Contest - Planeswalker Passives

Hi, this is Nate, from old accounts such as llamalord44 and Kalenvaas. This contest is simple and requires large amounts of creativity.

The idea is to make an interesting planeswalker with a passive ability. Two examples of ones that I've made will be down below. Beyond, having a passive ability, creativity is what's most important.

Judging will be based on multiple things -

Creativity - MAX 20 points
Card Balance (Not too over- or under-powered.) - MAX 4 points
Originality - MAX 6 points

Examples -


Prizes for the top three scores will be as follows -

1st Place - 5 favorites of your choice and a follow
2nd Place - 4 favorites of your choice
3rd Place - 3 favorites of your choice
4th Place - 2 favorites
5th Place - 1 favorite

Top placing competitors will go down only five places, so ties will receive the same reward. So, if two people tie for first, they will both get five favorites and a follow. More than two in a tie may result in a tiebreaker.

Good luck to all participating, and I hope to see great cards!


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