set because they need plot
  • @DoctorFro, they introduced new characters in the core set; I think that they will simply move onto another plot arc.
  • I doubt that they will kill more than a couple of throw away characters, up to two average baddies and maybe even as much as one gatewatch character that is not their poster boy Jace or Lilliana. I would be happy to be very wrong (as long as they don't touch Ajani). I want tension and to hope for the well being of my favorite characters while still having a reason to be afraid. Unless they kill Ajani. Then I have no reasons to be afraid at all anymore.
    Wizards is good at setup but bad at cost.
    Theros and Shadows over Innistrad had reasonable consequences but those were smaller setups.

    Give us fear, give us reason to cheer.
    give us death, give us me- me- me- mo- more consequences.
    I want to cry, I want to Ajani to not die.
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    That's me and nissa. How about i make a list of characters that shouldn't die even though this is game of thrones space opra style:

  • I don’t want Chandra to die
  • That is our new gatewatch then, if anything happens that changes this, we can make cards for them in each set.
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    "What did it cost?"
    "Everything. Actually just some old guys, a blue guy, a rebellious teen, a snake haired person, an afro haired person, some army of blue skeleton-zombies, a stargate, and an anti-planeswalking triangle thing."
    --Liliana, to Bolas
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    Old guys... Unknown
    Blue Guy - Dovin Baan
    Rebellious Teen - Kaya?
    Snake haired person - Vraska
    Afro Man - ?
    Blue Skeletons - Eternals
    Portal and Triangle - Planar Portal and Immortal sun
  • @pjbear2005
    Rebellious teen - Domri
    Afro person - Kaya
    Old guys - Tezz and Ral
  • Ah, that makes more sense.

    Don't joke about Kaya like that! Her hair is great!
  • Don't Kill List:




    Everyone else in the story is in the middle.
  • @Fallen_Lord_Vulganos

    No, I just like Kaya. Actually, if I grew my hair out it would become it afro but right now it's just curly
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    @pjbear It's cool dude. People like me can never have natural afro hair anyway.
  • @pjbear2005
    Why nissa? She's awesome! But Vraska should die.
  • No! Think of the Jace/Vraska romance!
  • @notmyprimespeaker

    I want a love triangle with Jace, Vraska and Lilliana
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  • I personally want Nissa and Gideon dead.
  • Jace and Vraska are gonna have Gorgon Wizard Babies
  • She gonna get Jace stoned
  • This has deteriorated rather rapidly. Please, for the love of the Multiverse, stop shipping these characters.
  • @TezzeretofCarmot21

    It's almost canon but it's getting a bit out of hand
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